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Find Out Where You Should Learn Arabic in New York City

By Jon, published on 28/08/2017 Blog > Languages > Arabic > Discover Where to Take Arabic Classes in NYC

Someone living in the most well known city in the United States has more educational possibilities than someone living in the “countryside.”  This theory can definitely be proven right with the city’s impressive universities.

One could say the same thing when it comes to learning Arabic.

It’s true: New York City presents a student with more possibilities for Arabic language learning than the rest of the United States, which is a real advantage for aspiring language learners who want to perfect their Arabic skills.

But where can one learn Arabic in New York City?

Which schools (middle schools, high schools, and/or universities) offer serious training programs, and, above all, solid Arabic classes?

Superprof has toured the Big Apple in order to come up with the city’s best Arabic classes!


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Learning Arabic in New York City via Private Tutoring

You’re wanting to learn Arabic, and here may be one of the reasons why:

  • You’d like to get closer to your roots and those of your parents,
  • You wish to enrich your knowledge and add a new language to your roster in order to be able to converse in Arabic with Arab natives,
  • A professional change means you must go to an Arabic country for work. Expatriation often means learning a new language…

Arabic professor in the city How do you find an Arabic teacher in NYC?

In all three cases, your linguistic endeavors will need to be effective.

Studying Arabic cannot be done with too carefree of an approach. The language, its pronunciation, its grammar, and Arabic words are quite difficult to learn for an anglophone.

One of the most popular solutions for those who want to quickly learn Arabic in New York City is to get a private tutor and be taught at home.

It must be said that this option has its numerous advantages. Contrary to language learning online, you will be able to learn with a physical person who dedicates all of their time to teaching you a second language.

This person will present you with a teaching method that has already been tried and tested on other language students. Finally, choosing an Arabic language tutor means allowing yourself to have one-on-one, face-to-face teaching with a qualified language instructor. No more being shy in class!

In this case, the professor will dedicate 100% of his or her time to you in order to rid you of your linguistic imperfections and allow you to quickly get on with your Arabic language learning adventure!

It’s important to note that as Arabic courses are extremely important in today’s world, you will always be able to find a teacher either in NYC or its surrounding suburbs.

Learning Arabic in New York City at a Tutoring Center

Tutoring centers such as ABC Languages or the New York City Language Learning Center offer tutoring in Arabic with the objective of turning you into a bilingual and fluent second language student.

Arabic Reading Book Motivation and rigor are needed in order to learn how to read Arabic!

These academic tutoring lessons will enable you to learn classical Arabic, better your comprehension of the language, and familiarize yourself with speaking and writing Arabic.

These centers are present in the four corners of the Big Apple, whether you are living in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan.

The (+):

  • You will benefit from the knowledge and teaching methods of an Arabic professor carefully selected by the center, and generally one having done post-graduate studies in Arabic,
  • You will receive a regular, personal assessment in order to follow up on how you are progressing in your second language Arabic classes.

The (-):

  • The registration fees are quite high, somewhere around 90 USD,
  • The student does not have the possibility of choosing his own teacher.

An Arabic Lesson with Superprof in New York City

Available all throughout the country, Superprof offers Arabic lessons in New York City.

The Arabic professors registered on its learning platform are dedicated to transmitting knowledge and fluency. They all come from very different backgrounds.

They can be aggregated Arabic professors, autodidacts, students, or Moroccan, Algerian, or Tunisian language teachers.
In order to progress on the linguistic and cultural front, a native professor is an excellent option!

Just enter your address in New York City or the suburbs and you will be able to find the nearest Arabic teacher.

The (+):

  • A commitment-free class allowing the student to learn with complete freedom,
  • A first free Arabic class in order to see whether the teaching methods of the teacher are adapted to your needs,
  • Affordable prices starting at 12 USD per hour,

The (-):

  • The fact that you can change teachers if one does not feel right makes it difficult to see any inconvenients!

The tutoring lessons are always effective and are accessible all over the United States.
Don’t wait a second to register for a class in San Francisco for example!

Discover the Arabic language at the K-12 Level

We recently quoted an article in Share America on the growing trend of teaching Arabic in public schools around America.

learning Arabic in New York In some schools, NYC students are lucky to attend Arabic classes and be introduced to the language.

However, the number is nowhere near as important as it should be considering the number of Arabic families in the U.S.

Most students can choose between English, Spanish, and German—but why not Arabic?

In the United States, New York City seems to be one of the cities with the most options, and in fact there are some schools that introduce students to the Arabic language.

For this reason, aspiring Arabic language students and their parents are lucky to live in NYC!

Here is the list of NYC middle schools offering Arabic language courses:

  • the United Nations International School – 24-50 FDR Drive, New York, NY 10010
  • the Khalil Gibran International Academy – 362 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Friends Seminary – 222 E 16th St, New York, NY 10003

Here is a list of the high schools proposing Arabic language courses:

  • Stuyvesant High School – 345 Chambers St, New York, NY 10282
  • Fort Hamilton High School – 8301 Shore Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • The School for International Studies – 284 Baltic Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

We should mention that some of these establishments offer a serious introduction to Arabic only from Wednesday to Friday, and sometimes only at night.

It is also getting easier to find schools all over the U.S.A. offering an introduction to the Arabic language.

For example, have a look at where Arabic language courses are being offered in Chicago.

Studying Arabic in a University or as Part of a Post-Graduate Degree

Arabic classes are more commonly found in universities than in middle or high schools.

Liberal Art schools often propose an impressive array of topics and Arabic degrees to their students. This was last noted by the Obama government in 2009.

Market Arabic When you take Arabic classes at your university, you are opening the door onto a new culture, civilization, and history…

High school students will find serious Arabic language courses once they enter secondary studies. There they can learn new Arabic vocabulary and learn about the Middle Eastern culture and traditions. And let’s not forget about Arabic grammar!

The New School

This is the case of The New School in Manhattan on W. 12th Street. The Foreign Languages Department will give you all of the information you need on Arabic degrees.

The university offers a complete introduction to the language for beginners. It centers on language courses (writing and oral), but also discovering Arabic literature and civilization.

The Arabic Language Degree comprises classes such as:

  • Modern Standard Arabic,
  • Colloquial Spoken Arabic,
  • Grammar
  • Civilization…

For similar training in Arabic, don’t be afraid of trying a new city such as Los Angeles, and learning Arabic there!

New York University

university in NYC NYU has a worldwide reputation and offers many different manners in which to learn Arabic.

In order to learn Arabic in New York City, you can also attend NYU.
Once there, you will be able to choose between different classes and options.

First off, if you are planning to have a career in which Arabic will be important, but you currently have no knowledge of the language, you should start with a beginner’s course in Arabic.

This class will lead you to other possibilities within the school’s framework.

NYU also presents its students with the opportunity of taking a Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies degree.

You can also pair your Arabic classes with other language classes such as French or Spanish.

The Arabic School of NY

Universities are a great place to learn Arabic, but so are institutes. Here we’d like to mention The Arabic School of NY (747 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022.)

This institute focuses on all aspects of teaching the Arabic language and is perfect for students, employees, and curious people alike…

The Arabic language, its theology, and the Quran are all taught there.

There are short month-long courses but also longer 3 year courses in both Classical Arabic and Modern Spoken Arabic. The goal of The Arabic School of NY is to transmit Arabic knowledge to its students. Students can take Arabic lessons at night or on the weekends.

It is also possible to take an intensive summer course and to learn Arabic abroad. The Arabic School of NY organizes cultural conferences as well.

It even teaches an Introduction to Arabic Art and Culture.

Between Arabic Language and Culture

When one decides to learn a foreign language or a new dialect, he or she must set off towards new horizons and the country’s culture, as well as the region from which hails the language.

This is the case for Arabic, of course.

fluently reading in Arabic After your Arabic language course, you’ll be able to read in the language!

Learning Arabic is also being introduced to a culture which is different from the occidental one you may be used to, and discovering new traditions, as well as having a better understanding of the Muslim religion and starting to read the Quran in its original language…

There is a great NYC institute which has understood the importance of discovering a culture in order to better learn a language.

The Very Useful Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture

Part of the Lebanese American University since 2014, the Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture in NYC is one of the best places to learn Arabic in New York.

Its sister program in Lebanon is also a great place to familiarize yourself with the Arabic language and you can partake in both if you wish.

Busy Street in NYC Learn Arabic at SINARC, right smack in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world!

Known amongst Lebanese Americans, the institute is located in Manhattan, and has accommodated students from NYU, CUNY, and many other universities.

The Summer Institute for Arabic Language and Culture has several objectives:

  • to promote the Arabic language, which is considered a language of communication
  • to allow the Modern Arabic world to be discovered by the largest number of people possible
  • to use teaching methods which are pertinent to the subjects of each class

The classes are held in small groups and are destined for students of different ages.
The Institute offers the following courses: Elementary Arabic – Part A and B, Intermediate Arabic – Part A and B, Advanced Arabic – Part A and B, Levantine Dialect I or II, Media Arabic.

All programs require a total 30 hours of classes over the course of one summer.
Groups are comprised of 15 people maximum.

Students take a placement test to gauge their language level on the first day, and this determines which classes they attend.

When it comes to intensives, you have to really work hard, but here at Superprof, we believe in you!

The Summer Institute for Arabic Language and Culture offers a month long summer intensive. The intensive is made for beginners and advanced students alike. The Lebanon intensive happens in the winter.

The (+):

  • taking Arabic language courses in a beautiful institute
  • developing general culture
  • being taught by reputable professors such as Rasha Arabi
  • access to the best Arabic textbooks
  • affordable teaching (575 USD for the whole intensive)

The (-):

  • the non-refundable program, which means you will not be able to change your mind

Very effective and affordable, linguistic institutes are now popping up all over the U.S. Find yours in order to perfect your Arabic in Boston, for example!


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