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Francisco Javier
« Perfect! Es una buena profesora y que ayuda realmente al alumno a mejorar su... More »
Francisco Javier
« Perfect! Es una buena profesora y que ayuda realmente al alumno a mejorar su inglés. »
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  • at her home
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Taught subjects
  • ESL
  • Oral expression - English
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Senior
  • Adult Education
  • College
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • ILR Level 0
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Experienced native Canadian graduate - Let's talk English naturally! Personalized private lessons in Standard English (online)


Hello! I'm a Canadian private teacher for standard English.

I am very passionate about my work, and that is why I try very hard to help you learn to truly communicate - spontaneously and naturally, as would be the case when you will use English in your work, studies, trips, or relationships.

My lessons:

-> Are created for you: I do not follow the same textbook textbook for each student, I focus on your goals, needs, and areas of difficulty. I create exercises and lessons specifically for you.

-> They are well balanced, according to your preferences. I focus mainly on conversation, stimulating the listening and speaking capacities, but we can also work on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, writing, spelling, and oral comprehension.

-> They will teach you not only "textbook" English, but also colloquial phrases, words and ways of speaking.

-> They will help you to be able to maintain and use the language. For this purpose, I use various exercises of "repetition" and revision, to approach a topic or concept from several angles for different situations.

-> They include several types of activities, in order to learn in a dynamic and interesting way. My experience with 10+ foreign language courses and classes, and my knowledge of such languages, will also help me understand your difficulties, and find the ideal methods to overcome them.

As for the materials, don't worry about having to buy something, because I organize them for you.

The first lesson will include a relaxed assessment of your current level and knowledge, by talking about your goals and interests.

In this way, I can plan the lessons to concentrate on what you most want, without wasting time and always trying to engage you in a way that's both effective and fun :-)

I have worked with people of different ages, different interests and obviously with different levels of English. At whatever level you are now, I'm confident I can help you improve.

For any questions, do not hesitate to send me a message or schedule a sample lesson, and I'll be happy to give you more details.

** To note: at the moment I only teach by Hangouts / Skype. I am currently in the same time zone as Madrid **


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Silvana will plan your first lesson with care.


My experience includes:

- 6 years of teaching private lessons to children and teenagers in Canada (English, French, math and piano)
- 500+ hours of teaching English to non-native people, in person and online
- Teaching in Spanish, Italian, German and French (and English of course)
- Teaching students of 5-71 years
- Preparation of personalized lesson plans
- First-hand experience with various teaching methods in more than 10 language courses in Canada, Spain, Italy and Germany

My students notice a constant and visible improvement, which can be seen in things like higher grades and self-confidence, ability to converse with locals while traveling, greater understanding of books and television series in English, better understanding of the Canadian culture and of academic courses taught in English.


Rate for online lessons : $27/h
Lessons offered by Silvana
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • ESL
  • Oral expression - English
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Senior
  • Adult Education
  • College
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • ILR Level 0
  • ILR Level 1
  • ILR Level 2
  • ILR Level 3
  • ILR Level 4
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Silvana's resume


- September 2013 - June 2018: Bachelor's Degree in Translation, University of Ottawa, ON Canada

- May 2017: certification for IELTS exam preparation


2015-present: private English lessons, in person and online, for non-native speakers (Ottawa, Valencia and online)

2017: weekly private lessons for senior profile employees in an IT company, 12 weeks (Valencia, Spain)

2011-2016: private lessons in math, English, French and piano for children and lower level students (Ottawa, Canada)

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Francisco Javier

Perfect! Es una buena profesora y que ayuda realmente al alumno a mejorar su inglés.


Perfect! A Silvana é extremamente atenciosa e competente. As aulas são feitas sob medida para mim e não poderia estar mais satisfeito com o resultado. Além da capacidade de transmitir o conteúdo, ela sabe muito bem motivar o aluno.


Perfect! Silvia est une excellente professeur, sérieuse, très investie et à l'écoute. Elle propose des cours personnalisés avec une vraie méthodologie adaptée au niveau de l'élève.
J'ai pour ma part fait appel à Silvia avant un voyage prolongée aux USA afin de travailler essentiellement l'expression orale.
Je recommande vivement quelque soit votre niveau.


Perfect! Silvia is an excellent teacher. She always finds the best way to help you to improve your English skills. I'm super happy with her classes. Thank you, Silvia,


Perfect! Muy atenta y profesional. Siempre pendiente de las necesidades del alumno


Perfect! Me ha encantado hacer clases con ella. He aprendido mucho y me he lanzado a hablar. Se amolda a tus necesidades y horarios. Muy recomendable


Perfect! Silvana es una profesora a medida, que es lo que yo necesitaba. Se adapta perfectamente a mis objetivos y completa cada sesión con recursos extras de vocabulario y pronunciación. Con mucha disponibilidad para realizar las clases.Totalmente recomendable.


Perfect! Fue muy bien, muy dinámica


Perfect! Profesora perfecta!

Muy profesional y cercana, con mucha paciencia y con buena metodología de trabajo.
Se ha adaptado perfectamente a mi nivel y me ha personalizado las clases en función de mis necesidades. Me ha ayudado a soltarme con el inglés y querer aprender más.
A nivel de conocimientos está más que validada pero lo que sí que destacaría es su vocación innata de enseñar.

Además de que dispone de gran flexibilidad horaria.


Perfect! Silvana es una profesora excelente. Ella es muy paciente, atenta, responsable y sabe adaptarse genial a tus necesidades; además, muestra verdadero interés por tu aprendizaje. Sin duda, la mejor opción.

7 recommendations


SIlvana è davvero una prof che ha passione per l'insegnamento ed è proprio per questo che si ottengono i risultati migliori!
Si interessa di ciascun studente assegnando ad ognuno il metodo migliore per raggiungere l'obiettivo prefissato dello studente (che di conseguenza diventa anche l'obiettivo di Silvana).
Mette davvero tanto impegno e dedizione in quel che fa, dal programmare le lezioni alla verifica delle conoscenza acquisite.
Cerca sempre di venire incontro alle esigenze dello studente.
Mi è stata di notevole aiuto nel migliorare l'inglese!!
Inoltre, è anche una bravissima persona e questa è un'altra motivazione che mi spinge a raccomandarla fortemente.
Con lei andate sul sicuro.


I met Silvia six years ago when we both attended University of Ottawa. In the time that I have known her she has accomplished a great deal in terms of both academic and extracurricular achievements. I was always impressed by her ability to balance the responsibility of being a full time student, while also working to support herself. In addition to school and work, Silvia also participated in extracurricular activities, such as the UOttawa Kin Club (which she helped found) and studying as a pianist. She has managed to achieve all of this and more due to a combination her incredible work ethic and positive attitude. Recently I had the opportunity to witness some of her lessons when she came to visit me a few weeks ago, she is a very patient teacher who puts in a great deal of effort to personalize each students learning experience to meet their specific needs and goals, she is also very punctual and well organized. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in improving their language skills.

-Mike Rodgers, Canada


Silvana has shown time and time again to be resourceful and fully dedicated to her students. She is constantly trying to find a way to make things better for her students.


Teacher Silvia is very talented in what she does. I have known her for over a year, and I am impressed with her language abilities, and importantly, her ever-growing broad heart. I am amazed by her enthusiasm for her teachings. I learn from her daily, as she diligently prepares for each of her students’ individual class lesson; I can see her passion and dedication each time. I value that her class offers the students a comfortable format to learn professional and communicative English. It is an important factor for language learners, and she makes sure to value it as well. Silvia teaches her students as if their journey is also her journey; hand-in-hand, she makes the students’ goals her priority, and stays honest about the progress. She spends her hours outside of class to prepare the optimal exercise and activity for each of her students. Lastly, Silvia knows numerous languages fluently, and with that being said, I am confident that a language-learner knows how to learn a language.


I have worked under Silvia and with her on a number of projects. She is a dedicated and resourceful woman who can demonstrate great patience and has wonderful listening and communication skills.

She has participated in a number of community projects and demonstrates great communication by listening to others. She is an excellent multi-tasker, and overall highly capable person who I feel I can count on. Her charisma and dedicated work ethic are positively infectious to other group members.

I would ardently recommend her for her enviable range of communication skills and potential, her inspiring curiosity and strong work ethic, and her positive attitude and dependability. She is without a doubt an asset to any organization.


"Silvana es una de las profesoras más talentosas y amables que he visto. Ella ha estado enseñando inglés por más de 5 años y la estructura de sus clases es envidiable.
Ella es capaz de enseñar inglés a cualquier persona, desde niños hasta adultos en un ambiente profesional, siendo capaz de encontrar el ritmo de cada estudiante y trabajar con él para optimizar el tiempo de aprendizaje.
Por estas razones recomiendo Silvana a cualquiera que quiera aprender inglés."

Silvana is one of the most talented and kind teachers that I've ever seen. She has been teaching english for more than 5 years now and the structure of her classes is enviable.
She is capable to teach english to anyone, from children to grown men in a professional environment, being able to find each student's pace and working with it to optimize learning time.
For these reasons I'd recommend Silvana to anyone that wants to learn english.


"Creo que Silvana será la mejor opción para cualquier trabajo de tutoría. Ella me ha estado ayudando durante los últimos tres años para mejorar mis habilidades de escritura en inglés. Su disponibilidad con respuestas rápidas es un signo de dedicación hacia su cliente.

Ella me ayudó con la escritura técnica y de negocios. Siempre corrige errores gramaticales y estructura de oraciones independientemente del contenido técnico en la escritura. Hay muy pocos tutores que tuvieron esta habilidad para entender el contexto técnico / comercial y corregirlos en solo una lectura. Le deseo la mejor de las suertes para su futuro. Ella es definitivamente la mejor!"

I believe Silvana will be the best Fit for any tutoring job. She has been helping me for the past three years in improving my English writing skills. Her availability with prompt replies is a sign of dedication towards her client.

She helped me with technical and business writing. She alwaysCorrect Grammatical errors and sentence structure irrespective of the technical content In the Writing. There are very few tutors who got this ability to understand the business / technical context and correct it in just one proof - reading. I wish her best of luck for her future. She is definitely best!

Interview with Silvana

QUESTION 01 | 08
¿Dominas este idioma porque es tu lengua materna o porque un-a profe te ha dado ganas de aprenderla?
Silvana — English is my strongest language. I was born in Slovakia and my family moved to Canada when I was a baby. I grew up as a native English speaker, studying and working and living through English, but being bilingual since childhood (through exposure to Slovak with family) also gave me insight into the differences between English and other languages. To this day, this helps me understand students' difficulties and find new and better ways to explain things.
QUESTION 02 | 08
Nombra un personaje que esté aún en vida, histórico o ficticio que es, según tú, la fiel representación de la cultura que enseñas.
Silvana — I studied many historical figures in university that I drew inspiration and insight from. One name that comes to mind is Roman Jakobson. He was a Russian poet and linguist in the 20th century who came up with many revolutionary theories that are applied to phonology, translation, and languages. He loved language as an expression of thought between different people and approached it with an open mind. He wanted to observe it rather than try to force rules on it with a prescriptive approach.

I consider myself to share his passion and fascination for language, and I agree with this attitude because although we try to implement rules for the use of a language in order to establish order, it is also something that evolves by itself and I believe it is important to look at how a language is used in the real world, not just in textbooks. Sometimes grammar guides may say that something is "incorrect" but if all the native speakers in a country talk that way, can we really consider it wrong or invalid? I believe that the primary purpose of a language is to accurately communicate a message or a thought, and if it fulfills this purpose, then you are using it correctly. In this sense, it is just as important to look at how English is used in practice as in theory, and I always try to keep both in mind to give a complete picture to my students.
QUESTION 03 | 08
¿Tiene este personaje una expresión, una frase, o un comportamiento que te divierte particularmente?
Silvana — Jakobson famously said, "languages differentiate themselves not by what they can express, but by what they must express." This concept really struck me as fascinating, and has since helped me immensely as a teacher and to see English through the eyes of my students. What this quote means is that different languages have different elements that are either "necessary" or "optional" in a sentence. To give an example, in Spanish, articles (los, las, el, la) are used much more, but in English, they are not always needed, and in fact, if you use them, it may change the meaning of the sentence. This difference results in many Spanish speakers being confused about when to use articles and overusing articles where they are not needed.

Another example is that in Spanish, you must specify the gender of many nouns: "el doctor / el medico" or "la doctora / la medica", while English does not let you do this at all. Jakobson's thought is critical to understanding the lens through which different students learn English, the common mistakes and areas of confusion that result from it, and the ideal learning methods to overcome them.
QUESTION 04 | 08
¿Por qué consideras que hablar este idioma puede ser importante (tanto desde el punto de vista escolar, como profesional o personal)?
Silvana — I love the beauty of different languages and the diversity they bring to our world, but nobody can deny that English is the "international language of the world" and its influence is only growing everywhere. I think a language can help you with nearly any goal, whether it is assisting international customers on the phone, closing a business deal with confidence, making contacts during an academic research project, or speaking to other travel-lovers on a trip.
QUESTION 05 | 08
¿Cuál es la principal dificultad de esta lengua y qué aspecto podría ayudar a aprenderla con más facilidad?
Silvana — One of the scariest monsters under the bed for English is the pronunciation. Only a language whose pronunciation has no rhyme or reason can make a national competition out of spelling! I think it is important to keep pronunciation and spelling in mind as separate things when learning new words, and to practice them both actively and passively through frequent writing, listening, reading, and speaking.

Another one of the most challenging parts of English are phrasal verbs. There are so many of them and there is so little logic to them, that students or teachers often largely leave them out of their studies, but the truth is they are too big a part of the language to overlook, especially if your goal is to be fluent at conversation. Throughout my experience, I've developed my own activities and materials to allow a multidirectional approach that will hopefully make them easier to learn. One thing that is important to keep in mind, is that understanding phrasal verbs is much more important than using them, and thankfully, it is also much easier. And once you understand them, using them will eventually become natural.
QUESTION 06 | 08
Cuéntanos una anécdota de tu experiencia como profe o como alumna.
Silvana — Some of my students achieve their dream thanks to English. I have helped people prepare for spending a year abroad, emigrating to Canada, getting into a university in London, and passing an exam that landed them their dream job. One of my students went on a month-long vacation after taking classes with me and later contacted me to tell me that thanks to me, he was able to get over his fear and embarrassment of speaking to other travelers and meet some of his current best friends on that trip. I love being there with my students through these tremendous accomplishments in their lives, and in some small way, they are my accomplishments too.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Ayúdanos a conocerte mejor, cuéntanos alguno de los viajes que has hecho.
Silvana — My love of languages and different cultures leads me to travel quite frequently. In the past two years, I have spent several months each in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Slovakia.

Each stay somewhere is like an experience in one of my students' shoes, but in reverse. In a way, it lets me understand how to teach better: the difficulties I have in German, for example, are often the same ones a German student has in English.

One time, I went to a convenience store in Barcelona to buy scissors only to realize that I didn't know how scissors were called, and so told the shop assistant I was looking for "the thing you use to cut paper". During that same trip, I went to a language exchange event and met my best friend. During another trip, I traded English lessons for latin dance lessons and found one of my biggest hobbies.
QUESTION 08 | 08
¿Qué te hace ser una superprof (aparte de dominar a la perfección tantos idiomas?
Silvana — For me, this is not just a job, but also one of my greatest passions. I genuinely want my students to succeed, and their goals become my goals too. I cannot do everything for you: you have to put in the effort, the hard work, and the commitment, but if you try your very best, so will I, and together we can help you achieve anything you want.

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