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Basic and Advanced Marketing Strategies for Recording Artists in Popular Commercial Music


My involvement with several recording artists (bands and solo performers) has benefited them in many ways. My background in marketing and business is applied to assisting those pursuing (or investigating the possibility of) a career in popular music as a recording/performing act.

In 2011, I booked a young singer-songwriter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Another of my young proteges is currently on the verge of a major breakthrough in Nashville. My experience includes advancing the careers of select singer-songwriters and bands and assisting them with planning their career moves, connecting them with influential people, introducing them to the best local/regional venues (for gigs), helping them map out short-term and long-term goals, and educating them on what the recording industry executives look for and require from artists seeking recording and management contracts.

My direct, no-nonsense approach is results-driven. That means I provide simple, step-by-step goals and checklists for the artists to consider. We will dialogue and weigh the various paths and tailor a game plan/strategy that works for the unique individual that is each artist.

I specialize in talent scouting of young singers, but can aid anyone striving to make a serious run at a career as a recording artist in Popular Music today. There are specific accomplishments the music executives demand, and I can help outline what you need to do before anyone in he industry will take you seriously. I also can help protect you from being duped by the phonies who want to take your money without actually helping you.

This is a passion of mine. I like helping those who work hard to pursue their sincere ambitions. I admire musicians and feel I can play a vital role in helping to identify your strengths, weaknesses and potential as a recording artist or song writer. We work in unison to advance your career much more rapidly than those who try to carve out a niche on their own, without proper mentoring. My goal is to help you move forward faster. Time is not on our side, as the industry prefers to invest in younger artists.


I have been helping to coach, mentor and promote singers and bands for over 15 years. Some of those I have worked with are doing very well in their careers. One of my young singer-songwriters appeared and performed on Ellen in 2011, and in 2014 performed three songs on 'Dancing With the Stars'. The Modern Country singer-songwriter I worked closely with for the past two years, is on the verge of a significant breakthrough after moving o Nashville in 2016.

Locally, I am involved as a coach/mentor with the best annual singer-songwriter competition at my favorite venue. The contest is patterned after American Idol, and in the past two seasons, the singers I hand-selected to coach both emerged as the champions. The 2015 winner just signed a contract to become a key member of a new A Capella recording act in Los Angeles. She also performed on NBC's The Voice last season.

I am confident in my abilities to assist not only with marketing and business strategy, but with song selection, fine-tuning the elements of your act, branding, bookings, and promotions. The confidence comes from many results already realized on behalf of my artists.


Transportation Fee : $10
Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $128
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $240


Rates vary as listed, based upon travel required. Packaged hours are discounted as shown.

Additional terms can be discussed in person, should you want to retain my services as a Publicist, Manager, or other ongoing role.

Lessons offered by Robert
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Marketing
  • Junior
  • College
  • Adult Education

Robert's resume

My background is in promotions, marketing (corporate), and advertising. These skills and experiences lend themselves directly to today's world of commercial music, as the industry expects the individual artists to build a following and attain a level of notoriety on their own, before being considered as possible contracted clients. I also study the various talent competitions as a hobby, and have analyzed them for many years. I have a keen eye for talent and character, and have generally been successful at identifying those who have a bonafide shot at greater success.

In recent years I have served as Publicist and/or Manager for several high-quality recording acts, and have also networked throughout the Monroe County (Rochester) area with Producers, song writers, and various venues. I have carved out discount deals with some of th best photographers and videographers. I am familiar with and on friendly terms with most of the key players in local media (TV, radio, etc) and am given consideration whenever trying to get an act featured on air.

What we will do together:

- Explore and discuss your career goals
- Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and marketability
- Consult with you on a game plan/time frame for accomplishing various goals
- Connect you with resources that will help accelerate your career development (photographers, videographers, collaborators, vocal coaches, etc.)
- Work with you to lay out a plan of action for advancing your career
- Provide you with real-world facts you need to know about pursuing your career goals
- Connect you with other artists who may become potential collaborators/friends
- Review and modify any existing publicity pieces you are using

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