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Taught subjects
  • Italian
  • Oral expression - Italian
  • Oral comprehension - Italian
  • Writing comprehension - Italian
  • Vocabulary - Italian
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College
  • Adult Education
  • MBA
  • ILR Level 5
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Italian bilingual gives language lessons and conversation at all levels of proficiency - eastern pa - with 45 years of in italy cultural experience.


Teaching Italian has become a passion to help individuals that are transitioning into a living or business relationship with Italy.

As a young woman my path took me to Florence, Italy for the third year of college and remained for over 40 years. This exposure to the new world of Italy also helps me to understand your need for not only language expertise but also cultural understanding.

Your need or desire to learn Italian comes along with a flexibility to convert your thinking to a new language not only in a professional setting but also at the local butcher shop to your children's teachers. All of these everyday situations require an understanding of language and social expectations. Together we can cross these bridges successfully.


I have been giving lessons for 30 years. These lessons have been given to students from elementary through University and business individuals who needed these skills for their business proficiency.

Generally the lessons have been one on one with extensive conversation that not only helps with the language but also cultural understanding and local expressions. Concentration has been based on the specific areas of individual need.

Backup grammar is essential to the building blocks for a firm foundation and conversational growth.

The students have been successful in excellent grades and advancing in the work force.


Transportation Fee : $70
Rate for online lessons : $32/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $160
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $320


The above travel is based on 1 hour to and 1 hour return.

Initially all students that want to meet close to their home or business office must be arranged at a public location (ie. local library conference room or local restaurant or coffee house.)

Lessons offered by
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Italian
  • Oral expression - Italian
  • Oral comprehension - Italian
  • Writing comprehension - Italian
  • Vocabulary - Italian
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College
  • Adult Education
  • MBA
  • ILR Level 5
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficient
  • For children

's resume

OBJECTIVE: Contribute to an individual's growth and profitability and the cultivation of human potential utilizing training skills, international cultural liaison expertise, and team building proficiency.

LANGUAGES: Fluent in both English and Italian, Plus - Intermediate French

COMPUTER SKILLS: Windows 7, Microsoft Word 2007, Excel, Customized Financial Programs

CITIZENSHIP: Dual citizenship – USA and Italy (EU)

CERTIFICATIONS: PA Child Abuse Clearance – 5WZ104Z9BS
PA Criminal Record Check – Certified 8/11/2015
Act 126 Training – Certificate 10/26/2015

Educational Paraprofessional Part-Time
• Assist teachers with the needs of Special Education students in areas of autism, emotional behavior and eductation according to their IEP.
• One-on-One and multiple student assistance for all classes of Middle School education.
• Chromebook usage for homework facilitation.
• Reading Level testing when required.

Florence, Italy
(Import/Export Trading Corporation – specializing in Office/Home Furniture, textiles, foods, leather goods and fashion accessories.)
Responsible for International Business Development and Finance
• Created all operational and accounting processes for an international import/export trading company resulting in $15M in revenue sales.
• Trained and supervised up to 6 employees.
• Crisis Management for client retention, sales and product modification.
• Pricing negotiations bringing 10% increase in NP in downturn market
• Successfully won contract bids on RFP’s with clients such as Starbucks
• Market expansion through development of “Online” catalogue sales.
• Agent exploring international market trends in fashion & merchandise.
• Shipping coordination of FCL and LCL Air and Ocean containers with European Trucking, 3PL freight forwarders, and customs.
• Supervision and collaboration regarding internal finances & accounting.
• Multi-lingual communications with Asia, Europe, Americas, & Israel
• Development of international sales of olive oil, wine, some foods, furniture and furniture accessories.

R.H. MACY  CO. 1976-1982
(Department Store Chain)
Florence, Italy
Assistant Office Manager
• Human Resource matters, purchasing, and financial analysis.
Assistant Market Representative
• Market research and product development in Italy and Eastern Europe.
• Market and product reports.
• Buyer assistance in gifts, “trim-a-tree”, & special department displays
• Coordination of quality control and shipping.
• Coordination and supervision of departmental staff.

ENDEAVORS Translator – Italian to English publication with scientific focus i.e.:
1999-2015 Stillness by Charles Ridley --Also-Being and Becoming by Franklyn Sills
Part Time
Private Tutor – English Tutor for Italian students Elementary to University

Pearson Ethnic Cuisine
Consultant and collaborator to local area restaurants.

Medical Assistant 2004-2011
Assistant to Dr. Franco Cracolici for Acupuncture
Compagnia del Tao - Florence, Italy
Founding Member – Convention Organization

Apprentice to Pasquale Agletti and Saturno Masi 1985-2015
Cultivation and growth of Healing Herbs, and Flowers

Attitudinal Healing Facilitator 1996- 1999
Dr. Jampolsky, Sausalito, CA
Meyer Children’s’ Hospital: Florence, Italy - Volunteer Group 7L
Critical Illness Group Therapy for Pain Management and Psychological Wellness.

NA.ME Centro Studi Dicipline Bio-Naturali - Naturopathy DBN
Pursuing Degree during 2011-2015 Florence, Italy
Classes in: Anatomy & Physiology, Immune Systems, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rolfing, Meditation, Trauma Therapy, Reflexology, PNL/PNEI, Herbology, Botany, Floral Essences-Bach and Alimentation

Syracuse University
BS College of Business Administration-Accounting/Economics

University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business
Graduate level courses

Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner 2011-2012
Medical Na.Me. School of Naturopathy, Italy-650 Hours.
Trauma release facilitation.

Trager Practitioner 1990 - 1995
Issued through the Trager Institute, Mill Valley, CA-Estimated 400 Hours.
Psychophysical counseling to maximize human potential.

Pranic Healer (Energy Healing) 1982
Certified through London, England Florence, Italy

Additional Extensive Study Areas:
o Chromo Therapy: Pomaia, Italy under Theo Gimbel
o Gem Therapy: 3 year course, Gemisphere, Portland, Oregon.
o Aroma Therapy: Bizziri, Florence, Italy
o EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – Florence, Italy

American International Women’s League Onlus 1995-Present Representative for the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas

Societa' Corale Di Mutuo Soccorso a Impruneta 2006 – 2015
Regional Choral organization with classical focus.

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