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« Perfect! ¡Estoy encantada con Lola! Me está acompañando a descubrir la... More »
« Perfect! ¡Estoy encantada con Lola! Me está acompañando a descubrir la cultura yoga a parte que es muy buena profesora y en cada clase prepara ejercicios a medida de mis necesidades. Profesora de yoga recomendable 100% »
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Kundalini yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and Hatha. Certified in Health and Alternative Therapies


I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by KRY. Kundalini classes aim to show your maximum potential as a person, are suitable for anyone regardless of the condition. The classes work with an achievement of specific exercises that work different topics, such as sleep disorders, cleansing of the body, muscular system. You can tell me that you would like to work and I prepare based on the methodology of Yogi Bajan the relevant class to address what you need. All classes include warm-up exercises that will improve your physical form and flexibility, as well as a relaxation and meditation that allow you to explore other facets of yourself, as well as relax and gain a clearer vision of your life and new approaches . In classes we also use specific mantras to eliminate and work emotional and psychological blocks. If you prefer also I give classes of Hatha Yoga in which we focus more on the physical part through asanas that favor the knowledge of your body and the gain of flexibility, as well as physical and mental relaxation


I am yoga teacher since the year 2012. I do yoga my way of life, so I can not say that I only practice yoga with my students. Every opportunity in life is a way to learn, to reflect, to know how to approach your emotions, your thoughts and see how simple breathing influences your own way of developing yourself in the world. This is what I try to teach my students to take the lessons in their daily rutines.
I taught yoga in different environments, from United Nations officials in Brazil to in a rural community in Ecuador.
Everyone is empowering to learn and learn this knowledge and I can say that yoga has helped everyone emotionally and physically.
In addition to being a Yoga teacher I am a Senior Diploma in Health and Alternative Therapies, this knowledge also complements the classes, facilitating a broader and holistic approach.


Transportation Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $13/h
Lessons offered by Lola
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Yoga
  • Hatha
  • Détente
  • Kundalini
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • For children

Lola's resume

Kundalini yoga and Hatha Yoga teacher with extensive knowledge of holistic healing, relaxation techniques, stress reduction and body-mind awareness exercises, as well as the treatment of factors that impede the enjoyment of good personal health.
Experience in organic farms and certification in agroecological and organic production.
Fluent in English and Portuguese with more than 11 years of international professional experience.
Yoga teacher and organic farm management December 2016 to October 2017
Organic farm La Florida. Imbabura Ecuador
I facilitated 15 yoga and meditation workshops for people of different psycho social profiles
 Organic farm management: compost production and organic crop production

Yoga teacher for UN officials within the Work Welfare and Stress Management Program and National Coordinator of Volunteering UN Brazil
UN BRAZIL Brasilia Brazil September 2014 to December 2016
I participated in the UN Brazil Workforce and Stress Management Program through more than 50 yoga and meditation classes for UN Brazil officials.
I designed and executed 5 volunteer projects in partnership with national and local government, universities and other UN agencies.
I carried out 4 Volunteer campaigns in partnership with local actors and UN agencies
Supervise 18 UN volunteers in my charge.

Holistic therapist and professor of alternative therapies
 AMAT SPA. Quito. Ecuador October 2008 to September 2014
More than 100 treatments of relaxing and therapeutic massage and reflexology
More than 20 workshops taught in meditation, stress management and alternative therapies.

Technique of environmental projects in the Small Grants Program
UN ECUADOR October 2008 to October 2011
I carried out the monitoring and accompaniment of environmental conservation projects in rural communities of Ecuador
I made monitoring and evaluation reports on environmental projects

Project technique in the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. AECID
AECID. Mozambique and Spain June 2007 to October 2008
I monitored HIV-related projects in rural communities in Mozambique
I made the report related to the progression of public expenditure of the AECID on health in Mozambique
I carried out the evaluation and follow-up of projects presented by ONGS to the AECID

Project technique in health
Medicus Mundi Guipuzcoa. Spain June 2006 to October 2007
Design of projects to be presented to public funders
Project following.

Professor of Kundalini Yoga. 2016
Kundalini Research Yoga.São Paulo. Brazil

Hatha Yoga Teacher 2013
Parasanitary and Sports School. Seville
Diploma in Health and Alternative Therapies 2011
Andean University Simon Bolivar. Ecuador

Certification in agroecology and organic production 2017
Rio Muchacho organic farm. Ecuador

Bachelor of Business Administration and Management 2001
Complutense University of Madrid.

Master in International Development Cooperation 2005
Complutense University of Madrid

Specialist in stress management and wellness through yoga and meditation.
Specialist in Reflexotherapy and Therapeutic Massage
Specialist in psychotherapy through Psycho emotional support techniques such as tarot and astrology
Life energy specialist
Reiki teacher
Specialist in organic production, having lived 3 years in the organic production farm La Florida. Ecuador.

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Perfect! ¡Estoy encantada con Lola! Me está acompañando a descubrir la cultura yoga a parte que es muy buena profesora y en cada clase prepara ejercicios a medida de mis necesidades. Profesora de yoga recomendable 100%

Lola's response

Estoy acompañando a Sonia en clases online de yoga y está siendo una experiencia muy buena. Sonia demuestra gran interés por la práctica y está muy abierta al conocimiento del yoga.


Perfect! La clase con Lola fue muy bonita, transmite mucha paz y buena energía y te explica las cosas de una manera que las puedes entender fácilmente. Quede muy satisfecha y seguiré dando clases con ella

Lola's response

La experiencia con Lara fue muy bonita. Está muy emocionada e ilusionada con el camino del yoga y se mostró muy abierta durante la práctica. Seguiremos aprendiendo y practicando juntas


Perfect! Las clases con Lola han sido realmente buenas. Estoy muy contenta con su acompañamiento para adentrarme más en el mundo del Yoga y conocer diferentes herramientas que me sirvan en mi día a día y que pueda practicar también por mi cuenta.

Lola's response

Esther tiene una actitud muy abierta hacia el conocimiento profundo del yoga y sus diferentes herramientas. Realizaremos también diferentes técnicas de pranayama y meditación. La clase fluyó muy bien y seguiremos con las clases regularmente

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Lola es un profesora estupenda y una gran persona. Su método de enseñanza es fluido y trabaja siempre desde la seguridad en todos los asanas de yoga.
La recomiendo encarecidamente para su centro o clase de yoga.


Una gran profesional, sus clases son personalizadas , estando atenta y corrigiendo cada postura para evitar posibles lesiones, y enseñando correctamente y con cariño todo paso a paso. Su voz te traslada a un lugar de paz y sosiego, que al salir de la clase perdura durante el día a la vez que sales cargada de energía. Agradezco haberla encontrado en mi camino, tanto como persona como profesional. Namasté


Lola es una excelente profesional. En la lectura de tarot fue clara, puntual y respondió a cada pregunta que hice. Acertó en los detalles que comentó y sobre todo fue una guía para tomar acciones futuras. Además mientras leía el Tarot iba explicándome cada carta lo cual me ayudo a entender mejor la lectura. La recomiendo enormemente.

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