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Patient and effective tutor with considerable experience tutoring English. Available for essay writing assistance, homework help, resume and cover letter review, and other academic or professional hel

I am a patient and open-minded tutor who seeks to help their students not only understand their material, but also think beyond the material and apply it in accordingly. I gave lessons to elementary and high school students who express help with homework, particularly English homework and with essays.

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Experienced college and graduate school professor, international universities, now in Raleigh, NC

I am highly interactive in my classroom and one on one teaching. I encourage questions and seek to adapt lessons to the students. My philosophy is "I teach students, not curriculum." Student success is what I seek.

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Essay help! Planning, outlining, basic research skills, editing, spelling, grammar, punctuation. Minneapolis or via webcam. Instructor with 4 years university teaching experience.

My teaching philosophy focuses on student-centered learning, which emphasizes independent study and peer assessment. I want to teach you the subject matter as well as techniques to help you learn on your own in the future. I develop effective lessons that engage my students and develop deep understanding of the material.

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Bilingual Ph.D. Candidate in Education offering academic writing support and encouragement at all levels

I have 7 years teaching college students Freshman through Seniors. I have 3 years experience teaching Teacher Coaches, Teachers, and Pre-service Teachers. I have also taught high school students and middle school students. I have taught English as a Second Language and Spanish as a Second Language. I love to tutor grammar and punctuation in academic writing.

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English Is Easy! I can transform your child's understanding of English guaranteed! Better comprehension and excitement about reading and writing. Your child will see improved grades and continued grow

Lesson plans are standardized academic English, I use elementary English workbooks for grades 1 through 3. I use white boards. Lessons are fun and interactive! The key to success is praise for a job well done. This class builds confidence regardless of what grade, or which page the students is on in their work books.

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Published freelancer in Austin, TX with 5+ years experience in academic and popular writing

My teaching methodology is student-centered. I focus on inquiry-based learning where the "I dunno how" is re-generated into a strong, enthusiastic "Whaaat?! That's fascinating!" This approach encourages teachers and students to investigate why well-covered topics are relevant to our personal present.

San Diego
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TESL Certified English Tutor for everyone from anywhere for breaking down the language barriers !! :)

I have received a graduate diploma of National Oil Academy. Also, have numerous certificates of practical seminars, training courses which helped me to improve my professional skills. During my work, I use different methods and techniques for better understanding and high results of my students.

Hallandale Beach
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Certified English Teacher offering English tutoring for all ages, friendly and affordable!

I base my classes on the needs and goals of the student. I can provide the teaching materials, or we can use your personal materials/ homework. Each lesson, I will give you plenty of time to practice and review. I believe in positive reinforcement and having fun while you learn.

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Experienced screenwriter studying to be a professor wants to help you with your story or essay!

Keeping things simple and focused, breaking the writing process down to a series of steps that are manageable and produce the best results. Focusing on giving students the tools they need to find the answers and improve their own work, rather than subjective feedback without context.

West Dundee
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Business grad with 8 years of experienced writting and public speaking, in West Dundee.

I have a degree in Business Management and have been able to make a difference at my current employer.

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Elementary teacher of 31 years tutors reading plus all elementary subjects.

My name is Joni Parks and I have 31 years of experience teaching elementary school. I have a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University and am still certified to teach grades Pre- K through 5 in all Georgia schools. I teach reading,math,writing,phonics,science, and social studies.

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Writing coach/tutor in Maryland. 15+ years of experience with high school & college student writers. Special interests in ADHD, ELL, and rebellious procrastinators.

I most often work with students who struggle to respond to writing prompts from their English classes. Literary analysis and arguments (researched or not researched) are my specialties, though not the only types of academic writing I can help with. My approach is collaborative.

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Credentialed reacher with 2+ years of in-classroom teaching experience teaching lessons in text analysis, essay writing, and test preparation

I believe in personalized educational support tailored to a student's particular needs. I enjoy working collaboratively with students to meet their goals--taking advantage of their academic strengths and improving their areas of growth. My classroom teaching experience allows me to use proven teaching techniques beyond typical tutoring.

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LSU Philosophy Graduate teaching English ACT prep in the Lewisburg WV area

Hello, I graduated from LSU just this past month with an in-major GPA of 3.9 in Philosophy. I am an experienced tutor when it comes to ACT English and Reading prep, and I received many accolades for my writing from my college professors. I tutor students from middle school to high school in ACT English and Reading, and I use ACT prep textbooks that I provide.

New York
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NYC College Student gives lessons in Academia & DJing online or in-person!

I received my NYS High School Regents Diploma in 2011. I am currently in the process of receiving my B.S. from CUNY City College of New York in Biomedical Engineering. I tailor every session to the needs of my student. I guide my students in prioritizing by asking what they need to get done before our next session and then we work from there.

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English/Literature Major offering English and Literature lessons in Dallas with 2 years of Experience

My teaching methodology, would involve one on one teaching method of writing, literature, and focusing on students writing skills as well. My main focus would be focusing on the way students retain the knowledge of being successful in English lessons based on my teachings.

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20 years writing curricula and teaching Modern Humanities, Theater Arts and Creative Writing

I have an M.Ed. from Loyola University in Chicago and have twenty years of lessons in writing, whether in terms of nuts-and-bolts grammar and structure, or in terms of creative flow.

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Harvard student with 3 years experience as an english tutor for all ages.

I spend the first session getting to know my students in order to grasp what they're struggling in, what they hope to achieve academically, and what resources they need to do it. I then gather worksheets and cultivate a lesson plan that is individually crafted for them. Whether it be test prep, reading help, or writing tips, I have resources on hand from my grassroots tutoring program.

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RAISE YOUR GRADES: Professional Help with College English, Papers in All Subjects, or ESOL. 20 Years Experience

My method is to assess where you are and learn about your goals, and then devise a fun and effective program to help you reach those goals as quickly as possible. I use a combination of resources, mixing verbal/ auditory inputs with visual instruction in order to maximize comprehension and retention by making duel neural pathways in the brain.

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Elementary School (K-5th) Master Teacher. Willing to tutor in Social Studies, Science, Reading & English Language Arts!!

My name is Suzanne Smalling. I am 31 years old and I have been teaching elementary school for a total of 10 years. I earned my masters degree in 2008 from Albany State University in Early Childhood Education. Two years later I achieved the highly esteemed "Teacher of The Year" award. I have extensive experience working with students from a variety of backgrounds.

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English graduate offering uncomplicated essay critique and literature understanding in Jacksonville, Florida

I break down complicated literature and reconstruct the material with students in order to ensure intelligent understanding. I mostly give lessons to college students however I'm more than willing to work patiently with any age group. As a tutor, I ensure a comfortable environment where a student can ask any question and receive easy-to-understand answers without disdain.

(14 reviews)
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Elementary Tutor-PreK-2nd Grade- Phonemic Awareness, Phonics-Multi-syllabic-decoding ,Fluency, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies

I know that all children can learn. A diagnostic test should be given to the child and appropriate data must be gathered after this initial assessment. The results of this data drives the instruction while on-going progress monitoring provides additional data for remediation. Remediation is given until the child has successfully mastered the skill based on the final assessment.

(3 reviews)
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Published author with more than 20 years experience in academic and fiction writing.

From middle-schoolers to college undergrads, if there is one thing that I have learned that works at all levels is the art of simplicity. Listening to student concerns takes an open ear, closed mouth, and patience. If a teacher does not have those qualities, he's in the wrong business.

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BA English graduate and professional offers composition, literacy, and resume tutoring in Gainesville, FL

I approach each student with an asset based lens. I build from the foundation of knowledge that individual holds, and then utilize a restorative, strengths based approach to uplifting the inherent skills already present. I am patient and encouraging, and I understand there are no bad students, only missed chances at application.

(6 reviews)
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10 years an Educator (NY/CA) helping students with English Literacy/ History tutoring

My method of teaching is based on building healthy relationships with my students that foster them to take ownership and accountability for their academic goals through self advocacy. The better the student can learn themselves the easier it will be to learn content. They will be able to pin point what they need to learn best with the facilitation of the teacher.

(10 reviews)
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Certified teacher ( Pre-K thru 6th Grade) with over 15 years experience offering tutoring in Reading and Math

Hello fellow students! I feel we are all always learning, including teachers. My name is Randee and I love to teach. I currently work with Title 1 students tutoring in Reading and Math (ages Kindergarten-5th grade). I graduated from Eckerd College. I would say my philosophy on teaching is that every student learns differently.

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Teacher with 11 years experience in Elementary Ed., is on a break from full-time teaching, and is ready to tutor from home in Bryan, Texas!

My teaching methodology is based on tailoring lessons to each individual learner's need. Each student learns differently and needs a slightly different approach. I am experienced at modifying curriculum to suite a learner's need, interest, and learning style.

Palm Beach County
(5 reviews)
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Teaching English for 10+ years to all age levels in South Florida

My teaching method is to make it as fun and entertaining as possible. I use metaphors, games, mnemonic devices, and the student's personal interests to help make meaningful learning connections that will last.

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Experienced, warm and friendly Master of Arts in English and teacher of English language, ESL, reading and writing.

I always adapt my teaching method to the student and context. I believe in meeting individual students at the level they've already achieved and affirming, naming and congratulating them on their current skills sets. I present myself as a compassionate co-learner who just so happens to have the knowledge the student needs.

Manchester Township
(4 reviews)
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Learn from a nationally certified Instructor, For any in need of Academic Teaching and Tutoring...

I care for my students' frustrations, I listen, and create the best possible course of academic progress after getting to know them, so that I can relate to their mode, and see what is going on with my students' objectively, and then finally I eliminate all negative factors/and or other influences or factors which may hinder their progress and successful education completely.

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Perfect! Terry is a tremendous teacher with a profound knowledge of poetry. I consider it a rare privilege to study with him. I highly recommend Terry. He'll change the way you read and appreciate poetry.

Wendy, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Rumana es una maestra muy responsable, atenta, simpatica, profesional en sus clases, paciente, recomiendo a Rumana sin dudas para clases de Ingles.

Douglas, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! During the six weeks of our stay in Los Angeles, Judy gave my Swiss kids (age 10 and 8) English lessons for beginners. The kids were really happy with Judy, they learned a lot, especially reading and speaking. Judy is a very motivated,...

Nadine, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! So I needed to say this. Beverly is awesome. My son only had two lessons so far. I got a note from his speech teacher saying how much he improved with the word “the”. Beverly was helping him with that word. Plus his confidence is growing with...

Rachael, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your academic english lessons

From learning about great authors to understanding the appropriate way of writing, English is a class that provides insightful information not only about properly using the language, but it helps broaden the minds of readers of English by introducing students to some of the best and brightest writers of the language. Due to this, it is important for anyone who speaks English to take up English lessons from an English professor and teacher. With all of the courses provided for individuals of different understanding levels, those enrolled can read and learn about stories from early English, through Shakespeare and up to present day English. With the help of the English teachers available and the English lessons they provide, individuals can comprehend and learn the essential elements of using the English language. Now, there are other languages taught, should someone not find themselves interested in English. There are Latin and philosophy lessons, as well ash an ancient Greek teacher. For those who want business help, there are Resume - cover letter’s writing prep teachers.