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Degreed engineer with extensive mathematics background. There are no stupid questions! Success.

My education includes extensive mathematics, calculus, and differential equations. In addition to mathematics, I have a background in physics as well. I have a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. If you pick me I will work hard to ensure your child learns the material.

Vernon Township
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Special Education Teacher with 9+ years experience with students in elementary and middle school. Located in Sussex County, NJ

My teaching method depends on my students. I always make sure to teach to the way they learn. Some students prefer to hear a lesson, others need to see it. I go above and beyond to make sure my students "get it" and encourage all questions and comments.

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Math Learning Specialist Teaches Strategies for "learning how to learn" math in Rochester, NY

We teach kids how to learn soccer, baseball, etc. but we don't teach them how to learn math. As a professional math educator, I focus on having students verbalize their math thinking, using their strengths on which to build new understanding, and developing individualized strategies for being more effective math learners.

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Perfect math tutor, once started up a personal math summer school at age 15 for kids 3-8 years

I bond with the kid, do a personal research on their abilities and methods,then adjust my teaching style to their respective needs and methods of learning.Some kids are faster learners than others, some need visual representation and some work better with repetition.

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Engineering and Mathematics student with 2 years experience offering math and chemistry lessons in Akron, Ohio

My teaching method is to take everything step by step, and make sure the student understands not only what to do, but why it is done that way. I make sure the student is actively engaged, and will answer any questions that come along the way.

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A different type of special education for a unique and type of learners

I am a special education teacher who particularly impacts children in kindergarten through fifth grade. I can describe myself as an innovative, creative and motivating teacher. My teaching styles are varied, interactive, integrated technology and can be adapted to different learning styles.

High Point
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Dedicated Tutor with 3 years of tutoring experience. Willing to help & go the extra mile to help your child excel by the end of our journey together.

Expeditionary learning which involves “learning by doing” and participating in a hands-on experience. Students may participate in fieldwork, learning expeditions, projects or case studies. External link to be able to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to the real world, rather than learning through the virtual world.

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Special Assistance General education tutor. Located in Pocatello Idaho. Currently in College for Law

I am fairly young, yes. However, I have coached many children. I also got myself through high school and into law school. I have ADHD and dyslexia. I know it can be hard and I would love to be your stepping stool to continuing your education.

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Civil engineering major, certified draftswoman. I will teach you maths & computer aided design (auocad,Revit,civil3D) So if you're preparing for SATs or having trouble doing calculus or highschool mat

I won't help you do math, I will help you understand math. We shall deal with issues from the root ...in a very simplified manner. Yes I will teach you how to design using softwares. I will also encourage you to be creative and innovative.

College Park
Md nashir
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For 12th students or below offering maths in kolkata with 3 year experience

My teaching method is firstly I disscuss on topic after that I give some examples than I give homework and if students tell problems I disscuss in class

Pembroke Pines
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Calculus 1 Process Revealed for your Simplified Utilization. Review of Trig to help you through it.

It is my goal to demonstrate the different methods to approach the problems. Then, it will become more understandable for you.

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Good mathematics student from India And with good experience in calculus And also other mathematics subject

My teaching method is to make mathematics realistic approach and make complex things in most easiest way possible and fun

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Engineering major with adept knowledge Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus I II and III.

I approach each lesson/subject with a general overview of the course, followed by detailed teaching from the basics to the complex.

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Tutor for special needs students( K to 12) with ADD, ADHD and Autism!

I use Aba methodology to teach special needs students to succeed in academics.

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Mathematics tutor with Masters Degree and loves to teach! Taught college level mathematics and tutored high school students for 5+years

I like to introduce a topic theoretically and slowly increase the difficulty in the solutions. It always helps to show simple exercises to start so that one understands what the solution means and how it relates to the theory. More difficult solutions would use more advanced algebra and or calculus techniques to show subject mastery.

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Microbiology college graduate ready to help you reach your new year's resolutions!

I am very skilled in simplifying math and science so that the student can understand the process and be able to solve any problem. And, of course...

San Antonio
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I will help you with your math if you really want to

I like start trying to answer some questions and figure out with the student what the real problem is to

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Are you one of those -“MATH IS NOT FOR EVERYONE ”-type of people?, or one of the ‘ I’M NOT GOOD AT MATH” students? Well I’ll tell you what.... you’ve come to the right place. If you are really passion

I alway like hands on problems. I believe practice makes perfect. Also, the ability of the student to pay attention from the very first lectures is highly important because math requires cumulative learning. What you learn in previous topics help you in next topics. I teach the student the concept behind each topic and then we solve some problems from the student’s given text book.

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PhD Professor of Mathematics offering Math lessons in LA with 30 years experience

Help students: grade 12 and college students to understand and solve there home work.

San Diego
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College Mathematics Professor helps all students to discover the beauty of Mathematics and learn it easily.

I always make it an easy and attainable challenge for my students when I tutor/teach. This method of teaching Mathematics is a combination of Socratic(Discovery) Method and techniques of "Positive Reinforcement".

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Experienced and Doctorate holder in mathematics offering Math tutoring in kentucky and Ohio area

My teaching method is a two way healthy discussion with the proper guidance to understand the concept. I keep on reviewing the important facts that needed to be remembered in order to find a solution to a problem in the correct way.

New York
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13 years teaching experience - I am an excellent British elementary teacher in NY

My teaching method is to use a lot of games to make learning fun but memorable. I pride my self on my phonics teaching to assist reading.

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Masters in Engineering, 10 years of tutoring at schools and home and online

I ask you if you know what these problems entail, answer questions about them, show you what and why you are learning this topic, then watch you work, help you understand what to expect, show you some shortcuts if they exist, then what you will be taught next. I like to work simple examples that explain the proper procedures and like to draw diagrams depicting and example of the problem.

East Haven
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Physics major with a passion for mathematics, currently enrolled in calculus 3. Offering math lessons in New Haven CT or online

When I learn a new topic in math, there are a few things I do to better understand it. First, I make sure I know what the definitions are in my own words. Next, I make sure I can translate them into pictures/visualizations of the concepts. Then, I go through sample problems and find nuances for each topic.

Sugar Land
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Current student and part-time tutor pursuing a bachelor's degree in financial mathematics

I engage in an interactive setting while emphasizing a step by step process, providing additional practice, visualization, and lecture-formatted sessions.

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High School Graduate Tutoring for Entry Level Mathematics, Biological Sciences, and English

I tailor my teaching method to each individual student as there is not a one way fits all approach for education.

(1 review)
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Toledo Local Reading/English Tutor for early elementary - college student, 8 years experience, 1 year Sylvan Learning Instructor

I based my instructor on the student's needs. I identify areas of weakness in the student's content knowledge and create an individualized study plan to help the student succeed. I identify the type of learner the student is and based my instruction on methods that the student would best understand.

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Psychology student with minor in education gives lessons to students on Autism spectrum in Bay Area

In high school I determined that I would love to be a teacher. My teaching process involves going through a intricate process piecemeal, logically, and systematically to break down the formidable into the familiar puts me at ease.

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Mathematics tutor with 8 years of experience looking to tutor algebra-calculus (except geometry and stats)

I tend to explain the concept then work an example problem, then have the student explain how to work problems so I know that the student understands the concept.

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