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Do you want to learn photography?

Are you a photography enthusiast? Want to become a better photographer? Here's our excellent series of blogs giving you budding Irving Penns the best tips and tricks on using your camera. 

Moving from your Instagram account to professional photography is not easy, but thanks to our expert photographers advice you can get the tailored help you need. Or why not take a private photography class to hone your skills?



Our Articles :

The Skills Required to Become a Professional Photographer

Photographers need to have an artistic side; a “good eye” to capture a good photograph.

They also need to know how to use light and shadow effectively to get the most out of their work.

IT skills are useful since a lot of photographers are now using digital cameras, which means pictures are transferred to computers various computer programmes before being edited and retouched.

Photographers also need to pay attention to detail.

Finally, most photographers, even those who work alone, will have to work with clients and customers.

It’s important that they maintain professional relationships; understand their needs and what they want from their photographs.

Creating Your Profile: An Essential Step

You will need to put together a thorough portfolio.

In order to get hired by someone who isn’t a friend or family member, you’ll need a portfolio to show off to prospective clients.

This if effectively your business card. Take care of it!

Using a variety of different styles and subjects is a great way to show off all your talents.

Make sure that your portfolio has at least ten photos in it.