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¬ę Perfect! Tr√®s bon contact humain, tr√®s comp√©tent. ¬Ľ
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Close Combat intensive training in Paris: learn how to defend yourself and gain confidence.


Hand-to-hand combat training that will help you to no longer be afraid of confrontation, get in shape and help you find your own fighting style. This course is for everyone.
The ideal session takes place in 2 hours: warm up, techniques, fight.
What I will not teach you in any case: techniques of neutralization against a knife or firearm.
The classes take place outside, summer or winter, in a good mood.
My training will help you awake the fighter within.
The 10 sessions program of 2 hours each is the most effective.
You can also "blow off some steam" for 1 hour during lunch break but I recommend some classes before.
After the first test session you will receive the complete and detailed plan of the ten sessions to keep track of the effort provided and your progress. I adapt the class to the level and needs of everyone: the 10 classes program comes with a PDF with your personalized training, your exercises and objectives, as well as the video recordings of our fights at the end of the session.

You can come with a 2nd person of your choice at each session, the price remains the same! :)

# Preferential rate (-20%) to 20 ‚ā¨ / h for members of the police and military.

# OFFER: WELCOME PACK 10 SESSIONS (20h) to 500 ‚ā¨ (payable in one go) and receive as a gift a Welcome Pack worth 100 ‚ā¨
- your pairs of combat gloves, under-gloves, legs guards and your teeth guard. All at your size and of course brand new (50 ‚ā¨)
- a 12th session of 2 hours (50 ‚ā¨)
- access to running sessions for two or with other students (2 hours per week)

You will learn, for example :
- fundamental physical and mental approaches to combat
- fundamental laws of the mind and body
- how to dare to strike
- acclimatization to real combat
- different types of dangers
- balance, guards and footwork
- simple techniques and their variants
- ground combat
- develop your technique and your mind
- no longer be afraid.

If you work well during our classes, you will see the progress over the sessions. You will come out seasoned and confident. If you want to continue after the first 20 hours, can follow another 9 modules of 20h, adapted to your needs and according to your first 10 sessions.


I have been practicing Close Combat at the FCCC in Paris for many years. I propose a new complete training of close combat. I teach students, CEOs, security staff, artists, or anyone who wishes to learn to defend themselves in a relaxed and efficient way. Whether it is the state of mind or the technique, most of my session remains faithful to my instructor's intensive teaching method, the founders of the Federation of Close Combat in France.
My other inspirations are:
the Russian Systema and Aikido (for their technique),
Jeet Kune do and Karate (for their martial spirit),
Boxing and Sambo (for their realism).


Rate for online lessons : $28/h
Lessons offered by Alexandre
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Self defense
  • Combat sports
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

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I base my teachings on my experience.

I speak English
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Perfect! Très bon contact humain, très compétent.


Perfect! Parfait, très bon contact et méthode permettant de progresser, je le recommande vivement !

Alexandre's response



Perfect! Alexandre excelle dans l'art du close combat. Son expertise lui permet d'enseigner avec methode tout en etant tres pratique et didactique. Les seances sont donc tres concretes et permettent de progresser rapidement sur des bases solides. Je le recommande donc sans hésitation.

Alexandre's response

Evolue rapidement, très bon élève!


Perfect! Alexandre est un super professeur, pédagogue, a l'écoute, il s'adapte au besoin de l'élève. Je vous le recommande les yeux fermés

Alexandre's response

Excellente progression!! √Čl√®ve s√©rieuse.

30 recommendations


Faisant de la course à pied régulièrement, je voulais améliorer mon endurance. Alex a plein d’exercices liés au combat mais c’était exactement ce dont j’avais besoin! Merci à toi mon grand, parfait comme d’habitude :)


Super expérience! Dès les premières sessions on commence par du combat. Je voulais bien boxer et travailler ma technique, c’était parfait pour moi. Un super prof et un adversaire à la hauteur


Alexandre est digne de confiance. À l’écoute, attentif et plein d’humour, il possède la volonté de transmettre ses valeurs et celles de ces sports de combat et ça se sent ! Rigoureux et agréable, je le recommande vivement !


Alexandre est très investi dans ses cours, il est patient avec ses élèves et leur donne de bons conseils pour les faire progresser.


Les cours de combat d’Alex sont absolument super! J’ai appris un large éventail de techniques et je me sens vraiment plus aguerri depuis. C’était parfait! Je recommande ce jeune homme


Alexandre est au top, charmant, professionnel, gr√Ęce √† lui j‚Äôai resculpt√© mon corps. Il m‚Äôa √©t√© recommand√© par une amie.


Alexandre m'a donn√© des cours de self-defense. Gr√Ęce √† lui j'ai pu apprendre beaucoup de choses. C'est un excellent professeur, vous pouvez lui faire confiance"


Tout simplement parfait. J'ai décidé de commencer les cours en Septembre avec Alexandre et je suis totalement addict à ses cours. Un grand pédagogue très à l'écoute et particulièrement patient avec les débutants. Je recommande vivement !!


Parfait ! 5/5 ce prof est au top


Great fighter!!! Highly recommend Alexandre based on his dedication and skills. We used to train together in Eastern Europe while i was living there. Keep on going brother

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