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How to Get Started Studying Portuguese in Chicago

By Jon, published on 18/12/2017 Blog > Languages > Portuguese > Where to Study Portuguese in Chicago

“My homeland is the Portuguese language.”

Fernando Pessoa

The city of Chicago is a learning epicenter. Does this ring true for Portuguese?

This Windy City is the third most populous in the Unites States, and the most populous in the midwestern U.S.!

At first glance, it may seem incongruous to bring Hemingway closer to Lusitania – even though his European legacy has become a staple of Franco-American culture!

But Portugal is a country that is becoming more and more attractive, not just for sun-loving holidaymakers or pensioners seeking tax relief.

Add to that an important diaspora of Brazilian and Portuguese Americans.

Lisbon is also a Latin-language capital of a unique kind, with an extremely rich culture.

Pessoa, Andrade, Cardoso Pires, Abeleira and others have made all the beauties of Lusophone literature resonate, while the philosophical thought expressed in this language can count on the Brazilian Corrêa de Oliveira who proudly credits the Lusitanian Antero de Quental …


Where to learn Portuguese in the Windy City?

But to take advantage of all this knowledge and all of these treasures of wisdom, it is still necessary to be able to understand them!

As the best of translations is never worth the original, start learning to speak Portuguese right now to add a string to your bow – and a line on your resume!


Our tutors are pretty happy

”With Superprof, I was able to find serious and motivated students who wanted to learn.  I highly recommend Superprof!”

Learning Portuguese: the Cure-All of Private Lessons

Toddlers learn their native language – be it German, Dutch, Russian … – without even realizing it.

People retain no memory of their process of learning articulated language in the very first years of their life.

As time goes on, when it comes to learning a new living language in Chicago, the brain becomes numb.

The most effective didactic method consists of engaging and employing all the components of the human mind (thought, speaking, writing, listening, reading …), while benefiting from a “tailor-made” education .

This would be possible with a close friend or relative (which usually has the advantage of being free), but it may still be necessary to default to a private tutor.

This solution is recommended in most situations, especially since even having a bilingual Portuguese speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to demonstrate the necessary pedagogical tact, and patience it will take to accompany your introduction to Portuguese. Large home-school structures offer a certain guarantee, usually employing certified teachers in a public institution.

The price, even with tax cuts, is however prohibitive and encourages more and more applicants to turn to alternative solutions in Chicago.

Superprof lists dozens of private teachers of academic Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese in Chicago itself.

Their geographical radius is specified, as well as a short description, the rate of reactivity, the price, the quality of the references or diplomas, the seniority and the opinions of their pupils. There is nothing missing on the board!

This is the best way to make a first comparison, before getting in touch with the teachers who seem the most appropriate.

If it is not immediately posted, do not hesitate to ask for a first hour of free-trial: fair competition is a characteristic of a free economy!

Find private lessons in the whole of the United States, to take Portuguese classes in New York or Portuguese lessons in Boston for example!

These Establishments Put Portuguese in the Spotlight

The homeland of Jennifer Hudson is not particularly close to the Iberian Peninsula. The Atlantic Ocean seems as far as the White House is near.

Faced with growing demand, there are however some schools offering Portuguese education to students.

Chicago is even one of the best equipped cities in the United States.

Portuguese is also part of the 5 romance languages ​​with a dedicated portal on the website of the University of Chicago.

As a romance language, Portuguese developed from Latin with its earlier form as Old Portuguese. Cervantes once said that Portuguese was “the sweet and gracious language” and many other famous literary figures have also praised the language for its “sweet” feature. Brazil even has a Museum of the Portuguese Language in its capital of San Paulo, the first ever language museum in the world. Once you master the poetic language of Portuguese, tackling Spanish also becomes much easier.

The department page should be added to your “favorites” if you want to stay abreast of Lusophone academic information.

For children, these programs offer kids the opportunity to learn Portuguese in the Windy City:

  • The Spanish Studio Language Center offers children and adults various levels of Portuguese classes for work, travel and social interaction.
  • Private coaching is also a great way to give your child a linguistic head start!


Rio de Janeiro |  The Sugarloaf Mountain… Legend!


Portuguese Courses in the University Capital of Illinois

Universities in Chicago are some of the best in the Unites States.

Medicine, history, law or biochemistry … Many classic, high-tech or exceptional courses are well-rated in the U.S.- if not worldwide.

The peculiarity of higher education is its ability to attract people from all over the country to Chicago.

The diversity of programs and paths is therefore more prevalent in the academic world than elsewhere.


Can we learn Portuguese for free in Chicago? | Yes, through meet ups and online courses.

The University of Chicago is of course at the heart of learning in the city.

Present in their romance language department, Portuguese courses have not been forgotten: not only is there a graduate degree in Luso-Brazilian studies, but there are also opportunities for exchange and teaching programs.

The degree program makes it possible to study the language both practically and academically.

They cover all periods of Iberian and Latin American cultural histories and offer a rich variety of approaches to the study of literature, theater and performance, the visual arts, and intellectual production. While specializing in a wide variety periods and critical approaches, we are particularly strong in a number of areas and interdisciplinary fields of study:

  • Early modern Spain and colonial Latin America (Frederick de Armas, Larissa Brewer-García, Miguel Martínez, Victoria Saramago)
  • Modern and contemporary Latin America and Iberia (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Mario Santana, Laura Gandolfi, Mauricio Tenorio, Dain Borges, Victoria Saramago)
  • Mexico and the Caribbean (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Laura Gandolfi, Mauricio Tenorio, Victoria Saramago)
  • Nationalism and culture (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Mario Santana, Miguel Martínez)
  • Visual studies, film, and the performative arts (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Mario Santana, Frederick de Armas)
  • Material approaches and sociology of literature (Laura Gandolfi, Mario Santana, Frederick de Armas, Miguel Martínez, Victoria Saramago)
  • Race Studies (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Larissa Brewer-García, Dain Borges)
  • Gender and sexuality (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Larissa Brewer-García, Frederick de Armas)
  • Intellectual and cultural history (Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Mauricio Tenorio, Dain Borges, David Nirenberg

The program also proposes joint study of Portuguese and other Romance languages.

University of Chicago offers a minor in Portuguese as a part of their BA program in Romance Languages and Literatures, through this program you can study Portuguese in conjunction with French, Spanish, Italian, or even Catalan.

The university option is particularly effective as it can offer a practical and academic study of the language through rigorous study and application. Or find a similar program elsewhere in the Unites States, like Miami or LA.


Parallel Portuguese-Speaking Educational Facilities

There are other ways to study Portuguese in Chicago, both practically and academically.

The UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) Department of Hispanic and Italian studies provides great links to non-academic sites regarding Brazilian and Portuguese culture in Chicago.

The university also has it’s own curriculum for studying the romance language as a part of its degree program.

Located in the heart of Chicago at University Village.

Degree programs are available for those looking to include Portuguese and romance language study as a part of their higher education. A university degree is ideal for those looking to pursue an academic and intellectual study of the language.

If you’re less inclined towards academia, and more interested in practical application, the university lists plenty of cultural meet ups for both Americans and native speakers around the city.

Many of the listed meet ups can be found online through social media sites like Facebook and meetup.com

For a more general overview of Brazilian Culture in Chicago – BrazilChicago maintains a current calendar of upcoming cultural events throughout the city, as well as Brazilian and Portuguese related news articles for the interested Lusophone.

Their website may be your premiere source for Portuguese cultural learning in the Windy City!

The emphasis is on culture and social interaction, with plenty of opportunity to practice and develop your linguistic skills and understanding.

Also be sure to check out the Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Chicago for more cultural information and event planning.

It’s up to you to define your goals! Cultural meet ups can be a trial to explore and gage your interest in Portuguese, but may not be intensive enough for those looking to become perfectly bilingual.

You just have to turn your desires into reality! Do not wait to become a brilliant lusophone!

Discover also where to take Portuguese classes in San Francisco …



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