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Do you want to learn Chinese?

Our Chinese tutors reveal their tips for learning Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). The variety of Chinese lessons will allow you to discover Chinese culture, calligraphy, vernacular language and also visit China.

Whether you are a beginner, a refresher or preparing for an exam, you will find the help you need here. Superprof is the place to be for a Chinese tutor, with nearly 7000 Sinophones across our platforms. Check out their profiles if you want to learn Chinese.


Our Articles :

Chinese A difficult language?

Mandarin Chinese is a language deemed difficult.

First of all, you will need to go through an initial learning phase: memorize the Chinese pinyin alphabet, in other words, the phonetic alphabet. This will allow you to begin to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the Chinese language (including four tones) and learn your first Chinese words to say hello or introduce yourself, from the first class.

In parallel, you will have to learn Chinese calligraphy and learn how to write your first Chinese characters. With well made cards, it will be easier. You will directly see the Chinese character, its pronunciation thanks to its phonetic transcription and its meaning due to the translation.

Then comes the learning of Chinese grammar and conjugation. Good news for the new learner: there is no conjugation, gender or number in Chinese. Only the subject changes in a sentence in Chinese.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, Chinese is a tonal language. The pronunciation and the tone used influence the meaning of the words. So it's a part of working seriously. Taking private lessons in Chinese with a native teacher is a real asset to perfect your speaking. A native will teach you all the subtleties of the language and share with you their knowledge of China (Chinese culture, traditions, lifestyle, art). Language and culture are inseparable.

Tools to learn Chinese easily

Do you want to learn quickly in order to get by in Chinese? Are you thinking of going to China on a trip, working in China, or doing a language study trip to China?


You want to quickly progress to be able to better understand? You will need patience and perseverance. Group lessons, evening classes, intensive course, language school, conversation classes... The introduction to Chinese can take different forms, but the Chinese classes will not be enough if you do not practice daily in memorizing this new knowledge...

How to boost your Chinese learning?

With beginner level lessons, your teacher can help you in a very targeted way. The personalized courses allow you to concentrate on the specific difficulties and each student's progression.

Saving time while learning a language.

To accompany you on a daily basis, diversify your tools: Chinese online courses, Chinese dictionary, audio files and mobile applications will help you to develop your language skills in their entirety (expression and listening, but also written).

Before you speak Chinese fluently, you will need time, but on a trip to China, you will immerse yourself in the heart of the country, rub shoulders with natives, make friends, walk the Great Wall of China and perfect your practice of the language of Confucius.

You can quickly enrich Chinese vocabulary, but also discover other dialects. China has many languages: Cantonese, Wu, Min... It is also an opportunity to take calligraphy courses to learn all about this ancestral art.