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« Krista takes time for each student she tutors. She truly cares about... More »
« Krista takes time for each student she tutors. She truly cares about the knowledge they learn, along with their wellbeing as a person. She is a continuous learner which makes her a passionate teacher. Her biggest passion is to improve the way people learn. »
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Adjunct Professor offering writing and reading support with 5 years of experience


I approach each writing topic by creating a useful and approachable outline for an essay. For reading, I assist the student in finding the key terms they will need to define in order to understand an author's language and main argument.


I am an adjunct professor and professional dancer. My work as a professor involves detailed writing and reading assignments, which requires working with my students on planning their schedules to make sure they are timely with their work. That said, I am skilled at providing support for writing essays and reading/comprehending texts. I have one year of experience working with student-athletes who often have challenging schedules to balance with their academic course loads.


Rate for online lessons : $15/h
Lessons offered by Krista
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Academic English
  • Literature
  • Essay writing
  • College / University Preparation
  • Comparative literature
  • Rhetoric
  • All Levels

Krista's resume

>Personal Statement<

I am a storyteller seeking spaces where I can foster multiplicity through pedagogy. What I define to be multiplicity, I will describe. First, the world I observe around me is more complete and whole when I am able to move through different modes. This allows me to discover my particularity and enjoy my sense of learning because I am able to choose what I need for a project. To clarify, when I am able to physically embody a concept, idea, or project through dancing, I can complement and find deeper layers to my inquiry when I can also write in my chosen style. Between the choreographic, journalistic, poetic, and rhetorical, I embody voices of myself and connect with others and their social worlds in an incredibly visceral and dynamic way. All of these modes I have learned through personal inquiry into the differing languages of audiences. This has contributed to my own incredibly immersive observational learning processes that I also believe enlarges and deepens more than one world at a time.

With a sense of internal mediation between thought, corporeal body, and extension of ideas, I am am able to critically negotiate my expression and engage my individuality, and this contributes to the ecological cycle of my environs. As such, I find it of value to my world around me that I, as an individual, can flourish because this contributes to a regenerative cycle that gives back and repairs the tears of social fabrics. This is what I have come to define as multiplicity in my own life that I seek to bring to others.

To conclude, I seek to fold together methods that nourish the critically ontological perspective because of what I have stated above. My overarching goal is to become a leader and educator who will inspire solidarity in order to encourage regenerative cultural transmission through generations to come.

>Current Roles<

Adjunct Faculty, The College of Education - DePaul University, Chicago
September - present
A weekly three-hour in-classroom lecture style course for the Fall Quarter at the College of Education; monitored and recorded student progress via Desire to Learn and Campus Connect - Blue Star.

The course is a philosophical inquiry into the relationship of pedagogy to culture and globalization. In this course students explored the relationship from different philosophical perspectives about globalization that emerge from the Global North and the Global South. Specifically, the course examines how and why these perspectives have resulted in different conceptions of teaching, learning, culture, language, human development and worldmaking.

Students considered how these varied conceptions and practices enable alternative forms of knowledge and habits of knowing and worldmaking pedagogies that correspond to other ways of living and existing in the world. The course also examined how and why these conceptions of teaching, learning, culture, language, human development and worldmaking suggest different philosophies and theories of emancipation and possibilities for global and local futures.

Professional Dancer, Joel Hall Dancers, Chicago
October 2019 - present
Engage in the vernacular culture of the dance center built through 40 years of challenging the status quo and bringing freedom of expression to LGBTQ and black communities

Attend rehearsals weekly to learn classical jazz and modern-based choreography for season contract; recent choreography by Jacqueline Sinclair was performed November 1st at the Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago

Open-level Modern Instructor, VOLTA Performing Arts, Chicago
November - present
Weekly Saturday morning classes for adult dancers from beginner to advanced levels

Through weekly classes, students will recognize and apply basic anatomical and kinesthetic structure and function for more efficient and sustainable dancing. They will develop proprioception and sensory movement using fundamentals based on efficient use of momentum, body weight, skeletal alignment and muscular engagement. Finally, they will demonstrate the use of creative expression through choice-making with musicality during end of class performance of phrase work as well as during moments of improvisation.

The goal of the class is to encourage students to find ease with the process of learning especially during moments of discomfort, injury, or confusion; it applies somatic practices for a healthy engagement with movement techniques to engage lifelong learning and internal and external expression with the body.


DePaul University - Chicago IL
September 2017 - June 2019

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education - with distinction

Thesis Title:
“Dance Education for the Lifetime Learner: From Margaret H’Doubler to the 21st Century”

Indiana University - Bloomington IN
August 2011 - May 2015

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Kinesiology - with highest distinction

Contemporary Dance Major, School of Public Health
*assisted the transition to the current B.F.A program*

Journalism Certificate Program, Ernie Pyle School of Journalism

Hebrew University - Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, Jerusalem, Israel
Spring Semester 2014

Study Abroad Certificate

Contemporary Dance techniques: Graham, Gaga, Cunningham, Ballet

Other courses: Performance Workshop, Journalism Workshop, Gender Studies

Hebrew Language Intensive-Ulpan


>Work Experience<

Graduate Assistant, DePaul University - Department of Teacher Education, Chicago, IL
September 2018 - June 2019
Conducted literature reviews and initial journal searches for resident faculty. Some examples include research on children of minorities in China, solutions for eradicating systematic oppression of women at the collegiate level on topics like sexual assault, Art Education promotion methods and trends across Chicagoland Colleges.

Hand-selected for the Tenure & Promotion committee to collect data for a highly confidential report regarding the promotion of selected faculty. Tasks included connecting with current students and alumni via email to complete online surveys, collecting and computing numerical data from quarterly student surveys, coding qualitative student responses to gather average scores and feedback for a composite 30-page report offering a final recommendation, completed with strict deadlines to assure timely secondary and tertiary review.

Clerical tasks included refining collateral marketing content for the Visual Art Education department, revising faulty quarterly course preference spreadsheets for the department manager, updating course descriptions on the department website to ensure accurate enrollment information, attending to over 50 course syllabi packets to ensure all required department standards and policies are present.

Education Assistant, Chicago Artists Coalition - FIELD/WORK Residency, Chicago, IL
October 2018 - April 2019
Served as a liaison to connect FIELD/WORK resident artists with the program's mentoring artists and visiting panelists; overarching mission of the Residency was provide affordable and accessible skill development for local beginning to mid-career artists

Assisted in the curation of panel topics within both budget and organizational parameters

Coded and recorded qualitative feedback collected from both weeknight classes and monthly reviews for accessible year-to-year data

Assistant Director, Indiana University - High School Dance Intensive, Bloomington, IN
February 2018 - July 2018
Guest lecturer on foundations of dance education, a course designed for high school students seeking a connection from dance training to educational outcomes

Provided career opportunities for dance education and mentored high school students through their decisions for next steps with their dance training

Guest instructor on somatic ballet techniques and rehearsal assistant for guest artist choreographic development

Writing & Humanities Tutor, DePaul Athletic Academic Advising, Chicago, IL
September 2017 - June 2018
Attended to student-athletes' writing and critical thinking skills through one-on-one peer-editing sessions

Encouraged student-athlete's academic schedule balance and mentored career transition through providing tools for job searching and career development

Participated in tutor training summits to acquire methods of academic support for students


Panel Moderator
“Shifting the Geography of Reason XVI,” Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA)
Brown University, Providence, RI
June 2019

On Campus Directions & Presentation Help
“Dancing in Common,” Dance Studies Association (DSA)
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
August 2019

>Course Projects<

“Dance Education for the Lifetime Learner: From Margaret H’Doubler to the 21st Century”
DePaul University, Masters Thesis, Spring 2019

An in-depth study on Margaret H’Doubler who created the first dance major in higher education in 1926. The literature surrounding this topic focused primarily on Émile Durkheim, Karl Marx, John Dewey, Frédéric Lordon, Hannah Arendt, Jacques Rancière, and Ivan Illich to critically examine H’Doubler’s theoretical framework.

“Shame as Emotion Economy for the Professional Dancer”
DePaul University, SCG 608 - Ideology, Power, and Politics, Winter 2019

An analysis looking at the concept of natural emotions and their assumed expression through artistic practices such as dance performance.

“Bar Girls in the Management of the Poor through Moral Codes in Mumbai”
DePaul University - MPS 510 - International Dimensions of Public Service, Fall 2018

A case study that reveals regulation of sexuality based upon neoliberal policy shaped by the Indian caste system. It involves understanding how the poor seek sustainable work as Mumbai continues to modernize.

“Freelance Dancers in Midwestern Urban Settings: Identity in the Making”
DePaul University - SCG 610/SCG 635 - Qualitative Research courses, Winter/Spring 2018

A qualitative study that reveals how self-identified freelance dancers understand and describe their experiences in constructing the professional identity of the freelance dancer.


>Work Experience<

Resident Artist Program Coordinator, VOLTA Performing Arts, Chicago
October 2017 - September 2018
Managed rental schedule and arranged new contracts for incoming artists

Implemented professional handbook and rental guidelines

Involved with the attraction and hiring of artists; utilized personal connections to bolster studio rental activity

Work-Study Front Desk Associate, Visceral Dance Center, Chicago
April 2016 - July 2017
Managed the front desk with daily clerical work such as monitoring class enrollment and answering phone calls to market the dance center mission and class schedule updates

Reported to the supervisor for completing tasks and outside marketing opportunities

Exceeded the required weekly/monthly classes, achieving a personal high of 37 classes during one month period

Received one-on-one meetings with director of the studio and manager of the studio for career development and personal growth

Administrative Associate & Pilates Apprentice, Mind. Art. Core. Pilates, Chicago
October 2015 - April 2016
Participated in rigorous study of 95 hours of Mat coursework and 125 hours of Reformer coursework

Advocated for local business by posting flyers and speaking with interested neighborhood residents

Mentored by Teacher Trainer Pilates Instructor to improve teaching practices and movement execution

Instructor, Steps Dance Center, Aurora, IL
Aug 2015 - July 2016, Aug 2017 - Dec 2017
Developed and executed lesson plans for ballet, Stott Pilates, modern, improvisation, and jazz technique classes

Coached youth dancers on performance such as peer-to-peer responsibility during rehearsal

Managed theater production and coordinated 40 dancers for annual company recital

>Training & Workshops<

Advanced Training & Scholarship Opportunities
The Cambrians,
Full 6-week Scholarship, June - July 2017

Visceral Dance Center,
Scholarship Student, September 2015 - April 2016

Hasadna Dance Israel,
3-month International Training, Tel Aviv, Israel, May - Aug 2015

Dance Intensive Training
Hedwig Dances, Chicago, June 2019
The Seldoms, Chicago, August 2018
Elite Choreographic Initiative, Chicago, August 2016
Gaga Dancers, Barcelona, July 2015
American Dance Festival, New York, Jan 2014
Paul Taylor Dance, New York, July 2013
Keigwin + Co., Bloomington, June 2013
Lehrer Dance, Buffalo, June 2012, June 2013


>Work Experience<

Social Media Editor, Indiana University - 812 Magazine, Bloomington, IN
Jan 2015 - May 2015
Co-authored and published “Gather ‘Round” feature; authored and published “Glenn Brown, Yoga mentor” profile

Demonstrated flexibility and task division in writing and researching with a partner

Maximized social media channels through researching audience viewership of tweets and Facebook posts

Administrative Intern, Motus Dance Theater, Indianapolis, IN
June - Aug 2014

Collaborated on social media design; i.e., designed a Facebook page for the professional company

Designed and filmed a promotional video for a faculty hip-hop instructor to gain higher enrollment for the class through social media marketing

Assigned to light bookkeeping of recent donors from previous shows via Excel

Youth Company Director, Windfall Dancers, Bloomington IN
Aug 2011 - May 2012
Organized and coordinated three local performances for youth company ages 6-18

Established relationships and collaborated with guest choreographers to assist production

Created and maintained company calendar to coordinate with faculty, students, and parents schedules

>Awards & Involvement<

National Society of Arts & Letters, Bloomington Chapter Career Award, May 2015

Hutton Honors College, International Grant Recipient, January 2014

Hutton Honors College, Creative Activity Grant Recipient, May 2013

Indiana University Founders Scholar - 3.8 GPA maintenance, 2012-2015

Kappa Delta Sorority - Sigma Upsilon Chapter Member, 2012-2015

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Krista takes time for each student she tutors. She truly cares about the knowledge they learn, along with their wellbeing as a person. She is a continuous learner which makes her a passionate teacher. Her biggest passion is to improve the way people learn.

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