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Experienced instructor with a Ph.D. from Emory University in Political Science and International Relations


When teaching Political Science and International Relations, I have three main objectives: First, I teach the students to know and understand the basic terminology, concepts, and ideas of the subject matter. Second, I teach them to apply these concepts to critically evaluate current affairs, politics, and relations, and to form educated opinions on important issues and events in the global world. Third, after taking my course, I want the students to be able to effectively communicate these opinions and evaluations in oral and written form; formulate and support arguments with evidence and examples, and intelligently discuss current affairs. In the case of individual or small group tutoring, I would first inquire about the student's objectives and then devise a strategy of how best to achieve the students' goals.


I am interested in a part-time online teaching/tutoring position. I have a Ph.D. in Political Science from Emory University, and I currently work as an adjunct instructor at UNC-Charlotte, where I teach courses on extremist ideologies, politics of terror, and ethnic conflict for the Department of Global Studies. Apart from my education in political science and politics, I have taken courses on the art of teaching, which has always been one of my favorite activities. I generally develop very good relationships with the students, and I particularly enjoy numerous interesting academic discussions with them, which have greatly enriched me throughout my life.
I have taught courses in the fields of international relations and politics, and American government in the past, and I am qualified to teach basic introductory classes as well as specialized upper level undergraduate courses. Having worked on numerous research projects and having graded many student papers, I am qualified and available to help students with their research and writing in the areas of political science, politics, current political issues and international relations. Apart from English, I am fluent in French and Czech. I have an experience in teaching online, and I am comfortable communicating through a video conference.


Rate for online lessons : $50/h
Lessons offered by Kamila
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Political science
  • Current events
  • Politics
  • Geopolitics
  • International relations
  • All Levels

Kamila's resume

Kamila Valkova Valenta
Curriculum Vitae

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Ph.D. in Political Science (2005)

Florida International University, Miami.
M.A. in International Studies (1997)

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton.
B.A. in Economics with honors (1994)

College of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic.
International Economic Relations (1990-1992)

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Faculty. “Extremist Ideologies and Politics of Terror” and “Ethnic Conflict Around the World”, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (2014 – present).

Instructor. “American Government”, Georgia Perimeter College, Atlanta (2004).

Co-instructor with Professor David Davis. “Introduction to International Relations”, Emory University (2000).

Teaching Assistant. “Introduction to International Relations”, Emory University (1999).

Participant in the Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO) Program, Emory University (1998-1999).

Teaching Assistant. Introduction to International Relations, Florida International University (1997).

Instructor of English as a Foreign Language. Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced English Courses, Alfa-Omega Language School, Prague, Czech Republic (summer 1996).

Fellowships and Awards

Department of Political Science Four-Year Fellowship, Emory University, 1997-2001.

Distinction in International Conflict Comprehensive Examination, Emory University, 1999.

Department of International Studies Summer Research Grant, Florida International University, 1997.

Department of International Studies Two-Year Assistantship, Florida International University, 1995-1997.

Dean’s List Award, Florida Atlantic University, 1993.


“Marking 30 Years of Freedom,” Catholic News Herald (Nov 6, 2019).
“Domestic Terrorism and the Evil Within” Catholic News Herald (Aug 14, 2019).
“The Gift of Religious Freedom,” Catholic News Herald (Mar 27, 2019).
“The Need for Civic Nationalism,” Catholic News Herald (Feb 13, 2019).
“Democracy is at Risk without American Leadership,” Catholic News Herald (Aug 14,
“We Need Religious Tolerance in a Pluralistic World,” Catholic News Herald (May 23,
“The Flight to Egypt and Refugees Today,” Catholic News Herald (Jan 4, 2018).
“Stand up to Violent Extremism by Supporting Immigration,” Catholic News Herald
(Dec 20, 2017).
“Foreign Aid Saves Lives, Builds Peace,” Catholic News Herald (Aug 16, 2017).
“Conversions in the Midst of Conflict,” Catholic News Herald (Apr 12, 2017).
“Cuba After Fidel Castro: A Difficult Journey Towards Freedom,” Catholic News Herald
(Dec 7, 2016).
“Religious Freedom Is Declining Around the World,” Catholic News Herald (Oct 27,
“Terrorism and the Co-existence of Christians and Muslims,” Catholic News Herald
(Aug 19, 2016).
“'Brexit,' EU Identity Crisis Are Signs of Decline of Christianity in Europe,” Catholic
News Herald (Jul 28, 2016).
“Mexican Border Problem Goes Beyond Walls and Bridges,” Catholic News Herald
(Mar 18, 2016).
“Welcoming Syrian Refugees Could Make Our Country Safer,” Catholic News Herald
(Dec 4, 2015).
“Cuba, Other Post-Communist Countries Need Evangelization,” Catholic News Herald
(Aug 28, 2015).
“Middle East Policy Must Include Protecting Christians,” Catholic News Herald (Apr 10,
“Freedom of Speech: A Great Gift and a Great Responsibility,” Catholic News Herald
(Jan 30, 2015).
“Celebrating Christmas in Peace is a Privilege,” Catholic News Herald (Dec 19, 2014).


“Negotiations or Violence? Minority Strategies in Multi-Ethnic States” 2001. American Political Science Association Meeting, San Francisco, California.

“Protecting Minorities: Domestic Causes of Foreign Military Intervention on Behalf of Ethnic Minorities” 1999. American Political Science Association Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.

“Security and Democratization: Exploring the Linkage Between International and Domestic Politics” 1999. Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

“Ethnic Minorities and Military Intervention” 1998. Southern Political Science Association Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.

Research Projects

Dissertation defended in April 2004. The dissertation addressed the question: When is a minority group likely to challenge its government using peaceful or violent means? I developed a theoretical model of group-government interaction, which yields predictions for the behavior of minority groups and the overall likelihood of conflict in multi-ethnic societies. My quantitative tests as well as my historical case studies provided strong support for this model.

Research assistant for Professor Dan Reiter, department of Political Science, Emory University, summer-fall 2000. The research project focused on the effects of NATO enlargement on democratization in the Czech Republic. The research was based predominantly on interviews with Czech politicians, military officers, and journalists.

Research assistant for Professor Suzanne Werner, department of Political Science, Emory University, summer 1999. Researching and coding twentieth century battles that would become a part of a new data set on battles in the past two hundred years.

Foreign Language Skills

Czech (native), French (professional working proficiency), Italian (conversational)

Volunteer Community Service

Co-organizer of a movie night for the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and celebration of religious freedom with a presentation, follow up discussion and screening of the documentary film Jerzy Popieluszko: Messenger of the Truth. St. Gabriel Catholic Church, Charlotte, November 9, 2019.

Co-organizer of a movie screening and a follow up discussion of the documentary film John Paul II: Liberating A Continent. St. Gabriel Catholic Church, Charlotte, May 20, 2017.

Parent Volunteer, Chaperone, and International Fair Presenter. St. Gabriel Catholic School, Charlotte, 2006-2019.

Singer of the Emory University Chorus. 1998-2004.

Member of Dean’s Advisory Committee, College of Social Science, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, 1993-1994.

Student Exchange Coordinator, AIESEC (International Organization of Students in Economics and Business), Prague, Czech Republic, 1990-1991.

Public Relations Coordinator, Amateur English Speaking Theater, Prague, Czech Republic, 1990-1991.

Member of student anti-Communist movement. Participating in the student-led Velvet Revolution that liberated Communist Czechoslovakia, November 1989.

Immigration Status

Naturalized US Citizen.

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