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Where to Study Portuguese in Los Angeles

By Jon, published on 01/01/2018 Blog > Languages > Portuguese > Where to Learn Portuguese in Los Angeles

There were an estimated 246,000 Brazilian Americans as of 2007. Another source gives an estimate of some 800,000 Brazilians living in the U.S. in 2000, while still another estimates that as of 2008 some 1,100,000 Brazilians live in the United States, 300,000 of them in Florida.

Major concentrations are in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin and California.

The Brazilian Consulate estimates that about 10,000 Brazilians live in the Los Angeles area, with about 30% living in and around Culver City and Palms. Although a stretch of Venice Boulevard between those two Westside communities has for a quarter century hosted numerous Brazilian businesses and residents, there is as yet no officially designated “Little Brazil.”

The large Brazilian community in Los Angeles is the unique opportunity to take Portuguese lessons in the City of Angels!

Learn Portuguese to prepare a trip to Rio de Janeiro or to become a teacher of English as a foreign language in Lisbon, or simply start studying Portuguese out of curiosity: the reasons to learn a foreign language are many!

Here, Superprof provides a sort of monograph of the cumulative offerings to take Portuguese language classes in Los Angeles.


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Update on the Portuguese-Speaking Community in Los Angeles

We know that Portuguese-speaking countries have always had an international outlook.

And there is a large diaspora of Brazilians and Portuguese speakers throughout the United States.


At just 320 feet long, the Angels Flight incline is one of the shortest incorporated railways in the world.

Portuguese sailors have been among the greatest explorers of the Middle Ages during the Renaissance, like Vasco de Gama, for example.

Subsequently, they were among the most powerful colonial empire in Europe sharing the world from the 15th to the 20th century, after England, France and Spain.

Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Macau, Guinea-Bissau, Madeira, Azores, etc. Until the Renaissance, Portugal had built the largest commercial and maritime empire that the world has ever known, from South America to India to Africa.

Taking Portuguese classes in Los Angeles therefore allows for a double advantage: to increase one’s linguistic skills, and to be able to cope in a Portuguese-speaking country of the old Portuguese colonial empire.

The first substantial wave of Brazilian immigration occurred in the 1960s.

The economic crisis of the 1980s incited the emigration of 1.4 million Brazilians to other countries. In the US, the largest number settled in the New York City.

The Boston and Miami metropolitan areas also received substantial numbers. Smaller but still substantial numbers settled around Atlanta, Washington, DC, Houston, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

What are the best places to take Portuguese lessons in Los Angeles?



Take Portuguese Classes at the University of Los Angeles

The best way to becoming a  Portuguese speaker remains at the university level.

UCLA’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese is dedicated to research and teaching related to the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds.

To this end, They offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate courses in five undergraduate majors, four minors, and the Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures….

This course of study aims to train specialists in the Portuguese language and Portuguese-speaking cultures (Portugal, Brazil, Portuguese-speaking Africa).

Take Portuguese classes in New York for example …


Santa Monica Boulevard crosses 4 cities: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

In the USC Dornsife Department of Spanish and Portuguese, they believe that the study of other languages is essential for the twenty-first-century global citizen.  Immersion in another language fundamentally shapes the way one thinks.  From the first day students begin to study Portuguese they are “studying culture.” As a result, they teach culture in their language courses and continue to build language skills throughout the undergraduate curriculum.

Students can capitalize on the growing importance of Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking areas of the world economy. Immerse yourself in some of the world’s most exciting cultural hubs, such as Buenos Aires or Lisbon, or study issues of migration in Valencia.

USC also offers summer study abroad programs. 

The courses allow, among other things, an in-depth analysis of the history of Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking world as well as the study of major literary trends and genres in the Portuguese-speaking area (Portugal, Brazil, Portuguese-speaking Africa).



Learn Portuguese in a Language School

For those who can’t take courses at the university, several Portuguese language schools will allow you to learn the language.

Here is an overview of the training offered in this area.


Strommen Los Angeles

About 60% of people living in Los Angeles speak some other language, making it just 40% of people speaking only English.

Why learn to speak Portuguese and learn Portuguese from Brazil at Strommen in Los Angeles?

Because more than 250 million people in the world are Portuguese speakers! It’s the sixth most spoken language in the world!

It will be an opportunity to learn idiomatic expressions and immerse yourself in a one-hour course!

With a Strommen teacher you will speak Portuguese from the first class. A private session is more effective, efficient and convenient than enrolling in a group class. Your Strommen teacher will be a perfect fit for your needs and learning style.

They equate 10 hours of private classes with a full semester in a traditional college or group class.

Strommen  further enriches your learning experience with free podcasts, videos, online resources, Strommen Language Meetups around LA, group classes, workshops and much more!

Courses for adults, school classes, intensive courses and professional training: there is something for all ages, all levels and for all statuses.



Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is the premier Portuguese language school in Los Angeles, fostering a dedicated student body and a rich, supportive atmosphere for learning Portuguese.

They offer Portuguese classes for all levels of students, and take pride in providing L.A.’s premier Portuguese instruction, with highly educated, native-speaking Portuguese teachers and university texts.

Portuguese language tutors are also available for private instruction and corporate programs.

Portuguese lessons are available from beginner to intermediate levels.

The school displays personalized language coaching by providing access to the expression and oral comprehension, courses adapted to the needs, desires and objectives of the learners.

It is the ideal training to open oneself to languages, to perfect one’s Portuguese and to make linguistic bridges between English, Spanish, French and other languages.


Learn Brazilian and Portuguese Language and Culture at a Cultural Center

Want to meet new people, exchange and communicate by learning a foreign language in Los Angeles? Want to improve your language skills without breaking the bank?


Fun Fact: The average age of an LA citizen is 35 years old.

Here are some Brazilian cultural centers in Los Angeles.

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center

The mission of the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center (BBCC) is to foster cultural citizenship and community building through arts education.

Specifically, their efforts focus on producing high quality, accessible, creative opportunities in the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira, and in multicultural and multi-disciplinary arts.

BBCC was originally founded to uplift Afro-Brazilian culture by supporting the self-representation of Afro-Brazilian Americans and Afro-Brazilians, and publicizing their unique contributions to the national and regional cultural landscape. However, in an increasingly globalized world, no culture, community, or country is an island.

The cultural geography of Brazil and the Americas are inherently diverse and complex.

As a result, valorizing cultural diversity and expanding access are central to all of BBCC’s programs. BBCC is committed to squelching the risk factors caused by racism, sexism, poverty, illiteracy, xenophobia, and homophobia that limit the development of healthy communities and the ability for all people to enjoy the benefits of cultural citizenship.

Arts education for adults and children is produced in traditional and non-traditional settings (e.g., theaters, schools, community centers, universities, libraries, museums, and public spaces) to enhance the awareness of Latin America and the African diaspora, and to encourage cosmopolitanism. Curriculum guidelines and educational materials are also developed to support educational programs.

Capoeira Brazil Los Angeles

Capoeira Brasil is an international cultural organization founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1989 by renowned Capoeira mestres (masters): Boneco, Paulinho Sabia and Paulão Ceara. Over the past three decades, the founders set out across the globe with the mission of sharing their knowledge of Capoeira with people of all ages, ethnicities, religions and beliefs.

Today Capoeira is an international art form with a diverse community of practitioners that celebrate its contagious energy and powerful traditions.  Capoeira is dance, it is fight, it is culture and creativity. 
It is an art of transformation, born from the struggle for liberation, empowerment and self-determination. Capoeira Brasil instructors are in more than 40 countries teaching, performing and enriching communities all over the world.

Opened in 1998 by Mestre Boneco, Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles (CBLA) is the North American headquarters of the group.  CBLA is dedicated to disseminating the rich culture and tradition of Capoeira.  The organization strives to maintain the integrity of the art, as well as support its evolution and growth.

Take Portuguese Lessons with a Private Teacher

Despite all these opportunities to study Brazilian and Portuguese – Portuguese, do difficulties persist?


Out of 244,000 businesses in Los Angeles, the city has the highest number of women-owned companies in USA.

There is no better way than taking private lessons to learn, progress and overcome the accumulated gaps!

The private teacher acts as a home coach: a true linguistic accompanist of his student, he supervises each course in order to progress efficiently and quickly.

And this formula of course allows you to deepen the pronunciation with the help of Portuguese conversation, especially to pinpoint every mistake, every pitfall, every word flayed.

Among the private providers of Portuguese language courses in Los Angeles, you can look to Superprof to find the perfect native language instructor!


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