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Lessons offered by Andrea
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  • Art history
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Creative inspiring English and reading teacher seeks to tutor school students regularly.


I am trained in both art and science interdisciplinary studies to take the child or adult student who has either gifts or learning problems
and devise a program for him/her by pulling together educational and creative resources in the community. The learning programs
which I devise, combining my resources of poetry; language arts; and special education diagnosis and remediation
in order to bring the whole child //or adult student to the next level of learning and growth.

My goal is to make learning real and whole, rather than fragmented and abstract; yet to keep a core subject
(such as literature, for example) that unites all the interdisciplinary pathways. Then self knowledge becomes
real and useful knowledge. And then whole learning becomes another phrase for success.

My lessons evolve around each learning style of each student.


I have been teaching and tutoring for over 20 years.
I have taught and tutored over 300 students.
My success rate is 85% to 90%.

I have inspired students to learn and made learning enjoyable by using successful modalities and learning styles.


Rate for online lessons : $5/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $100
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $188


I teach and tutor in my home or by webcam.

Lessons offered by Andrea
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Art history
  • All Levels

Andrea's resume

• 1989-1991. The Trager Institute. Tracer Approach to the Human Body. (Physical Psychology.)
• 1973. M.S. Special Education, “cum laud,” Central Connecticut State University.
• 1968. B.A., English literature, “cum laud,” University of Connecticut,
• 1970-74. Modern Dance West Hartford School of Music,
• 1971-1972.Thirty Credits in Elementary Education and psychology- towards Elementary Certification,
Central Connecticut State University

Certification and Endorsements: State of Iowa: Standard License No. 360962

• K-6 Teacher Elementary Classroom. (Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts.)
• K-6 English/Language Arts.
• 7-12 English/Language Arts.
• K-6 Behavioral Disabilities..
• K-6 Learning Disabilities.
• K-6 Multicategory Special class Integration.
• K-6 Integration Strategist 1-Mild/Mod.

Certification and Endorsements: State of Indiana: No. 1621989
(10 year License. Highly Qualified Teacher)

• K-6 Language Arts
• 5-12 Language Arts
• Spec. Ed, K-12 Mild Intervention.
(Learning and Behavioral Disabilities)..

Spoken Foreign Languages
• French Conversational

Member of National Honor Society

Subjects: English, Special Ed., Art History, Reading, Writing

I have taught students K through 12 and college in many parts of the USA and on the Internet. What I have learned is that every person has a desire to learn and succeed in life. What is necessary is just using the right learning style, and then every student can be successful in learning both in the classroom and in life.

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