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Hey guys, if you need any help in data science problems like natural language processing, text mining, statistics, machine learning, be free to ping me!


I like a practical education rather than theoretical and that's what i would like to teach my students as well.
The class would be more interactive and exploratory. I would like to learn something new from the students as well.


I am a Master's student studying data analytics in Pennsylvania state university. I have done a lot of work in computer vision and text mining. I am also working with my professor and supporting his research in the field of sentiment analysis with social media data.


Rate for online lessons : $15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $70
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $135
Lessons offered by Ishita
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Basic computer
  • Computer programming
  • Python
  • Artificial intelligence
  • All Levels

Ishita's resume

333 Lancaster Avenue Apt. 1021• Malvern, PA 19355 • 484-3200-735 • (concealed information)
Ardent learner, experienced in CNN, image processing, and SQL. Dedicated in gaining additional proficiency in deep learning technologies like RNN, NLP and Predictive Analytics. Ready for every challenge!
Tools: R, R-Studio, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Jupyter, Python, SQL, KNIME, Pandas, Tableau, Sqlite
Data Analytics : Exploratory Data Analysis, Regression Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Methods,NLP Machine Learning : SVM, PCA, Random Forests, Artificial Neural Networks, CNN, RNN, LSTM model
Data Mining/ Data modelling : Predictive Modelling, Clustering, Text mining, Data Cleaning and pre-processing Software/Technologies: Minitab, Excel, KNIME, Tableau, Oracle DataBase, MySQL, image processing EDUCATION
Pennsylvania State University
Masters of Science in Data Analytics (CPI 3.8 ) Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication (CPI 8.01)
Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University
2019(Expected ) 2017(Completed)
Oct ‘18-Dec’19
● Text Mining on Superbowl 50’s social media advertising data, to find relation between social soundtracks VS viewers attitude and, social soundtrack VS web search, during the different game phases (pre, pots, during).
● Working on Python (Pandas, Sqlite) and MYSQL, sentiment analysis, statistical analysis, Google Cloud Vision. Data Science Intern, Prakshep Pvt. Ltd Dec’17-May’18
● Made a model to recognize different types of flowers in the Oxford102 dataset with 75% accuracy, using Caffe & Keras frameworks. This model was used in the Prakshep app to detect farmer’s crop type and harvest.
● Leveraged image processing using OpenCV and PlantCV to calculate a plant’s’ dimensions (length, breadth).
● Beginner level experience in working on spatial data files(tiff) and plotting them on web services like Geoserver and
Terria.JS to detect the topography and also the fertility of soil.
Graduate Trainee, Vodafone Shared Services Jul’17-Nov’17
● Deployed in Application Development vertical. Worked on an internal MooC portal created for the employees and learnt the basics of Sharepoint, Javascript.
United Airlines Jan’19-Apr’19
● Currently working with United Airlines on their safety incident reports to create a model that classifies the report
narratives into a particular TSAP field. This will help the Airline to reduce injuries and increase financial performance
● Working on XML data, Predictive analytics, Classifiers, Text mining
Twitter Likes And Retweet Predictions Jan’19-Feb’19
● Built a model to predict, given a tweet, how many likes and retweets it will get. Used two different methodologies:
TFIDF and Doc2Vec and achieved a 56% accuracy with TFIDF.
● Worked on Python, ANN, SVM, Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Textmining.
Image Captioning Oct’18-Dec’18
● Modelled a many to many type RNN encoder-decoder stitched with a CNN, to generate captions for an image in
Flickr 8k dataset. The model gave a 67% bleu score accuracy
● Worked on Python and Keras framework with Tensorflow Backend, VGG16 architecture, GRU, LSTM.
Customer Churn Analysis Oct’18-Dec’18
● Analysed historic data of a bank to identify patterns in the churned customers and predicted the potential customers
who can churn away, with 86% accuracy.
● Worked on KNIME, Decision tree, Logistics Regression, XGBoost for prediction, Apriori for pattern mining .
Zomato Statistical Analysis Aug’18-Oct’18
● Statistical analysis of Zomato’s dataset to find patterns in the highly rated restaurants, and to identify the factors that
affect the rating.
● Worked on Excel, Minitab, Chi-Square, Hypothesis tests, P-tests, Linear Regression, Correlation

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