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Do you want to learn Arabic?

Our Arabic teachers give you all their tips to learn how to speak Arabic.
They will teach you how to learn Arabic. You will also be able to study complementary linguistic sciences such as grammar. Whether you are a beginner or preparing for an exam, you will find the help you need.
Superprof is the no 1 reference of Arabic teachers in the USA!

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Is it really difficult to learn Arabic?

Are you fascinated by the Arab world? Do you dream of learning to speak this beautiful and international language?

You don't dare to think that this language may be very difficult to assimilate to and learn quickly?

Arabic is a Difficult Language

Put a stop to stereotypes and clichés! Even though it is true that the Arabic language can present certain difficulties when you begin learning the language.

Arabic is a language that is the opposite of English. Does reading from right to left destabilize you? It's normal. You will have to forget all your linguistic references and learn all the basics of the Arabic language from scratch, starting with the Arabic alphabet, grammar and pronunciation.

Learning to read and write Arabic takes time, but this does not prevent you, in parallel, from beginning to learn the language orally through phonetic transcription.

You can learn to pronounce consonants and vowels and begin to familiarize yourself with Arabic grammar rules at your own pace.

Before letting yourself get discouraged, it is important to note that learning a foreign language is neither easy nor difficult.

Learning Russian or Chinese also requires extra effort to learn their alphabet, just like the first Arabic lesson. If you like the idea of ??speaking a new language, being motivated and being accompanied in the learning process, there is no reason not to achieve your goals.

Work and motivation

If you already speak several foreign languages, you will probably have less difficulty learning Arabic easily.

You will also have to be patient.

If you are told that you can learn the Arabic language in one month, remind yourself that it is logically impossible. On the other hand, in this period of time, you will have time to learn your first Arabic words, basics and a few sentences in Arabic. You can introduce yourself to the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation, while also immersing yourself in the sounds of the language.

Arabic lessons and tools to speak Arabic faster

Home lessons are among the best ways to learn quickly. The Arabic courses can be personalized. This individualized teaching will enable you to improve your skills quickly.

How to best learn a foreign language quickly?

Memorization of the vocabulary is essential. You have to get used to the new grammatical rules. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the new sounds and to learn how to correctly pronounce the words learned. Practicing orally and registering is a very formative exercise.

Evening classes

Taking evening Arabic classes, intensive training and daily practice is the best way to develop language skills and to move quickly from beginner to intermediate level. Learning the language can also be facilitated by multiplying interactive media (website guides to learn Arabic online, English Arabic dictionaries, exercises, mobile applications, videos, Arabic forum or board threads, audio files, etc...)

Once the first steps are taken to learn this Semitic language, it is easier to enrich your vocabulary and to learn to read and write literary Arabic.

Whether you are learning Arabic in the Eastern languages ??section or with a particular teacher, your Arabic training will take time.

Language travels

A trip or a language course in an Arabic speaking country will also make you progress faster. In total immersion, a learner must practice the language in front of native speakers. This becomes a very constructive language training.

Once you are fluent in Arabic, the next step in your learning will be to learn Qur'anic Arabic in order to read the Qur'an and study Islam and Islamic culture.