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Brown University student offering math and SAT lessons, with over 4 years experience


To me, any subject can be related to a delicate, inverted pyramid. You start with a basic concept, such as addition in mathematics, and build more layers on top of that, until you reach a high point in the pyramid, which could be differential equations, for example. If any part of this pyramid is not solid, it will be unstable. I feel that no one can be bad at a subject; it’s just that for some people an integral concept may not be clear, which causes a hindrance to adding more layers to the proverbial pyramid, leading to low confidence and discouragement. My teaching methodology is based on finding this conceptual gap and clearing it before moving on to higher level topics. I do this by employing various methods to identify a conceptual gap, from just talking about concepts to making diagnostic tests. I also strongly believe in Feynman’s technique, which emphasizes on the power of explanation. A good teacher, in my opinion, should be able to break down a complicated idea to an elementary school student. Finally, it is imperative that the student is an essential part of the teaching dialogue: the Socrates method. I strive to make sure that the student is actively engaged in the topic to cultivate interest and show results.


Hey! My name is Nishant, and I am a student at Brown University, studying computer science and economics. I love learning; my interests span from the intricacies of linguistics to the beauty of mathematics. I genuinely enjoy teaching and have been doing it for over four years. I started by heading a volunteer group that teaches English and mathematics to underprivileged children at a human development center. A year after our group started teaching, our students increased their math marks by around 25 percentage points on average and I was successful in teaching conversational English to 5 students from scratch. I also taught children English, mathematics, and science at a local government school. In addition to my teaching efforts, I started a private tutoring service in my neighborhood, specializing in SAT and mathematics. Outside academia, I am an avid, self-taught jazz pianist. Nothing makes me more relaxed than improvising over a jazz classic.


Rate for online lessons : $40/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $175
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $350
Lessons offered by Nishant
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • College / University Preparation
  • Calculus
  • All Levels

Nishant's resume

Education and Testing:

β€’ Subjects taken in first year at Brown University: Applied Mathematics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, 2 introductory CS courses, Linear Algebra, Inequality and Capitalism in 20th Century America (History Course)
β€’ IB diploma, 43/45, top 3% worldwide
– 7 (highest grade possible) in HL subjects (Mathematics, Economics and Physics)
β€’ IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), Grade 9-10
– Secured A*’s (highest grade possible) in all 9 subjects taken (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, French, Computer Science, English Literature, English Language)
β€’ AP: 5 in Computer Science A
β€’ SAT: 780 Math, 790 Reading/Writing; 1570/1600 total score
β€’ Subject SAT
– 800 in Math Level 2
– 800 in Chemistry

Awards and Achievements:

β€’ School gold medalist in the NSO (National Science Olympiad) held by the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) for two years in a row.
β€’ Selected to participate in the national round of NSO (National Science Olympiad)
β€’ Best achievement in IB Economics (Grade 11)
β€’ Piano:
– Distinction in ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) Grade 5 Piano practical exam
– Distinction in ABRSM Grade 5 Piano theory exam
– Third in South India in ABRSM Grade 5 Piano practical exam

β€’ MUN (Model United Nations): Participated in several international competitions and won five awards including Best Position Paper at CJC MUN and Honorable Delegate at TISB MUN
β€’ Won 4 state-level math quizzes including the β€œPi Day” quiz
β€’ Director of the first music club at school


β€’ Abhayadhama: head of a volunteer group that teaches kids between the ages of 10 to 18 at a human development center called Abhaydhama.
– Was in charge of recruiting further volunteers
– Designed the mathematics and English syllabi to be taught to the students
– Head of the Spoken-English vocational program at Abhaydhamma which aims to teach older kids fluent English at a spoken level
– Conducted over 4 newspaper drives (selling old newspapers for money), 6 charity events (including charity concerts), and 3 clothing drives. Raised $3000
β€’ United Way: part of United Way Bangalore since 10th grade.
– Taught children at St. Joseph’s school in the local area every Saturday for three hours
– Wake the Lake Campaign- a campaign with the intention of saving and restoring the lakes of Bangalore. My team successfully restored 3 lakes
β€’ BookConnect: Android app to help the students of government schools in the greater Bangalore area. The app aims to bring together donators and schools.
– Over 20 schools have used the app
– More than 100 donations have been made via BookConnect
– Play Store link: (concealed information)
β€’ NammaRupee: Android app that helps people on low incomes manage their finances

Skills and Hobbies:

β€’ Jazz Piano: experienced jazz piano player and perform at various bars, restaurants and clubs around Bangalore
β€’ Jazz Band: pianist of a 3-member jazz trio that performs around Bangalore
β€’ Programming skills:
– Java, Python, and R
– Android App development with Java and xml. Have made over five android apps including a chat bot and financial planner app.


β€’ Music Club, Director
– Organized over 8 concerts, including 2 charity concerts
– Won numerous awards at the national level on behalf of the school, including Best Soloist at TISB VIVUM (national level competition held at TISB)
– Trained younger students for music competitions and teach them jazz piano
β€’ Model United Nations, Head Delegate and Club Organizer
– Participated in over 10 MUNs and won several awards at prestigious MUNs, nationally and internationally
– Chaired numerous MUNs including Harvard MUN, CJC MUN, and GWH MUN
– Trained middle school students as part of the MUN club at school; in charge of the first Middle School MUN held at Greenwood High

Internships and Work Experiences:

β€’ Ezetap Mobile Solutions, Junior Android Developer
– Paid Internship, earned $400 in a month
– Developed a custom QR-code generator and scanner to make payments. My model was used in a product for Amazon India
– Created a text-reading algorithm to enable easy management of software licenses for other developers. My algorithm is currently used by all employees to keep track of all licenses

β€’ Tutoring Service
– Organized a tutoring service in math for two summers
– Service produced revenue of $600
– Taught 25 students total

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