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Aspiring art teacher giving 5 years experience in game art lessons in Worcester, MA

Whether in group or individual basis, I start with group general lessons regarding the basics of the subject before turning the table over to YOU. After a point, YOU will learn what YOU WANT and make a project out of it! I switch to various methods of teaching to reach as much of the class as I can.

1st lesson offered free !

Online 3D tutor with 10 years of visual effects film industry experience specializing in Maya, 3ds Max, and V-Ray

My personal approach to tutoring is to first assess your skill level with the subject area, and then to focus on the specific topics that will enable you to improve the most, according to your unique goal.

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General fundamental Computer Aided engineering Design (Catia and Cadds5i) with support systems

- AAS degree in design engineering - Practical applications with guidebook interactions and references for a general outlook prior to intricate working knowledge.

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Architecture Graduate offering lessons in Architecture/Arch.Visualization in NY with years of experience

My usual clientele are the kids from the summer Tech camp I've been teaching at for the last 4 years. Lessons are often broken down on a student to student basis, students who seem more confident/knowledgeable are given an advanced track while those without experience are given more focus towards building a foundation.

Las Vegas
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Engineering student offering physics lessons in New York with 3 years experience

English cet certificate (if it is ace, can write the score; if there is a prominent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, etc Ability to indicate) Computer level certificate Professional skills certificate

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Graphic Design student offering Design classes in Adobe Creative Suite,photography,and much more!

I base each lesson on what students need to know to grasp the basics of the subject. After covering the basics I move onto more elaborate subject areas. I am also willing to customize lessons to best meet the needs of my students.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

Located in New York, I teach Autodesk Maya, and other 3-D Animation programs, from first grade to college!

My work and my teaching methods are interwoven; many of my student projects are based on my own artistic practice, in which I make installations that incorporate sculpture and 3-D Animation. I teach the basics of these skills, focusing on how these media can intertwine to create complex installations.

Daytona Beach
(2 reviews)
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Let me help you Maximize your potential and discover possibilities in the Digital Arts.

My teaching is based on fun. I for me it was all about hands on learning. I do, we do, you do. I've been teaching for many years and I know what works and what doesn't. I was taught 3D the wrong way, then with all the experience I have I try to teach the way I wished I was taught.

1st lesson offered free !

Multimedia designer with over 15 years experience, Associates Degree in Multimedia Design & Technology.

My teaching method is straight forward, with each lesson progressing from the previous one. I base my classes on the experience of the student/s, and teach basic to advanced levels of experience. Lessons will have clear goals and easy to understand instructions.

Orange County
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Hey! I've Been a Graphic Designer for 15 Years. Lets Learn Something Together!

I 'll teach you basics. And i am gonna ask you actually that what you need exactly. You could interest in character animation or you would be like to learn only graphic designer needs. Or you wants to learn how to make instagram videos maybe.

1st lesson offered free !

Graphic Design for virtually anything! 3d printing, modeling, animation, photoshop, illustrator, and anything else.

I believe in an open classroom as it certainly doesn't end at the door. I encourage different and all forms and ways of finding how each student may further grow their specific skill sets and how they will eventually work together as a whole.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Professional Creative with 8 Years of photoshop experience and knowledge in programming

My approach is to take a step by step approach while making sure the student is following along by asking frequent questions.

Santa Monica
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Graphic designer with 7 years of experience giving lessons in 3d animation, game motion in Santa Monica, US

I am a graphic design master graduate with so much love and experience in an dkasd kjkjkd kjkfjk kmnk mm, mm,m m,m m,m m mm mm dmkdfkdjfk jdifjk didik dikfdik okdoplfdopl o popp opp[ p[ pplp lpl pl pl pl pl pl

Paris 18e
(6 reviews)

Let's discover 3d printing and modelling with Autodesk Fusion 360 in Paris

I am a designer who specializes in additive manufacturing and I offer courses in computer graphics and 3d printing. These courses for all ages are aimed at individuals and professionals, beginners or not. My methodology is to learn by doing.

Del Valle Norte
Jenevieer & luis
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Expert in animation, offers personalized classes, you will have a Learning without limits!

I am a graduate of the University of the Valley of Mexico where I develop the animation career, I am currently studying architecture and offering personalized classes, I also teach English and I spent a season in Canada developing professionally, which helped me to have more experience

Greater london
1st lesson offered free !

Learn how to build 3D models using open source (free) software from a Biomedical Engineering PhD student

This lesson will be aimed at understanding the basics of 3D engineering environments and what the possibilities of computer aided design hold. I have a 'learn by doing' teaching approach where i attempt to create a safe space for students to develop their own life long learning style.

Ciudad de México
Luz & alma
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Architecture student and animation expert, offers personalized classes, come closer do not think more.

I like to give my classes in a personalized way, since each student is different and the way of learning in the same way is different for each person, I try to make the class more interactive, so that it can be easy to understand.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Mechanical Engineering graduate with certifications in SolidWorks and over 200 hrs of modelling and simulation experience

I have used CAD for school, work, and for fun. I understand both the technical skills required for engineering modeling and simulation, and the mathematics and theory behind how the programs function. There is very little about the process that I don't understand and so I can answer almost any question. With this type of skill, the best way to learn is by guided practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced 3D modeler , sculptor and texture artist from Vancouver sharing in depth CG knowledge.

Learning is a process that can be fun and fulfilling, and when it is knowledge tends to 'stick' better. I take an individualised approach to determine what works best for a specific student, while not affecting their artistic vision, but keep my role mostly as an adviser.

Carlton North
1st lesson offered free !

Graduate architecture student from the University of Melbourne, teaching all level of Adobe suite such as Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign and so on

I will teach the best methods for postproduction in photoshop as well as how to make diagrams in illustrator. Also will teach how to use InDesign for the purpose of a good architectural presentation. Hence, learn how to make a good presentation using the adobe suite.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn How To Model With Me In Autoedesk Maya, 3Ds Max and Zbrush

My name is Moshe Mangena i'm a 3D artist i specialise in game assets modeling for game engines like Unreal Engine and architectural visualisation and texturing using photoshop, quixel, xnormal and marmoset toolbag. study with me and i will take you through every step and teach you how to model from basic shapes to advance shapes like cars and building, create UVs, texture, light and render.

1st lesson offered free !

QUT Industrial Design student offering CAD tutorials to middle and high school students in Brisbane or online.

I have a very practical and down to earth teaching style that will provide students will real-world examples and problems. This is aimed to familiarise students with situations they will face in industry or within future studies. Each lesson will be aimed to either help the student with current assessment guiding them through the design process or familiarise them with individual design processes.

1st lesson offered free !

3D modeling, 3D Studio Max. Fundamentals of 3D modeling. UV Unwrapping for texturing.

I can demonstrate a few different methods of making models, as there are multiple avenues to build things in 3D. It helps to have an idea sketched on paper to start before taking the idea to 3D. To start, you need to gather references, and sketches of what you want. That way you have a clear idea and understanding of the object model. From there you block out the main shapes of the model.

1st lesson offered free !

Would love to share over 20 years experience working at the highest level! :)

My teaching style is adaptive and friendly. So if you're just starting out or a seasoned 20-year professional who's stuck on a modelling issue. I'm sure we can find a method that suits you. I think the best way to learn is through a practical exercise to we might create something that illustrates the various tools or we can work on your existing model and solve a particular issue.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a Professional Mechanical Engineer with a keen interest as well as experience in 3D Printing.

My approach is hands on guiding students in setting up printers, preparing files for printing, producing prints, post production and maintenance of printers. I can provide tuition at our workshop on our own printers or on your own printer. We can also assist with troubleshooting issues with 3d Printing.

Mount Waverley
1st lesson offered free !

3D Artist to teach advance 3D modeling techniques and 3D visualization, relevant to industry.

My lessons will cover 3D modelling techniques and 3D visualization, from beginner to advance levels. Lessons will show examples of how to be time effective and accurate in the current relevant 3D industry. Will also show examples of styles and standards related to different fields.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Learn/Improve 3D Modelling And 3D Printing - "Tradigital Artist" Professional I Will Teach You

- Blender 2.80 - 3DS Max 2019 - Substance Painter/Designer - Traditional Drawing - 3D Printing With each individual learner, I try to find what they want. Be it a qualification, entry to an art college or their own personal or commercial aims. Learners in the past have been really please with their experiences.

1st lesson offered free !

Take your 3d modelling skills to the next level with an award winning lead 3d modeller

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to work and learn from some of the best 3d modellers in the industry. They quickly became my mentors and over the years we developed a one-to-one relationship based on trust, knowledge and respect. As my mentors did with me, I teach my students the foundations, best practices, skills and workflows that are used in the top studios around the globe.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent SAE QANTM Graduate teaching 3D Modelling to any and all students!

I want to create a fun environment for learning just like I had when I myself was learning. I'll keep the discussions open, and focus on the basics before the advanced. I want everyone to understand what they're doing before moving forward.

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