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Doctoral student with 14 years experience giving lessons in painting and drawimg

Went to Those Island School of Design and received a bachelor's in fine art Attended Medialle Collage and received a bachelor's I'm education Attended College of Notra Dame where I got a masters in special ed Attending Northcentral University where I am currently working on my doctorate. I teach units with themes. All units have a reading and writing component to them.

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Awarded Artist(Fine Art) and Musician(Pianist/Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter) offers comprehensive lessons in Mobile, AL

I use both verbal and visual teaching methods. I am very flexible with teaching styles and am willing to cater to different individual's preferred learning methods. I teach undergraduate students as well as students still in grade school. I am here to help you learn not memorize. I take the necessary time to show how to execute valuable techniques and show proper implementations.

San Antonio
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Now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. - John Steinbeck Let's paint!

I'm a fun and fancy free acrylic painting artist with over 17 years of experience of teaching. Whether you're a beginner, brushing up on skills, getting back into painting or need some new inspiration, I can help! I paint abstract and figurative abstract works. Feel free to browse my website if you'd like an idea of what I do. Any questions? Let me know. I'll be happy to answer them.

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Acrylic Art Painting From Oops to Wow for All Ages out of Raleigh, NC

I am a self & University taught in arts & studied many different mediums, but I gravitate towards the more craftier or folksy side of the arts spectrum I would say. I can teach just about any media or medium a student is interested in at any level in art, but my personal style is more in the abstract range.

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Visual Artist with eight years of experience teaches in a vast variety of medias such as, chalk/oil pastels, acrylic/watercolor paints, oil/spray paints, conté, charcoal, ink, and pencil(graphite/lead

Graduated high school with honor cords as Vice President of National Honor Society, currently attending college. Characteristics consist of being open minded, free spirited, curious, entertaining, and chatty. Depending on students’ self-discipline, overall lesson structure may be lose or strict.

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Advancing your artistic skills for yourself, for school, or just because it's a hobby? Well, I'm the perfect tutor for you, whether you prefer slower pace, or faster, I'll work with you!

I adored art in school, taking three classes my senior year participating in two advanced art classes and one Student-Teacher class! Art has always been a hobby for me and it comes naturally.

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Creative and fun art lessons from a Horticulture and Landscape Designer in Ames, Iowa

I base my classes on what each individual student is looking to gain from the class. Whether that be learning a new style or just learning basics of art and design! I can provide different mediums of teaching as well (pen and paper, colored pencil, marker, computer programs like Adobe Creative Suite).

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Painting instructor with over 5 years of experience teaching all ages in southern new hampshire

I am an interactive teacher with a clear end-goal. I believe students need to be encouraged and corrected in order to achieve a product they are proud of. I also believe a learners' attitude is key to succeed in my class.

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Want to learn how to paint like a master? Hire Me CF

I am a graduate from The College of Saint Elizabeth. There, I majored and received my Bachelor's degree in Fine/Studio Art. I possess a vast knowledge in painting, different techniques a person can use to enhance the imagery of their painting. No primary skills required to hire me as your painting tutor.

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Painter with MA in Art Educationfrom School of the Art Institute of Chicago and 40+ years of experience gives private painting and drawing lessons in Naperville, Illinois.

I have a Master of Arts in Art Education and have been painting and drawing for 40+ years. I can teach any age group, one on one or in a group, at my home, your home or in a public place. I custom design teaching content and methodology to cater to your specific needs and skill level.

Boca Raton
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Artist with 11 years experience and B.A. in Art specialized in Acrylic Pouring and Abstract Art.

I teach by example using a hands-on approach. My method is very direct and allows for the student to learn with actual practice. I give the students the tools to succeed and then give them freedom to create artwork that they want to create.

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Art Teacher with 15 years of experience offering art lessons at home in NY

My teaching method is planning lessons step by step using brainstorming as a thinking strategy to help students generate creative ideas and what they want to learn. Also my method related to the art therapy - the essence of which helps to unleash creativity of an individual.

Saint Paul
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Architecture student offering drawing, calligraphy, and Spanish lessons based in Eagan, MN

I am currently studying architecture at Iowa State University. I give lessons to anyone who wants to better their handwriting or drawing skills. Even though I am not a native speaker of Spanish, language learning comes to me easily. I like to meet people one-on-one, because this gives me a good understanding of the individual. I can then see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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Abstract painter who loves to explore new techniques through online videos and lessons.

I love to have fun with every piece of art I make. I am very attentive to the details that matter. I would to think that there is no age limit on who can enjoy painting. Everyone can find something that they love to do.

Zarin anjom
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This is Zarin teaching arts (Drawing , painting etc.) in Plano, TX . 1+ year experience .

My teaching method is absolutely simple and understandable. I give lessons to children from 4- 15 years . I always try to start from the easier levels and gradually proceed towards advanced levels. For me every student is important and i try my best to give an enjoyable and easy lesson.

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College graduate with plenty of Art experience from Purdue University and IUPUI

I believe that all types of Art are beautiful and completely unique. Each person and student have a different way of expressing themselves, and Art means something different to every person. One person's vision of a piece may be the complete opposite of another's and there is no wrong answer! I teach art topics with variety and with an open mind. I always encourage originality.

Sioux Falls
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Artist with over 30 years of experience in fine arts and teaching up and coming artists

I teach students key skills, enabling them to draw accurately what they see, and design creatively what they imagine. I interact easily with students, from age 15 through adults. I help those students who have natural artistic ability to enhance and broaden their skills, and those who feel they have no artistic talent to successfully develop skills in drawing, painting.

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Quirky art teacher with a DBS, training for PGCE. Artist by trade.

I like to find out why the student might be struggling first. This is often due to the fact that the teachers in the educational establishment are not spending the time with the student to understand why they may be struggling. I then build upon this.

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Art Rules Us All.........Without It, The Entire World Would Truly Stop Turning!

Have you ever imagined the world without any artwork? If not, try to do so. How would you feel? How do you think the world would fare without artwork? Do you think we as a whole would be just as progressive or regressive? Art is extremely important when it comes to our daily lives. Therefore, it is imperative that all students learn the wonderful world of artwork.

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Visual Arts Graduate from San Bernardino with a focus on painting offering lessons in Fine Art

My teaching method is to start with a small activity as an opener. The opener is related to the lesson and it is just a fun way to introduce them to the lesson. From there I introduce the lesson and provide a visual aid to introduce them to an artist and different art styles.

New York
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Visual artist offering "untaught art" lessons - including mask making and abstract art!

My teaching methods for art are an "untaught" method that can often incorporate a spiritual aspect . With this approach, there is no right or wrong with art. Instead, we embark in personal exploration and create freely. These lessons are for everyone as art is for everyone! No art experience is necessary, only a desire to explore and create.

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Abstract painter who has been painting for 10+ years and teaching people different techniques

I love watching people learn how to paint independently and answering questions when they are stuck on something. I don’t mind hovering but it’s better to watch the students figure things out on their own and realize their potential.

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Hello! I have a Bachelor of Arts in the history of art from Ohio State University.

I have studied the broad history of art and have focused specifically on Modern and contemporary arts. I am also a practicing artist and can answer questions about various techniques and styles.

Colorado Springs
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Life long artist with 28 years of painting experience!!! I’d love to share my knowledge with you!!!️️

I like to base my lessons around giving students projects based upon various artists and art movements throughout history. Teaching students art history along with challenging students to be their best creatively.

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Want to start selling art or just start making art? I can help! Tutoring by professional artist.

I base my classes on an individual level. I will work with you to figure out where you need help and then we can work together to get your art career off the ground. If you are just wanting to learn how to make your own art I can work with you and give you personal tutorials on theory, color, and materials to get you more comfortable with the craft.

Costa Mesa
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Drawing and Painting Lessons in Costa Mesa, CA -Various techniques, All levels covered!

Latin american Artist, I give lessons for all levels. From oil painting techniques to pastels, from painting landscapes to drawing portraits, I offer art instruction in a variety of mediums and subjects. Painting tips, drawing techniques, brushstrokes, and more, that will teach you the tools you need to improve your art.

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Experienced artist and teacher gives lessons in drawing, painting, and art appreciation in Rhode Island and online.

I have a BFA and MFA and several years teaching and exhibiting experience. I have taught college art classes on ground and online. Today's technology allows us to work together remotely. If you are not local, then we can absolutely get together online. I am happy to share my portfolio of work with you and discuss particulars about art and what you are interested in learning.

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Master Artist teaching: Drawing I, Drawing II, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Calligraphy, and Cartooning,

I have taught interdisciplinary and multi-culturally at the University level at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico, Indiana University, where I taught Design and Southern University where I taught Drawing I, Drawing II, and the entire Art Education program. I teach using a hands on and down to earth approach and make things fun.

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Private Art Tutor: Portland OO, BFA, MFA, all ages, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Conceptual Art

Hello, I have my MFA(Craft), and BFA (Intermedia) as well as 15 years of teaching experience. I offer lessons to elementary aged children, middle school, high school as well as adults. I ask my students what areas of interest they are needing assistance with, what they would like to gain from the lesson, and what areas they would like to push in their Artistic practice.

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Have fun while learning how to paint, draw, and master your skills.

My method of teaching is to understand each one of my students' skill level. My goal is to improve not only their confidence but their skill set in The Arts. I will achieve this by practicing what they want to achieve. For example, If they wanted to improve drawing hands I would as them to draw me a hand first so I can see one where their skill level is, and two where their confidence level is.

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Perfect! Nazia is a very knowledgeable teacher, and is clearly very passionate about art and teaching art. She is extremely accommodating and always eager to help. She makes sure that I am learning and understanding the fundamentals of drawing and art. I am...

Greg, student
4 days ago

Perfect! Tatiana was truly amazing! She motivated me to learn and helped me see I can do anything if I really want to! Too bad she had to move from Cincinnati =(

Ellen, student
11 months ago
(1 review)

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