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  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Management and Organization
  • Human resources
  • Business Analysis
  • Elementary School
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  • Sophomore
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  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Adult Education

An experienced online Business Lecturer with a Masters in Entrepreneurship, making learning fun!


I like to use a range of teaching resources, I am super creative when it comes to making ebooks, worksheets and presentations (all of which I will provide for you). I also like to look at real-life examples and incorporate videos and up to date business news to help illustrate the business world. All of which I do to ensure my students are engaged as this is so important. I am responsive to the preferred learning styles of my learners and will accommodate each student individually.


I have taught GCSE, A-Level, HNC/HND and Degree level Business. I am an online Lecturer and so am not limited by location. I love to teach Business and have a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship as well as an online business which provides me with a variety of hands-on experience I am able to apply to learn. I prefer to make learning as fun and creative as possible, I feel that is how learners retain and apply the knowledge they need. I am extremely patient and will work at a pace that suits my student.


Rate for online lessons : $46/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $209
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $438
Lessons offered by Latisha
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Management and Organization
  • Human resources
  • Business Analysis
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Adult Education

Latisha 's resume


I am a Business Lecturer with an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. With experience gained working in both the Further and Higher education system in the UK. I am currently preparing for an opportunity to continue my professional development as a lecturer within the subject area of Business or English whilst running a business. My key areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, management, course design and development, module innovation and creation, sustainable business, international business, marketing, creativity, and innovation. I am experienced in teaching a range of business subjects with supporting lessons in English and leading higher education course programs. I am hoping to find an opportunity of which enables me to work as a Business Lecturer whilst continuing to build the Sustainable business I currently run with my partner. I am currently in my third year of running an online Eco training and development business 2worlds in which I deliver training to new and existing entrepreneurs. My strong communication skills give me the confidence and interpersonal skills to work well with people bringing enthusiasm wherever I go. I am a great team player and appreciate the value of a strong working team both inside and outside the classroom.

TESOL Certificate |2019 (Currently Studying) International Open Academy
MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation |2015 - 2016 University of Wolverhampton
Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Post Compulsory Education |2014 –2015 Wolverhampton University
Post Graduate Certificate in Fashion Promotion |2013 – 2014 Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
BA Hons Degree in Business Enterprise |2012 – 2013 University College Birmingham
Higher National Certificate in Business |2007 – 2009 University of Wolverhampton
GCSE’s including Maths and English |1997 - 2002 Hodge Hill Girls School


• Co-Founder of 2worlds, a training and development business built to help educate non-business specialists start their own Eco business.
• Business education: Development of an Eco business course helping to build a business skill set combined with sustainable practices supporting our consumers build a long-lasting Eco business.
• Developing and holding business workshops to engage and teach in an innovative, creative manner.
• Experience of building and implementing a social media marketing campaign as well as incorporating marketing practices.
• Excellent leadership skills with the ability to motivate others when offering support and leadership to other members of a team.
• Basic knowledge of payroll and other areas of finance, Competent knowledge of business and employment law.
• Able to implement change effectively and confidently taking all environmental factors into consideration encouraging a smooth transition.
• Creative thinking can take a smart, capable business owner to another level of success. In cover letters and interviews, emphasize this skill to show potential employers that you see connections and possibilities where others do not.


I am currently in the process of researching various interests linked to; ethnic minorities in the sustainable business sector and ways to support sustainable causes such as circular economy, plastic pollution, animal welfare through business processes. I will be writing about them using my business blog that I will be launching in 2019 and later applying the knowledge gained to my PHD.

Feb 2018 – Present | Business Lecturer Wolverhampton College
• Plan and deliver lectures and/or tutorials in a clear, inspiring and motivating manner;
• Teaching level HNC/HND level 4 & 5 (Year 1 & 2 of a degree equivalent)
• Prepare and develop the assessment plan and Internal verification planning for the academic year.
• Write module assignments for all units across both courses.
• Manage and check student’s attendance and assignment scheduling;
• Follow and implement the assessment plan including the marking of assignments and participating in the internal verification process;
• Design, adapt and use appropriate assessment instruments;
• Identify formative and summative assessment opportunities for the students;
• Deliver content using effective approaches and support materials;
• Check student work for authenticity;
• Assesses student work according to the agreed assessment plan and against national standards;
• Provides constructive formative feedback to students to promote improvement;
• Track student achievement and maintain accurate records;
• Oversee any permitted retakes/resubmissions;
• Organise, structure, and manage student learning and experience including any necessary preparation for tutorials and seminars;
• Take part in the monitoring and review of students to ensure they are completing work to the highest standard.
Sep 2017 – July 2018 | Entrepreneurship Lecturer Wolverhampton University

• Delivering large group lectures to between 20 and 200 students
• Teaching; Leading transformation and change, The Entrepreneurial change agent, Strategic Management, Creativity and Innovation in Business.
• responsible for two academic groups
• Delivering small group teaching to between 1 and 20 students
• Pastoral care of students
• One to one advice on particular pieces of work
• Course design
• Lecture/seminar planning
• Marking assessed work
• Keeping student records of achievement
• Attending planning meetings to ensure cross-departmental parity
• Undertaking research projects
• Presenting research at conferences
• Creating links between permanent and temporary universities

Sep 2015- Aug 2017 | Business Lecturer Warwickshire College

• To develop and design course content and materials, ensuring compliance with the quality standards and regulations of the college.
• BTEC Level 3 and HNC/HND level 4&5,
• Teaching; Entrepreneurship and small business management, Business decision Making, Statistics for Management, Advertising, Building a marketing campaign
• responsible for my own tutor group and the various tasks that this role requires
• To deal with sensitive issues concerning students and provide support.
• Module lead for Business enterprise
• To design inductions to modules and programs for students, adapting delivery to suit learners’ needs
• To design and deliver one-off lectures or workshops as required, providing feedback on performance
• Develop and research own teaching materials, methods, and approaches with guidance and ensure that content, methods of delivery and learning materials. Meet the defined learning objectives.
• Prepare revision classes for students that are required to resit or prepare for examinations.
• To ensure the associated organisational and administrative work, preparation and Marking is undertaken.
• Completing students academic reviews
• Organising and completing weekly1-2-1 tutorials
• Enrolment for new students
• Acting as module lead
• Building and developing resources and lessons for a new Business course

Sep 2014 – July 2015 |Trainee Business Lecturer Walsall College

• Ensuring that my Subject knowledge is up to date and relevant to the curriculum areas in which I am required to teach, to ensure learners are taught relevant theory and practice.
• Covering BTEC level’s 2, 3 and HNC/HND level 4&5
• Teaching; Business communications, Business resources, Marketing, bookkeeping and human resources.
• To develop innovative resources to engage, share and embed good practice within my teaching style, encouraging learning and incorporating assessment throughout.
• To deliver high standards of teaching and learning and to monitor the assessment processes in accordance with the requirements of the awarding body and the college.
• Working in alliance with course specifications to ensure lesson content is appropriate and works alongside expected course outcomes
• Complying with student and course management procedures including administration such as the completion of registers and marking.
• Marking both formative and summative assignments offering feedback to students promptly using an online system and tutorials
• Ensuring that any marked work is prepared for internal verification before being released.
• Preparing detailed lesson planning and original classroom resources before lessons to enhance and secure learning within the classroom, using various teaching methods to do so.
• Create a comfortable and safe working environment for learners and myself promoting a positive attitude to learning.

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