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Β« Perfect! Great tutor! Very happy with the lessons! Β»
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Experience in tutoring Corporate Finance, Stocks Research, Financial Modeling, and Investment Principles. CFA and FRM Charterholder, Masters in Finance from London Business School


I teach Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Financial Modeling, Value Investing amongst many others. I would like to divide your requirement into various sub-sections to make it simplified and to teach each of them in detail.
I will try to explain concepts with a practical touch to it and I can share information resources with you. What I can assure you is more value for money and we can discuss more when we speak/meet.


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. PRADEEP will plan your first lesson with care.


I have been applying principles of finance and equity research for investments in my personal portfolio and also professionally for the past 5 years. I had actively participated in many investment seminars, CFA conferences, and meetups. I have also cleared all 3 levels of CFA exam and gained FRM Charter.


Rate for online lessons : $107/h
Lessons offered by PRADEEP
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
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  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
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  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
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PRADEEP's resume

Pradeep Reddy Baddam, FRM
(concealed information) +44 (0) 7(concealed information)

2018 - 2019 London Business School - Masters in Finance
2015 – 2018 Cleared all 3 levels of CFA exam, CFA Institute, USA
2016 – 2017 Financial Risk Management (FRM) Charter Holder, GARP USA
2013 - 2015 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, India (one of the Top 10 b-schools in India)
MBA in International Business - Specialization: Finance
2006 - 2010 Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
Bachelor of Engineering - Specialization: Electronics & Communication Engineering, 87%

Equity portfolios on behalf of clients through the valuation-focused process
Senior Associate, Buy-Side Equity Research
β€’ Evaluated undervalued Japanese Chemical stocks by bottom-up research methodology using sell-side research, financial statements, and company announcements
β€’ Developed detailed segmental financial forecasts & Excel-based valuation models to evaluate intrinsic value using DCF method and pitched investment theses to portfolio construction team comprising CIO
β€’ Created global Chemical industry benchmark model to be used by team while researching global undervalued stocks in Chemical industry
β€’ Designed ESG Framework to generate ESG output using Bloomberg for every stock under research
β€’ Hands on experience in using Bloomberg Equity asset class and Capital IQ terminals
The largest private sector bank in India – ~USD 30 billion market cap
Associate Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking Division
β€’ Represented bank in developing and maintaining large corporate relationships and generated an income of USD 4.5 million+ in 2 years from a portfolio size of ~USD 150 million
β€’ Executed a structured deal of ~USD 60 million for an international subsidiary by way of financial modeling, a ~200-page credit note, liaising with legal, risk, ALM, middle office, compliance groups
β€’ Executed a major cross-border lending transaction with a South Korean Chaebol in power sector
β€’ Raised a red flag to senior management of the bank to exit a major relationship of ~USD 100 million with a client in Indian power sector
β€’ Succeeded in arranging funds of ~USD 150 million for stressed deals in real estate, sugar industries from other lenders and investors
β€’ Completed syndication and negotiation of commercials, with other lenders, for credit lines of ~USD 300 million for new power projects in India
β€’ Led a team of 6 and won the competition on financial modeling by CRISIL, an S&P Global Company
2010 - 2013 HYUNDAI MOTORS R&D, Hyderabad, India
The only Research & Development center of Hyundai Motors in India
Research Engineer
β€’ Pioneered in setting-up first ever infotainment department for Hyundai in India
β€’ Supervised a team of 4 for development of In-car infotainment in collaboration with Korean vendor
β€’ Carried out vendor selection process (out of 4) and negotiated scope and commercials with vendors to design a low-cost audio system for Indian market based on Indian customers’ preferences

β€’ Managed personal value-investment portfolio in mid-cap space and beat the market for 4 years by generating an average return twice that of Nifty Midcap benchmark
β€’ President of investment management club during MBA and managed the long-only student fund
β€’ Conceptualized and designed a stock exchange for the sports festival in B-school (2015)
β€’ An avid reader of investment books, blogs and follower of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch
β€’ Secured State 1st rank in MBA entrance examination among ~140k students and received Gold Medals in National Science Olympiad and inter-city Math Olympiad among ~180k & 50k students resp.
β€’ Performed close-up magic shows at B-school and workplaces for fun among peers

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Perfect! Great tutor! Very happy with the lessons!

PRADEEP's response

Chrysa is very enthusiastic to learn new and practical aspects of investments.


Perfect! I highly recommend Pradeep to anyone who is looking for a finance tutor. I am studying at Masters level and the material is a little challenging, however Pradeep was able to go through a number of challenging questions with me and explain things in a very understandable way, using a step by step approach which I found very helpful. Pradeep would also make sure that I fully understood the topic before moving onto the next question which is a hallmark of a great teacher.

PRADEEP's response

Thanks for your review


Perfect! Pradeep is an incredible tutor, he understands exactly how to help me improve in the areas I need to improve. I couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone who is serious about expanding their knowledge and abilities.

PRADEEP's response

Hector has a real passion for investing and he put great efforts and commitment to realize his dreams of becoming a great investor


Perfect! Pradeep is an amazing tutor. He is well-versed and very knowledgable in his field. He really goes out of his way to ensure that his students are satisfied, as well as confident and prepared for their exams.

He has always been my tutor through my qualifications. He is always a message or phone call away whenever I need something explaining.

Also, he has a unique way of making content easy and always thoroughly explains the key topics for exams.

The revision sessions and going through past papers gives me so much confidence just before my sittings. Highly recommended!!

PRADEEP's response

Abdallah's commitment is amazing.


Perfect! Knows his stuff inside out with a great way of teaching it, breaking the content down into sizeable blocks!

PRADEEP's response

Great commitment to learn

6 recommendations


Pradeep is well versed in the field of finance. He goes that extra mile to put himself in the shoes of the students and understand their requirements well. He always ensured that I understood every detail of the concept in minimal time. I strongly recommend him as the go-to person for any student who is aspiring to learn finance concepts.


Pradeep is an individual with deep knowledge in the subject of finance, he is able to take complex topics and break this down into digestible formats to help your understanding, then show its application within the real world. Also great with answering challenging questions that may be considered outside the scope, would highly recommend his services to anyone.


Pradeep is the go to person when it comes to investments. He is a strong proponent of value investing and is capable of identifying undervalued companies by studying their business models and doing primary research. I strongly recommend Pradeep for students or young professionals who want to learn or make private or public investments.


Very professional, and knowledgeable in finance. I had difficulties understanding some areas but now I feel much more confident after our class. Highly recommended


Pradeep is an amazing tutor. He has been mentoring me over the years, throughout my degree. He's teaching style is perfect for me. Any question I throw out at him, he is able to respond back with a very easy and clear explanation, making studying a lot less daunting. He is extremely patient and if you don't understand a topic he will explain it over and over again. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying with him! Highly recommended!


Pradeep is knowledgeable, diligent and helpful. He puts himself in the shoes or others and understand what exactly is needed. He has been my mentor for many months now and I have personally learnt a lot.

Interview with PRADEEP

QUESTION 01 | 08
When did you develop an interest in your chosen field and in private tutoring?
PRADEEP β€” I have been tutoring students since 2013 when I first started my MBA in Finance. I have always been passionate about Finance and it is very close to my heart. I made it a point to help students learn finance concepts with a practical touch to it.
QUESTION 02 | 08
Tell us more about the subject you teach, the topics you like to discuss with students (and possibly those you like a little less).
PRADEEP β€” I teach Corporate Finance, Asset Markets, Company valuation, Financial Modelling, value investing, and investments. Besides these, I like teaching investment principles and stock investing. I maintain my portfolio and I am in the process of forming a research team with people who are interested in identifying undervalued businesses.
QUESTION 03 | 08
Did you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?
PRADEEP β€” Undoubtedly it is my father as he is a Mathematics professor by profession and I am sure he is one of the main reasons for my interest in teaching
QUESTION 04 | 08
What do you think are the qualities required to be a good tutor?
PRADEEP β€” First and foremost, in my opinion, it is the patience with the student and the ability to understand the student's requirements well. These are the important qualities that a tutor must possess rather than just the show of knowledge with the student
QUESTION 05 | 08
Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.
PRADEEP β€” am so close to finance that I completed my MBA in finance, Masters in Finance from London Business School, cleared 3 levels of CFA, and achieved FRM charter holder. During my business school days earlier, I managed the student fund by picking businesses that are undervalued and I developed a stock market exchange for a sports festival. It is always fun for me to do anything related to finance starting from the books I read to the work I do every day.
QUESTION 06 | 08
What were the difficulties or challenges you faced or still facing in your subject?
PRADEEP β€” I do not think there are many challenges but sometimes it gets tough to make the student understand the practical realities. Understandably, questions from the students are simple and effective but understanding answers to those require practical knowledge that a student may not have. This is one of the challenges that I have been facing recently.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Do you have a particular passion? Is it teaching in general or an element of the subject or something completely different?
PRADEEP β€” My passion is in investing and I made a lot of investments over time. I am a strong proponent of value investing. Investing for me encompasses all the subjects we studied such as company valuation, asset markets, corporate finance, financial modeling, etc. So, for me, investing is that sublimation point that transforms theoretical knowledge into practical realities.
QUESTION 08 | 08
What makes you a Superprof (besides answering this interview questions:-P)?
PRADEEP β€” I firmly believe that I understand the pulse of students and their requirements very well. I want them not just to pass their exams but also to achieve high in their career. For every one of my students, I ask them what they want to achieve and guide them through their careers by putting them in touch with the right people. It is impressive to see that students achieve a lot at their young age and with just a right push I am sure they'd reach heights.

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