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How Do I Set Up an AutoCAD Account?

By Yann, published on 16/05/2019 Blog > Academia > Information Technology > How to Effectively Set Up an AutoCAD Account

“Software is the magic thing whose importance only goes up over time.” -Bill Gates

We are not all born with computers on our laps, for many individuals, especially older ones, it takes time and practice to fully understand how to use and set up new applications and software.

Nevertheless, it is vital to state the modern technology developed in the last few decades such as mobile phone apps or integrated software systems have revolutionised the way people complete simple tasks in the workplace, at home, and on the go; strenuous and tiresome tasks are completed more efficiently than ever before!

Sorry computer illiterate’s, you’ll need to start actively learning more about technology to keep up with the times!

Some of the most striking and positive benefits of software systems include the fact that they are cost saving, time-saving, increase productivity and effectiveness, contribute to unity and teamwork, the information compiled or recorded is easy to access, and out of date methods get updated to increase efficiency.

When employers realise that software systems are efficient and cost effective, there is no going back to ancient methods!

But, what are some of the most commonly used softwares used in the workplace today? 

In many offices around the globe, software such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, iWork, Apache OpenOffice, and AutoCAD are used frequently by employees.

In today’s article, we will focus our attention on the revolutionary cad software known as AutoCAD. We will discuss what AutoCAD is and what tasks it performs, along with how new users can effectively set up an AutoCAD account, and finally, some useful tips from experienced ones about how to use AutoCAD successfully.

What is AutoCAD?

the best apps Since 2010, AutoCAD has been released as a mobile and web app to make life easier for all. (Source: pixabay)

Developed in the late 1970s and released in December of 1982, AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software that is used by various professionals to complete distinct tasks at work such as drawings, prototyping, 3D printing, geometry figures for blueprints, designing, and rendering.

Many drafters frequently use 2-D or 3-D applications such as AutoCAD to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips. 

Before its release as a desktop app used on microcomputers (personal use computers), most commercial 3D CAD programs ran on mainframe computers and were not as user-friendly and completing necessary work was not as accessible.

Hold the phone and wait a minute; what’s a CAD program?

Well, to quickly define a CAD program or application in layman’s terms, it is a computer aided design software that is indispensable in the creation modification, analysis, and optimisation of a design.

CAD systems or software are used to drastically improve the productivity of the designer and improve the quality of the overall design.

Now that we thoroughly understand what a CAD is, we can return to explaining the uses of AutoCAD.

It is essential to state that drafters are not the only ones who use AutoCAD in a professional setting; architects, engineers, city planners, and graphic designers all use this 3D design software to make their jobs easier and save lots of time.

Autodesk Inc. currently markets AutoCAD and the release of the 2020 edition launched on March 28, 2019, marked the 34 version of this software for Windows. AutoCAD is also available for download and compatible with Mac.

Throughout the years AutoCAD has continuously developed, and each new version has become better than its predecessor. For example, with the first edition of AutoCAD users were very limited and could only create primitive entities such as polygons, circles, lines, and arcs to create complex objects; that sounds more complicated than helpful!

AutoCAD is now available in languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Russian, and Polish. 

The brilliant minds working at Autodesk have also created some vertical programs that can be combined with AutoCAD and are discipline specific. Some of these programs include AutoCAD Advanced Steel, Architecture, Civil 3D, Electrical, Map 3D, MEP, Structural Detailing, Utility Design, and Plant 3D to name a few.

Visiting the Autodesk site to download a free trial before choosing an AutoCAD plan is a brilliant idea for all interested ones to become familiar with all the distinct tools.

Also, it is essential to state that in 2010 AutoCAD was released as a mobile or web app that was marketed as AutoCAD 360 to help all working professionals access their drafts or blueprints on the go.

Students who are attending training seminars to become skilled at using AutoCAD are wise to download the student versions of the program that are available for download on any portable computer or Mac.

We hope that our brief description of AutoCAD has piqued the curiosity of those who had no previous knowledge of this software and those who were on the fence about making the investment and downloading the program. AutoCAD 3D modelling software comes highly recommended by various businesses and professionals as it is a great time saver; become an AutoCAD user today!

Simple Steps to Effectively Set Up an AutoCAD Account

the best software The AutoCAD software has made drafting and making blueprints much more efficient in comparison to past methods. (Source: pixabay)

Alright, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in the AutoCAD software; great decision my friend!

Nevertheless, it is essential to state that there are a few steps that need to be taken before downloading the AutoCAD software onto your PC or Mac.

What are the necessary steps? 

Before considering the necessary steps, it is essential to mention that since Autodesk Inc. is the official distributor of the AutoCAD software, it is required to create an Autodesk account to download, activate, and use subscription software.

Therefore, without further ado, the following is a step-by-step process of how to effectively set up an Autodesk account:

  1. To create an account visit http://www.autodesk.com,
  2. Click the sign in option on the right-hand side of the webpage. Users have the option of creating an account by selecting one of three options: subscription customers, Autodesk 360, or Need an education account?
  3. Select that option that best suits your needs. However, it is essential to state that if you wish to start using AutoCAD right away, the first option, subscription customers, needs to be selected; after choosing this option, users need to follow the instructions to create an account and subscribe to the AutoCAD software.

Is that all? Can I successfully use AutoCAD now? Not so fast. While you did create an Autodesk account to access the AutoCAD software, it is essential to state that a subscription needs to be chosen.

How do I choose a subscription? 

The following helpful steps will aid all new users in selecting a subscription that best suits their needs:

  1. On the homepage of the UK-based Autodesk site, there are three products featured: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, and 3DS MAX. Select the learn more tab on the AutoCAD option.
  2. After getting a general overview of the AutoCAD software and its advantages, there is the option to subscribe to one of three AutoCAD options near the end of the page.
  3. After selecting one of the three AutoCAD options to subscribe to, users are directed to a new page where they choose between a monthly, yearly, or three-year plan to add to their basket.
  4. After selecting the basket to proceed to checkout, the credit card information is entered, and a summary of the charges can be observed.
  5. When the order has been approved, the AutoCAD software can be downloaded on your PC or Mac and is authorised by your Autodesk account.
  6. The software has been downloaded and is ready to use; enjoy AutoCAD!

If all of the previously mentioned steps are followed correctly, creating an Autodesk account and choosing an AutoCAD subscription should be a piece of cake!

Before concluding this section, it is essential to mention that there is a free-trial offered for new users and a 30-day money back guarantee on yearly subscriptions of AutoCAD.

In conclusion, it is worth conducting thorough research and watching tutorials about AutoCAD software on trustworthy sites such as Autodesk or Scan2cad before investing since it is quite pricy. Nevertheless, we are sure that all efficient professionals will enjoy the effectiveness of AutoCAD and will never return to their past methods!

Essential AutoCAD Information for Beginners

the best drafting software Software systems such as AutoCAD are quite complex for first-time users. (Source: Unsplash)

For beginners without any previous training at a technical institute, the fundamentals and crucial functions of AutoCAD may be confusing and downright scary.

Furthermore, it is essential to state that since AutoCAD is such a popular design software, many experienced users are willing to share valuable information, tips and tricks for beginners who have no previous experience using the software.

The following are some essential functions of AutoCAD that should be learnt in the beginning to use this software successfully :

  • Object Snap: when using the object snap feature a menu should be opened on the software that will display many distinct activating elements such as the midpoint, the quadrant, and the tangent. By clicking on the midpoint, AutoCAD allows you to create a new object by sticking the first point on the exact midpoint of a line. The quadrant feature will enable users to start the next object from the 0, 90, 180, 270-degree edge of a circle. By selecting tangent, you are allowed to stick the end of your line at the point tangent to a circle.
  • Setting the Correct Units: to set and select the correct units you wish to use on your draft write UNITS on your keyboard and press ENTER. A window appears allowing you to specify and configure the drawing units. Aspects such as length, angle, insertion scale, sample output, and lighting are all featured on the window that pops up.

While it is essential to state that AutoCAD is challenging to master and will cause beginners a few headaches it is a highly recommended 3D modelling software; practice makes perfect; remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Don’t worry with a little more practise and research; you’ll be sending 3D models, blueprints, and drafts to your future employer in no time!


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