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  • Japanese
  • Vocabulary - Japanese
  • Oral expression - Japanese
  • Oral comprehension - Japanese
  • Writing comprehension - Japanese
  • Writing expression - Japanese
  • All Levels

Japanese teacher/tutor with 5 years experience for online or in person tutoring in Rochester, NY


I believe in meeting students where they're at, and working with them to approach their learning goals in a targeted and engaging way. I've worked with students at all different levels and taught all kinds of topics, ranging from culture and history to in-depth grammatical concepts.


I'm a Masters student studying psycholinguistics and have been studying Japanese for nearly 10 years. I've taught Japanese for 5 of those, and I've spent extensive time living and studying in Japan as well. I've taught a range of levels in a range of styles.


Transportation Fee : $15
Rate for online lessons : $15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $15
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $14


Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed as normal

Lessons offered by Ryan
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Japanese
  • Vocabulary - Japanese
  • Oral expression - Japanese
  • Oral comprehension - Japanese
  • Writing comprehension - Japanese
  • Writing expression - Japanese
  • All Levels

Ryan's resume

Ryan Hildebrandt
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, Master of Science, GPA 3.67/4.00 December 2019
• Master’s in Psychology with a psycholinguistics focus.
• Coursework in the Psychology, Statistics, and Linguistics departments, as well as research multiple assistantships for the Psychology and Engineering Technology departments.
Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, Bachelor of Arts, GPA 3.47/4.00 May 2017
• Majors in Japanese and Psychology with a linguistics focus and theses for both majors.
• Selected for the Benton Scholar Program, focusing on global leadership, entrepreneurship, and community leadership at Colgate.
Colgate Kyoto Study Group, Kyoto Japan, Semester-long Study Abroad Fall 2014
• Studied language, culture, and literature for four months at the Kyoto Japanese Language School. Expanded cultural understanding and competence through internships in village settings as well as volunteer work in the Bonin Islands.
Relevant Coursework: Coursera Online Education & DataCamp
• Completed the following courses as independent learning experiences: The Brain and Space, Learning How to Learn, The Bilingual Brain, R & Python Programming courses

Research Experience
Research Interests
• Speech processing, L2 and novel language phonology, speech intelligibility, emotional characteristics of words, bilingualism, language acquisition & learning
Research Design & Analysis, Rochester Institute of Technology
• Literature review, proposal, participant recruitment, data collection and analysis, and defense of a study looking at emotional word processing as a thesis study.
• Working under faculty advisors as a research assistant for multiple studies ranging from note taking style and academic performance to noise reduction technology and speech intelligibility in audio recordings.
• Proficient in the use of programs such as R, SPSS, Excel, SuperLab, Qualtrics, and Amazon mTurk.
Research Design & Analysis, Colgate University
• Awarded funding for an independent summer research project involving both Japanese and English psychological literature and subsequent design of an experiment for my theses.
• Researching, designing, and conducting a psychological study for my theses in both Psychology and Japanese involving Japanese phonology and multi-modal speech perception & production.
• Proficient in the use of the audio analysis programs CSL and Praat.
Statistics & Coding Experience
• Enrolled in 4 statistics courses at Rochester Institute of Technology, including data analyses for my various research studies.
• Enrolled in 3 statistics-related courses at Colgate University, as well data analysis for my honors theses.
• Familiar with and well-versed in R & RStudio, SPSS, and Excel for data manipulation and analysis.
• Some experience in Python, MatLab, and SAS.

Conference Presentations & Manuscripts
Manuscripts in Preparation
• Crumb, R., Hildebrandt, R. & Sutton, T. M. (2019). Note-taking Mode as a Source of Context Reinstatement. Manuscript in Preparation.
Conference Presentations
• Hildebrandt, R., Sutton, T. M. (2019, November). Investigating Emotion-label and Emotion-laden Words in a Semantic Satiation Paradigm. Poster to be presented at the Psychonomic Society 2019 Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
• Sutton, T. M., Crumb, R., & Hildebrandt, R. (2019, May). State-Dependent Learning and Note-Taking Strategies. Poster presented at the APS Annual Convention. Washington, DC, USA.

Work Experience
Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN, Camp Counselor& Credit Teacher Summer 2015-Present
• Collaborate with other counseling staff to run Mori No Ike Japanese Language Immersion Camp for a period of four weeks, working with children and students ages 8 to 18.
• Create original programming and camp activities entirely in Japanese on a daily basis, including language teaching activities for high school credit, dance, cultural activities, and educational presentations.
Himi City Port Authority, Himi City, Japan, Fish Market Floor Intern October 2014
• Strengthened Japanese and interpersonal skills by working with other port employees in order to keep the fishing operations running smoothly.

Language: Advanced Japanese certification in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, levels N4 and N5
Technology: Proficient in Microsoft Excel, SPSS, R, MatLab, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin
Campus Involvement: Member or various Colgate Dance groups, Japan Club, Colgate Office of Admissions

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