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Italian native speaker. 10 years of experience teaching Italian. PhD, anthropologist, language lover.


Versatile Italian native speaker teacher with a passion for foreign cultures and more than 10 years of experience delivering engaging lessons focused on the interests and needs of students. Committed to taking a hands-on approach to helping students learn (or improve) new languages through a comprehensive immersion in the culture and the valorization of their own linguistic repertoires, resources, and passions. Specialize in motivating and guiding students by setting clear attainable learning objectives.


- Experience with youth and adults of diverse cultural and linguistic background
- Extensive experience with student-centered approach
- Conversational approach and active participation
- Adept at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each student through diligent observation and interaction
- Adept at accurately monitoring student progress
- Willingness to incorporate new technology/different sources of learning into classroom presentations
- Highly organized and able to prioritize objectives
- Fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish


Rate for online lessons : $45/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $250
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $500


Scaled rate for ONLINE lesson pack:
5 hours: $ 205
10 hours: $ 405

Lessons offered by Elisa
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Italian
  • All Levels

Elisa's resume

PhD, Anthropology and Intercultural Education (University of Turin, Italy, 2013)
MA, Education in Multicultural Contexts (University of Turin, Italy, 2009)
BA, Education (University of Turin, Italy, 2005)

Work Experience as Italian Teacher
October 2014 - Present, New York City
- Undergraduate and graduate students (Italian majors)
- Prepare lesson plans and make adjustments accordingly based on student needs/interests
- Provide students with an immersion in the culture to enhance comprehension
- Monitor student progress and provided periodic assessments and constructive feedback

2008-2010, Board of Education, Torino (Italy)
- Refugees
- Draw specific applications of the Paulo Freire's Methodology of the Generative Theme
- Develop innovative classroom activities (Complex Instruction Units) to valorize any pre-existing knowledge, facilitate comprehension, and reinforce concepts covered in textbooks
- Include digital media along with traditional classroom materials
- Work cooperatively with other teachers in developing and sharing curriculum strategies
- Take students on approved local field trips to museums and other cultural destinations

2006-2010, Board of Education, Alessandria (Italy)
- Immigrant women
- Encourage students to participate in class by taking a hands-on approach to teaching
- Prepare assignments and track progress of each student
- Ensure that lesson plans met school district curriculum guidelines for languages
- Seek approval for deviations from district guidelines as necessary
- Develop innovative classroom activities and games to facilitate comprehension and reinforce concepts covered in textbooks
- Encourage students to practice and develop their language skills at home
- Coordinate with other language teachers to share learning strategies
- Participate in regular staff meetings and occasional meetings with administrators

Other Work Experiences focused on Language and Research
"Language practices: reshaping individual and collective identities"
Ethnographic Research, 2009-2010
Conducted qualitative research study among native and nonnative Italian middle school students aimed at investigating what happens when a foreign language separates the speaker from her or his own cultural belonging and identity, and how this separation impacts the perception and representation of the self and others. The hypothesis of the research was that the experience of a foreign language can reframe individual and collective identities from a personal and relational point of view, and that this can impact on and remodel the different roles and footings that one can assume, perform, or access, in the context of the classroom. Learned that adolescent students appropriate different languages bottom-up, employing a variety of transcultural youth products (hip hop music, online blogs, games and communications, TV series, participation in the social networks, and the Internet), and widely practice cross-linguistic interactions to create new affiliations.

"Talking About Me, Talking About You: An Italian Play Written by Foreign Women"
Ethnographic Research, 2007-2008
Qualitative research conducted among students of an Italian as second language course for foreign women. The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of better Italian language proficiency on the social lives of these women. The interviews showed that what was perceived as the most relevant enhancement in their lives was the possibility to widen their sense of belonging: the Italian language was the new code to communicate with other foreign women and to understand that they were sharing the same story. Their mutual perception and representation changes through this experience, and these changes created new affiliations as well as new perspectives of themselves and others. These results affirm that the most fundamental characteristic of language is its connection with individual and collective identities. Languages are primary components of identity belongings, as well as synergetic elements of affiliations and representations that shape and are shaped by new connections.

(forthcoming) Identity and Diversity: the Educational Challenge in Urban Contexts. n W. T. Pink, G.W. Noblit (Eds.). Second International Handbook of Urban Education Springer International Publisher. Authors: Elisa Sartore, Rebecca Sansoé, Federica Setti, Isabella Pescarmona, Paola Giorgis

Sartore Elisa. Quando la storia degli altri racconta di noi. Pedagogia interculturale e coscienza storica [What the Others' Story Tells About Us: Intercultural Education and Historical Consciousness]. CISU 2014

Sartore Elisa. Scoprire noi nella storia dell'altro. In F. Gobbo, A. Simonicca (Eds). Etnografia e Intercultura. (pp. 65-86) [Discovering "Us" in the Story of the Other. In F., Gobbo, & A., Simonicca (Eds). Ethnography and Interculture]. CISU 2014

wom.an.ed - women's studies in anthropology of education
wom.an.ed is a collective of researchers, teachers, and practitioners with many years of professional experience in the field of education and training.
wom.an.ed’s aim is to develop and promote an anthropological approach in schools, social services, vocational education and training (VET), health care institutions and private social groups, such as charities, NGO, etc. We execute projects on two levels; from a theoretical point of view (research and dissemination), and from a practical point of view, conducting field studies and research action on the territory, providing the management of linguistic services, as well as analyzing workplaces and the act as liaison with the internal staff to ensure activities and strategies proceed as intended.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (centerforinterculturaldialogue.org)
European Educational Research Association

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