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Learning Portuguese: Online Resources to Help You Get Ahead

By Jon, published on 21/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Portuguese > Online Resources to Help You Learn Portuguese

“When the sun rises, it rises for all” – Portuguese proverb

Many people dream of becoming multilingual, whether for professional, cultural, or personal reasons. Depending on where you live, certain languages will be favoured over others. There are, however, certain languages that have a global appeal due to their wide scale use worldwide. Portuguese is an example of this. That’s why if you are wondering how to start learning Portuguese today, you’re in luck.

There are a number of different ways to learn Portuguese. But for some learners, the most attractive method is an auto-didactic way of learning.

This is OK – especially since since the arrival of new technologies. It is quite possible to learn Portuguese online for free!

Portuguese Websites for Online Learning

Learning Portuguese on your own can be a difficult process. You probably don’t know where to start or which textbooks to use. Online courses are a great way to guide you along the path to becoming fluent. Here are some of our favourite options.

Free Portuguese Classes Online in order to Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Free Portuguese Classes Online is a particularly comprehensive online educational platform. It offers Brazilian Portuguese lessons for Internet users wishing to immerse themselves in a language other than their mother tongue.

Passionate about Brazil? Learn Brazilian Portuguese with free online courses!

real-fan Learning Portuguese might be fun for a very big fan of Brazil, for example!

The site does not just teach students to learn Portugal’s lexicon. Internet users can find much information about Brazilian culture if they head to the “News” section.

What to expect:

  • Portuguese conjugation courses,
  • Portuguese vocabulary courses,
  • Portuguese adjective classes,
  • Portuguese alphabet classes,
  • Conjugation exercises,
  • Study worksheets,
  • Portuguese proverbs, etc.

The site’s language team is looking to develop its own English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English dictionary based on the Word Reference model. In addition to basic Portuguese translations, the site will offer several meanings depending on the language and context of the conversation.

The positive points:

  • The news blog which explains all of the new things happening on the website,
  • The fact sheets on Portuguese culture (history of Brazil, popular radios in Brazil, etc…),
  • No need to register on the site to access the lessons,
  • The ability to leave comments to the webmaster via your Facebook account,
  • Tables with vocab which are practical in order to understand the language behind the language,
  • Perfect lessons for a beginner student…

The negative points:

  • …but too light for an expert in Portuguese.
  • Having to register in order to access additional features (such as the notebook, etc…),
  • The blog lacks frequent updates,
  • The interface works fine but is very simplistic.

The site also offers a comparison table between English and Portuguese. These tables can be integrated into your study materials.

Babbel, for Beginners and Advanced Students

Learning Portuguese with a tutor is a great way to study, but it is not always suitable for everyone’s budget. Babbel is a free online service for learning French, learning Spanish, learning Italian, and many other foreign languages!

Recently, the platform developed a Portuguese module that you can use whether you are looking to enter the business world or strengthen your language skills.

penpal-portugal The best way to improve in Portuguese is to chat with a native. Why not complete your apprenticeship by finding a Portuguese-speaking penpal.

What to expect:

  • online Portuguese exercises (re conjugation, vocabulary, etc.),
  • Interactive games (crosswords, picture games, etc.),
  • Idiomatic expressions in Portuguese,
  • Prepositions in Portuguese,
  • A Portuguese dictionary,
  • Worksheets,
  • Portuguese exam simulations,
  • Quick help accessing the lesson you are looking for…

The platform provides Internet users with an FAQ, to answer the frequently asked questions of new learners. You will be able to discover how to write accents such as è, ì, ò, ù, ñ or ç with your keyboard or how to download the audio files.

The positive points:

  • The forum you can use to discuss certain things with other learners,
  • The site’s personalization (the user can choose the color of the interface),
  • Many lessons, which are adapted to all levels,
  • Regular follow-up through exams at the end of each lesson,
  • Audio files to train you to have a good Portuguese accent,
  • The images illustrating the Portuguese lexicon.

The negative points:

  • The numerous advertisements financing the site,
  • The interface, which is sometimes confusing.

Babbel remains a very efficient site, which allows the student to revise both his or her Portuguese writing and his or her Portuguese pronunciation. The site also offers classes on the history of Portugal or the deployment of the Portuguese language in the world.

Transparent, For a Complete Tour of the Portuguese Universe!

Transparent is a free educational site allowing Portuguese experts to transmit their knowledge in a fun way.

These free online Portuguese courses allow students to enrich their vocabulary and become familiar with the Latin language.

portuguese-city With the right linguistic training, you will be able to hold conversations with the local people of Portugal and discover all the little corners of Portuguese cities.

What to expect:

  • An introduction to language and its use throughout the world,
  • Irregular verbs,
  • Personal pronoun classes,
  • Grammar, conjugation, and vocabulary classes,
  • Phonetics classes,
  • Online exercises re verbs, modes, articles …,
  • Portuguese civilization courses, etc.

All in all, Transparent offers a very effective site if you are looking to progress and memorize the Portuguese language in just a few months. Thanks to online courses written by natives, learners improve their skills both orally and in writing. This learning module is ideal for before your language immersion study trip  in a Portuguese-speaking country!

The positive points:

  • Courses that come in 5 levels: novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and fluent,
  • The possibility of consulting the biography of the tutors,
  • The forum that can be used for discussion between learners,
  • The nearly complete lessons,
  • Resources that help with memorization, such as exercises or memory cards,
  • The clear and intelligible interface of the site,
  • Audio recordings made by native Portuguese speakers.

The negative points:

  • The lack of illustrative images,
  • Too few audio files.

The foreign language courses offered by Transparence allow for language knowledge to be shared between Internet users around the world. At regular intervals or an intensive pace, the student will be able to learn Portuguese for free in order to be able to fend for himself or herself during his or her trip to Portugal!

In short:

Youtube Channels to Learn Portuguese

Modern technology doesn’t just offer websites offering Portuguese courses. You can also learn Portuguese via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Or alternatively you could watch one of a number of videos on YouTube dedicated to all aspects of the Portuguese learning process.

Buxilala – Learn European Portuguese with a Native

Of Portuguese origin, Buxilala allows her hundreds of subscribers to learn to speak Portuguese and pronounce Portuguese words correctly. Moreover, her videos regarding pronunciation are extremely popular with English-speaking users who are seeking to master the Portuguese accent while having fun.

What to expect:

  • The origins of the Portuguese language,
  • The differences and similarities between other languages and Portuguese,
  • Some information around Portuguese geography,
  • Courses to study the vocabulary of the country (colors, numbers, pronouns…),
  • Courses on Portuguese verbs (“ser” and “estar”, etc.).

The positive points:

  • Illustrated and colorful slideshows,
  • The ability to see the teacher pronounce the terms,
  • A concise and educational explanation of the history of Portugal,
  • Various resources (tables, corrections, highlighting …),
  • The wise advice of the teacher.

The negative points:

  • The audio is not tip top,
  • Lessons are mostly for beginners.

They won’t turn you into a full-fledged bilingual but Buxilala’s videos will present you with an introduction to the vocabulary of daily life. If you are looking to pronounce Portuguese like a Latin American – the site is ideal!

The Travel Linguist – To Understand the Basics of the Portuguese Language

With videos exceeding 500,000 views, The Travel Linguist allows Internet users to learn the Portuguese language in a no-stress environment and very quickly.

Indeed, in less than 15 minutes, the channel introduces you to all the words you should learn before traveling to Brazil or Portugal.

This is a great way to study on the go!

What to expect:

  • More than a hundred Portuguese words,
  • Various vocabulary themes (numbers, politeness, days of the week…),
  • Writing and pronunciation in Portuguese,

The positive points:

  • A clear and concise summary of the essential words to know in Portuguese,
  • The English and Portuguese audio is perfect,
  • The choice between classic Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese,

The negative points:

  • Videos serve as an intro to the language,
  • The impersonal side of video lessons.

The Travel Linguist’s videos are therefore ideal to learn the Portuguese language when preparing a language trip. Nevertheless, learners of the Portuguese language must supplement their knowledge with private lessons or online courses if they hope to become multilingual!

In short:


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