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Biologist with a passion for communicating science offering tutoring to all levels


I am a recent college graduate offering lessons in Biology to all age ranges. I have extensive background in Biology, having conducted research spanning the fields of Ecology, Evolution, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Computational Biology.

As a tutor I am patient and adaptable, I like to cater to the student's specific background in my lessons. I will often motivate learning by using real life connections and examples that the student is likely to understand.


I am a graduate of Harvey Mudd College with a degree in Mathematical and Computational Biology. I've conducted research in Ecology, Genetics, Evolution, and Computational Biology. My passion lies in communicating science to those who are not scientists. I was a Biology Teaching Assistant and Tutor at my university and have worked with organizations such as the NOAA National Marine Sanctuary system and Jean Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society to communicate science to all age ranges.


Rate for online lessons : $12/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $55
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $100


If student is greater than 10 miles away I charge $17/hr to help cover travel expenses.

Lessons offered by James
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular biology
  • All Levels

James's resume


Bachelor of Science, Mathematical and Computational Biology
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, May 2018

Academic Honors
Dean’s List – 2016-2018

Relevant Coursework
Evolutionary Biology; Molecular Genetics; Ecology; Biostatistics; Molecular Biology Lab; Synthetic Biology Lab; Advanced Mathematical Biology; Intro to Mathematical Biology; Intro to Computational Biology; Data Structures and Program Development; Computer Graphics; Principles of Computer Science; Statistical Linear Models; Marine Ecology


McFadden Lab, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA, 2/2015-5/2018
-- Analyzed 120+ hours of ROV footage to better understand symbioses and host specificity between benthic invertebrates and deep-sea corals across different depth bands and localities in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico – Presented Caribbean findings at Western Society of Naturalists 2017 Meeting in Pasadena, CA
-- Prepared Paramuricea DNA samples collected from 2012-2016 for RADSeq along with conducting the DNA Barcoding on the newer samples – Aided with the bioinformatics for RADSeq results – Presented preliminary findings at Harvey Mudd College Biennial Conference for Sustainable Design and Solutions 2016 Poster Session

OP17 Restore Expedition, Northern Gulf of Mexico, July and August 2017
-- Participated in a 22-day deep sea research cruise in the Northern Gulf of Mexico funded by the NOAA Restore Act under chief scientist Dr. Santiago Herrera – Roles on board included real time logging of ROV dives and preserving coral samples for future genetic work

Oceans Research Intern, Mosselbai, South Africa, July 2015
-- Participated in an ongoing Population Dynamics study of Great White Sharks, Large Marine Mammals, and Seals in Mossel Bay – Helped conduct testing of zero-environmental impact shark deterrent technology

Biology Teaching Assistant, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA, 9/2017-12/2017
-- Teaching Assistant for the newly introduced First Year Biology Lab at Harvey Mudd College – Help first-year students to develop biology skills in a lab setting that are practical for applications in bio-industry


Experimental Design; Marine Field Sampling; Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures; Sterile Technique; PCR (including Quantitative); DNA extraction using Qiagen and Ctab; DNA Barcoding; Experience with next generation sequencing techniques such as RADSeq; Experience with Bioinformatic pipelines; Annotating ROV footage; Northern, Southern, Western Blotting; Raising Cell Cultures; Proficient in Python, C++, and R; Knowledgeable of Java, SQL, MATLAB; Mathematical Modeling; Product Management; Statistical Analysis; Building infrastructure in AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Proximity Innovations, Product Manager, Tarpon Springs, Florida, May 2018 – May 2019
-- Lead architecture and technology development of the Voyager Sales Cycle Platform. Responsibilities included development of technology and database architecture, monitoring and guiding progress of foreign and domestic development teams, client relations, development and deployment of background technologies for database upkeep.

-- Claremont-Mudd-Scripps NCAA Division III Varsity Swim Team, 2x Most Improved Swimmer, 2014-2016
-- Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College Senate, West Dorm President, 2016-2017
-- Harvey Mudd College Barbecue Club, Co-Founder, 2014-2018

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