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« A beautiful lady with beautiful mind. I had attended many sessions... More »
« A beautiful lady with beautiful mind. I had attended many sessions conducted by her and it touched my mind and heart. It is an opportunity to have her as a go-to to bring in positive energy in our mind. »
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An intuitive Tarot card guide and a meditation guide will teach you to get intuitive with tarot deck


i have helped countless people find clarity in troubling times, whether in intimate relationships or in their career, often leaving the seeker awestruck at the depth of accuracy of the answers received from each reading.
Have ability to empathize and connect deeply with people, helping the students, seekers, to understand the shadow side of oneself and guide to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual harmony.
i run online and offline classes.


apart fro.m being a tarot card reader, i conduct self awareness workshop, meditation retreats and personal life coaching sessions.
deep insights that i receive from my inner guide shifts people's energy from misery to happiness,. i live with integrity and truth. love and wisdom are my wings that gives me tremendous freedom to explore new ideas , which also enables me to share it to the world.


Rate for online lessons : $16/h
Lessons offered by Vandana
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Tarot
  • Divinatory Tarot
  • All Levels

Vandana's resume

About Vandana

Over the last 20 years, Vandana has touched and changed the lives of thousands of people as a compassionate life coach, healer and self-awareness facilitator.

Her open-minded teaching style coupled with her ability to deeply connect with her students is the reason why people walk into her sessions as strangers but walk out feeling like they have found a life-long friend and mentor. As a volunteer ,guides cancer patients and staff of palliative care with simple meditation techniques in a cancer hospital situated in bangalore

Specialized Skills

➢ Self Awareness Facilitator

Has conducted several powerful, inspiring transforming workshop to corporates, NGO, and institutions helping individuals to be become more aware, alert, conscious of their body, thoughts, feelings, behaviour bringing peace, joy, love, creativity and harmony in personal lives. Helping the participants to deal with stress and transform the quality of work and life.
“Thank you for the wonderful session on Meditation and Self-Awareness. We at the project services division of IBM greatly appreciate the content and the delivery!!!. The examples that you provided were really very helpful and the final meditation was altogether a great experience. Personally I restarted meditation about 20 years back. Thank you, that is the impact of your session!!!”
Vijay Somannavar (IBM Certified Sr. Project Manager)

➢ Meditation Guide

For thousands of years, yogis in the Indus Valley civilization have used meditation to free themselves from the illusion of the material world and attain spiritual enlightenment. And Vandana uses this tool generously in her workshops and life-coaching sessions, often teaching her students 144 techniques of meditation that can free them from the prison they have created within their own minds.

➢ Life Coach/peace coach/love coach/spiritual coach

Guide students/seekers from different professions to understand the barriers, the obstacles that come on way stopping them to experience real happiness, love and total well being. she infuses transforming devices/ techniques to experiment in their own lab themselves. helping them to discover the golden key- awareness which burns their ego, possessiveness,anxiety, stress, greed. lust, fear and other negativeness. changing their life totally , turning mundane into sacred.

"I am glad to get Vandana Ji as my Mentor, Friend and moreover as Family to me. Her reputation in the field of life coaching, Meditation techniques and more over understanding of human Psychology is outstanding and her dealings with me including her advice to me has always showed her intelligence, knowledge, ethics and desire to connect me to the world of inner peace and freedom on every occasions. She has a unique power to connect with people instantly, which is beyond imagination. I endeavor to stay in touch with her all time. Even if I was not seeking any advice, I would still try to stay close to her thinking."

Thanks & Regards
Ashis Mohanty
Asst. Mngr. BD
Innovsource Pvt. Ltd
76(concealed information)

➢ Reiki Master

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique wherein a master channels energy into a sick individual’s body to help restore them to their original state of physical and spiritual well-being.
Trained in Dr. Mikao Usui and Karuna Reiki, Vandana is well-known for her miraculous feats of healing using this technique.

➢ Hypnotherapist

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is not spiritual hocus pocus that can turn grown adults into clucking chicken. Instead, it is a widely accepted medical therapy that gently guides you into a state of trance so you can understand the blocks preventing you from living the life of your dreams and then helps you erase them with gentle consensual suggestions.
As a trained hypnotherapist, Vandana has used this tool countless times to bring about startling changes in people plagued by rigid circumstances. In fact, she has successfully helped many people quit smoking with hypnotherapy after they repeatedly failed to do so with traditional cessation techniques.

“Vandana is a wonderful human being and a true healer. She is completely dedicated to her clients and their well-being. I have quit smoking thanks to her guidance. She is multi-dimensional and can simplify the most complex issues.”
Aslam Zackria Sait
Chairman, Rocklines Constructions

➢ Tarot & Angel Card Reader

Tarot and Angel Oracle decks are powerful divination tools. And as a Tarot and Angel card reader, Vandana has helped countless people find clarity in troubling times, whether in intimate relationships or in their career, often leaving the seeker awestruck at the depth of accuracy of the answers received from each reading.

➢ Psychological and Relationship Counselor

Sometimes all one needs is an empathetic ear willing to listen to our problems and guide us gently towards the solution. With her ability to empathize and connect deeply with people, Vandana can help you understand the shadow side of yourself and achieve physical, mental, and spiritual harmony.

“We have been working together on several intense issues that were deeply disturbing me at this time in my life. Through Vandana’s gentle light, her willingness to explore with me, her delightful sense of humor, beautiful laughter, deep understanding and wisdom, she brought me to a place inside myself where I saw what I needed to handle each issue with ease and grace. One step at a time. That’s the greatest gift you could have given me. Thank you.”
Learning and Development Manager, Leanpitch Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Work Experience

Vandana has conducted few meditation retreats and public speaking workshop and trainings in india. She has also conducted such sessions for major corporations and institutions.

Some of the companies she has actively worked with are:-
1 Appolo Hospitals
2. Manipal Hospitals
3. Deccan Herald Newspaper
4. Indus Tower Limited
5. The Institute Of Charteted Accountants Of India
6. The Ancient School Of Wisdom
7. Knowledge Sharing Platform – Public Speaking Workshop
8. Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centre
9. Emc Square
10. Ibm
11. Esha Corporates
12. Few Public Speaking Workshop For Complete Well Being.
13. Kidwai Memorial Institute Of Oncology.
14. The Empty Space
15. Maruti International School ,Tumkur
16. Rajeev Institutions- Hassan
17. Mount Carmel College –bangalore
18. Three Days Self Awareness Camp In Coorg
19. Marc School Of Business

“Vandana is a fantastic and inspirational trainer. Her experience helped me understand our current situation and future goals. The online sessions were great. She is not just purely fun, but also gave me the chance to learn from the activities and to prepare for the future. Very motivational. A fab course. She maintained a good standard throughout the course. Very passionate about what she does. Energized me constantly. Hands on training was without doubt the best and possibly the only way to get the training across.”

MBA Student

“I am extremely happy and overwhelmed after attending this program. Today I have learnt how we can lead a happy life by helping others and praying for the needy, rather than being selfish.”

~ Priya Dominic
Senior Manager, Deccan Herald

“The workshop has made me realize the importance of soul and inner power, which can truly transform my life. The ways to deal with challenging situations was very inspiring.”

~ HR
Manipal Hospitals

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21 recommendations


A beautiful lady with beautiful mind. I had attended many sessions conducted by her and it touched my mind and heart. It is an opportunity to have her as a go-to to bring in positive energy in our mind.


She is the best in the city according to me.... doing great Vandana.. keep up the gr8 work u do..


I was feeling blocked when I took Vandana ma'am's advanced Tarot class. The 2-day course really made a massive difference in my life:-

1. It enabled me to see personal blocks that were stopping me from realizing my dreams.
2. Reintroduced me to meditation, which I still practice every day.
3. And it helped me find the courage within myself to later make a decision in my personal life that really changed everything for the better.

I was only able to do all this because Vandana ma'am is a kind and compassionate teacher who gives you more than what you showed up to learn. I was thoroughly impressed with her teaching style and feel she is a great personal coach.


I know Vandana for approximately 2 years now. Very kind very beautiful and indeed an intelligent creation of almighty.
The best and most important thing what I've learnt is to be intelligent not in academic but all aspects of life and Vandana is rewarded by this virtue. She is quick, positive, encouraging, very bold and makes her view understand in very lucid manner.
Thank you Vandana


Vandana , you are a Divine Soul !


Worth... people who are not able move .. must contact her.. she can wonders for you..


I highly recommend the classes. I took once and got awesome support and knowledge from them. My thinking towards the life changed a lot. Awesome teacher.


I have been with vandana mam in mu initial years and i know whatever we conved to her she never let anyone know about it and shes the best teacher i ever had in my whole life the best so all i can say is ill never think twice being with her again if i ever get a chance


Vandana is truly a person who leads by example. She has a deep understanding about the nature of our being and how positive outlook plays a crucial role in our lives. Tremendous healer and am sure one session with her completely change your perspective to life and help you feel a whole lot better. Kudos to you Van :)


Vandana has been a good friend and a great confidant. Many a times I have relied on her suggestion and advices to watch myself be aware of the cosmic energy and oneself. She truly has achieved a level of a master

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