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Bilingual, Chemical Engineer;Excellent people skills, Experience Teaching by results, mind set methods.


I'm open to help anyone having trouble to approach, understand, digest,learn the proposed
subject matters, my methods are base on create the correct mind-set structure, to understand
and capture the fundamental basis. I always put the emphasis on training, with a lot of suggested material exercises, You wouldn't learn, without practicing.


Since I have been in my professional sector, for 30+ years, mentoring and training, folks from a
variety and different areas of knowledge and expertise, ranging the auditorium from 10 to 20
people, and help them to obtain the highest knowledge and promotions, been raw model for their
peers and subordinates.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : $50/h
Lessons offered by Rafael
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • All Levels

Rafael's resume

Qualifying Skills for the Process Engineer
Please complete the “My Qualifications” section of the table below:
Please give some strong bullet points on the statements below. Use some strong SOAR statements when possible (situation, Action, Results)
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering
2. 5+ years of reaction chemistry experience in a liquid chemical batch manufacturing environment
3. Software skills in AutoCAD, MiniTab, Emission Master, SAP or similar
4. Experience in PSM and Project Management
5. Root Cause/Corrective Action investigations, cost estimating, troubleshooting
6. Trained PHA leader
7. FMEA leadership (demonstrated experience, strong plus)
8. Scale up experience in chemical processing industry
9. Proven experience in Lean processes such as Six Sigma
10. Prior supervisory roles
11. Ability to write SOP's and train personnel on changes
12. Manage MOC process

My Qualifications:

1. – Bachelor Chemical Engineering 1984 (see dossier with transcripts and title)
2. –I do have 20+ years of reaction chemistry in liquids chemical batch manufacturing
-environment in a variety of Specialty Chemicals ranging from Sulphonic Acid, Polymers, Brominates products, Kettle Soaps, Surfactants, ect.
3. –Fair, entry level in AutoCAD; but keep improvement.
Minitab: Data Analysis to determine the best operating conditions that maximize the
Yield of a process; like reaction time and reaction temperature. Pulled information from the PI process book and organized and presented the Data to Technician and Operators, as a Training sessions for Understanding KPI, avoiding upsets and
Variations that increase down-time and losses of OEE.
Emission Master: Fair level of Applications
SAP: Fair level of Application too, on production calculations running, Inventory reports, ect.

4.–I do have in my portfolio the following projects
1990 Cesar Iglesias CxA. Dominican Republic=
Selection and Bids for A complete Sulphonation Plant starting from solid Sulphur, Led the installation of all process equipment, Instrumentation and Electric connections. Guided the Start-up, commissioning and set-up of the best operating parameters to produce the Sulphonic acid with the highest yield and best
Klett color.
1995 Find attached a Power Point presentation of the facility in regards of a Continuous Improvement project to replace an obsolete, process equipment and technology, to allow the enterprise to sell this raw material (Sulphonic Acid), to its competitors like, Colgate Palmolive, P&G and others.
2009 Revamp of a Spray Dried Powder Detergent Plant from 2Tons/hr. to 5 Tons/hr. Executed an Energy and Mass Balance Assessment to size and select the
necessary machinery to obtain the 10,000 pounds/hr, basically 2 new Fans (inlet Air, Exhaust Fan, and appropriate Bag House), a bigger natural gas burner 10MM BTU, several VFD for new and existing positive displacement and open impeller pumps. This was accomplished in Jonesboro, Georgia USA under contract.
2009-2011 Cesar Iglesias CxA, San Pedro de Macoris
Turnaround, Overhaul and led the installation and start-up of a used 150 Mt/day Soybean Oil Refinery plant. Selected new and used machinery to complete parts
missing for the Soybean refining process.

5–Very Active participation on Root Cause/Corrective Action investigations, Job risk
Analysis and Map-value Lean Manufacturing applications over a different groups of
Manufacturing Environments, finding several Hazardous Toxic situations Jeopardizing
Not only operating personnel (not using proper PPE); but Process Equipment and
6–Trained PHA leader: Led Process Hazard Analysis in Start-up of New Processes and Re
Vamp Units, Guiding the Job Risks Assessments along with the Operating Engineers
, Technicians and Operators.
7- FMEA leadership (demonstrated experience, strong plus) Failure Mode and Effec-
tive Analysis.
This is an excellent Lean Six Sigma tool for Identifying potential problems and their
Impact. I used this tool when performing an analysis of the Santo Domingo, Cesar Iglesias, Edible Soybean Oil Refinery processing methods, and discovered that the Neutralization step (elimination and/or reduction of the FFA, using Caustic Soda) was discharging the Soap Stock (impurities of Free Fatty Acids, FFA) with a least 10% of the Crude Soybean Oil fed to the batch Neutralizer, due to the use of very primitive separation Method: GRAVITY. An Alfa Laval automatic continuous centrifuge was selected and purchased; even though of the high initial cost $300,000. It was recovered
In 3.75 months, since the recovered oil amounted for 80 tons/month with a value of
$1,000/Ton, so then $300,000/$80,000/month= 3.75 months. The installed Centrifuge
Showed 99.7% Oil recovery, showing an high Impact not only in the process; but in the economic operational viewpoint.
8-Scale up experience in chemical processing industry
Worked with Clients and Production Staff to transfer Client processes, Managed and Led pilot
Commercial Start-up Operations using Formulae and Client Recipe. Wrote operator Instructions and developed process protocols. Assisted production supervisors and utility management providing key technical guidance during the run of the new process start-up.
Analyzed and Suggested the use of the proper PPE, after a rigorous Job Risk Analysis and proper Process Safety by Layers Assessment, Prepared Project Completion reports for Clients, Ensured compliance with all plant safety and environmental guidelines, Performed Yield/Material balance for all process steps, including Air emission calculations to support environmental regulations. Performed basic trouble shooting and process development in collaboration with plant operators and technical staff. Specification of equipment and services. Strong knowledge and hands on expertise in Construction Coordination, machinery and chemical processing, calmly adapting to transitions and decisively responding to critical situations.
9-Proven Experience in Lean Processes such as Six Sigma
I referred to this topic in the previous paragraph; but there is another Six Sigma

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