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Where To Take Arabic Courses in Chicago

By Jon, published on 28/08/2017 Blog > Languages > Arabic > Where to Learn Arabic in Chicago

Chicago has always been the center of the Palestinian and Jordanian immigrant communities in the United States.

Arabs have been a part of Chicago since the first large wave of Arab immigration, which occurred in the United States between 1899 and 1921.

This explains why there are so many options in Chicago in terms of Arabic language learning.

A wide array of methods and organizations offer an introduction to the Arabic language in the city of Chicago.

Don’t wait any further to find out which middle schools, high schools, universities, associations and other institutes offer Arabic language courses in Chicago…


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Discover the Arabic Language in Middle School or High School

It’s common knowledge that early childhood is the best time to learn a foreign language (other than the English language).

From the time of a child’s birth to around his ninth birthday, the brain has a capacity for absorbing all of the sounds he hears around him, retranscribing them, and then perfectly distinguishing them from English.

This however does not mean that it’s too late to search for a language learning method that works in order to learn the Arabic language!

If your child is currently attending middle school or high school in Chicago, you’ll be happy to know he or she can still learn Arabic, and will also be able to choose from an array of different places teaching the language!

The educational system in Chicago is as good as the one that teaches Arabic in Miami, for example.

Nine middle schools and high schools offer Arabic classes for teenagers.

Here is the list of the middle schools and high schools offering lessons in Arabic in Chicago:

  • Durkin Park Elementary School: 8445 S Kolin Ave, Chicago, IL 60652, Arabic courses
  • Agassiz Elementary School: 2851 N Seminary Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, Arabic courses
  • Belding Elementary School: 4257 N Tripp Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, Arabic courses
  • LaSalle Language Academy II: 1734 N Orleans St, Chicago, IL 60614, Arabic courses
  • Marquette Tech Elementary School: 6550 S S Richmond St, Chicago, IL 60629, Arabic courses
  • Volta Elementary School, 4950 N Avers Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, Arabic courses
  • Lincoln Park High School, 2001 N Orchard St, Chicago, IL 60614, Arabic courses
  • Roosevelt High School, 3436 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, Arabic courses
  • Lindblom High School, 6130 S Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60636, Arabic courses

In 2009, The Chicago public schools expanded its Arabic-language program to three more high schools, thanks to a three-year, $888,000 federal grant.

Since that time, there has been quite some success initiating high schoolers to Arabic as a second or third language.

The number of high schools ensuring Arabic language courses will only increase with time.

Learning Arabic at University of Chicago

Lucky Chicago-based university students will be able to sign up for the Arabic Language and Culture certificate at University of Chicago.

people in class The Arabic Language and Cultures Certificate is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to study all things Arabic.

This certificate will allow you to develop Arabic language skills while also gaining an understanding of the Arabic world’s culture and history.

The ways into Arabic culture and language seem endless with classes such as: Who is the Middle East, Rethinking the 1916 Arab Revolt, Beginner Arabic, Intermediate Arabic, Advanced Arabic, Muhammad The Quran and Islam, The Modern Muslim World…

This certificate will focus on learning to read and write Arabic, but also give you important insights into the Middle East as a whole. You will learn many things about modern and ancient Arab civilization.

The required cultural elective will mean you can travel to any Graham School equivalent in a country where Arabic is the dominant language!

Why not take a look at this university for yourself? In fact, take the time to also check out where to learn how to speak Arabic in San Francisco.

Learning to Speak with Arab Natives in Chicago

A Facebook group entitled “Arabs in Chicago” is also a great place to find people who wouldn’t mind sharing their knowledge of the Arabic language with you. A group brimming with locals who are either of Arabic descent or speak Arabic fluently, this is the right place if you’d like to see about any meet-ups where you could put your language skills to the test.

Arab woman with sign Why not meet up with Arabs who have already had an experience living and conversing abroad?

Holding conversations with a native Arab person is a great way to up your skills in the Arabic language! Most persons of Arabic descent in Chicago are eager to meet people who want to learn their language–so why not give it a shot?

How About Learning the Arabic Language at the Famous Downtown Islamic Center?

New York City may have SINARC, but Chicago has the Downtown Islamic Center, a wonderful center right smack dab in the middle of Chicago!

There, curious Chicago city goers will have the possibility of learning the subtleties of the Arabic language in Central Chicago, just north of the State and Jackson intersection (231 S. State St.)

It’s a warm place where taking Arabic classes is fun, and because it’s not exclusively dedicated to learning the language, you will also find other activities such as:

  • Charity events, such as feeding the hungry,
  • Readings of the Quran,
  • Teachings on religion,
  • Exhibits,
  • Teachings on Arabic literature…

The Downtown Islamist Center is a place where culture and language meet, and where the energy is just right in order to learn the language. Here, you will be able to take Arabic intensives or courses that fit your language needs.

In order to learn the language, the teachers use several methods such as: audiovisual supports, books, CDs, images, exercises…

It’s a very adapted place to learning the Arabic language, much like one can find in order to learn Arabic in Los Angeles, for example…

Another Amazing Institute: the Chicago Center for Arabic Language and Culture (CALC

Though the Downtown Islamic Center is great, maybe the Chicago Center for Arabic Language and Culture (CALC) is the place for you.

Arabic women learning language Could CALC be the place where you finally learn Arabic?

The Center for Arabic Language and Culture is a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of Arabic for K-12 students, but they also accept adults wanting to gain a second or third language! The fees are not very high, and the classes are super rewarding!

Who knows? Maybe you could also be part of the next team of students who travel to Doha for the annual Arabic Debate Championship! Last year, CALC’s students won.

In any case, this Center is dedicated to the Arabic language and the learning of it. It is also a partner of the Arts and Business Council Chicago.

Arabic Tutoring Lessons in Chicago

If there are numerous solutions to learn Arabic for free, another option is Superprof, with tutoring lessons in Arabic available to students in the comfort of their own home.

And in Chicago, too, of course! At the four corners of the Windy City, talented private tutors are ready to share their knowledge of the Arabic language with you. It’s up to you to find the right one–maybe the one who is based closest to your home?

Superprof allows you to quickly learn Arabic, and, it must be mentioned that learning at home is a real luxury! The luxury to learn face to face the bare bones of the Arabic language.

No students to disturb your Arabic language courses: 100% of the professor’s time will be spent on you from the start to the end of the lesson. Which will give you a chance to advance at amazing speed!

This service is also available in NYC, where you can find tutoring lessons for Arabic language learning in New York City.


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