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Currently certified Illinois Teacher K to 9, endorsed in classroom teaching, special education K to 9 (LBS-1), language arts, social studies and computer science.

My lesson plans are specific to the topic and the individual students' abilities, talents and interests. I have favorite materials and methods from my 7 years teaching. I devote hours of preparation for my lessons, particularly on research, also reviewing my resources from my teacher membership in educational websites.

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Scientist who Researched the Neurobiology of Autism providing Lessons for Unique Learners

I received both my BA in Natural Sciences and my PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK. For every student I tutor I devise an individualized learning program which is designed to meet the student's specific needs and learning style. I am a full-time tutor and I devote a lot of energy into ensuring every student I teach reaches their full potential.

Susan m
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Make you love to read everything and anything to enrich your mind

i had trouble has a child with reading and hated books now with a BA in English i want to help someone else. I want to encourage and give confidence. I will apply my lessons from long ago. Or even enrich my own set of learning skills.

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Book lover can't wait to help others discover the adventures reading can offer!

My approach to reaching is to make it as fun as possible! Start by breaking down each paragraph, sentence and word so you can focus on one thing at a time. To learn the rules of the language, use mneumonic devices- the sillier, the better! And remember, the English language is FULL of words that don't follow any rules at all. We can work together to find ways to remember them.

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Retired teacher with 36 years of experience under my belt. I love working with children especially in the areas of reading and math.

I enjoy working with students in grades K-8. I believe that all students are entitled to learn. Each child is unique and is at a different reading level. There is much to learn in life. I look forward to meeting you.

San Angelo
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Reading is my skill. Let me make it yours. Published author with 23 years experience will help you learn in San Angelo, Texas.

I teach clearly and thoroughly with patience and kindness. I instill confidence and teach accordingly to the type of student you are. I also work patiently with ADD and ADHD students. I simply love to teach and love the subject of reading.

Daytona Beach
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Read With Me! Learn How To Read Faster And Retain More Information!

Dr. Melissa Williamson Educational Background • Des Moines University, B.S. in Medical Science Born in Orlando, Florida, Melissa grew up on the Space Coast, enjoying the beach and Space Shuttle launches from NASA. Driven, Melissa graduated from medical school in 1996 and practiced as a podiatric surgeon in Illinois.

Midwest City
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Elementary school teacher willing to tutor 1st-3rd grade all in all subjects as needed

I base my tutoring methods on the individual needs of each student. I create a teaching plan based on these results. Once I am able to assess the students strengths and weaknesses. I am able to get them to the progress they need.

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K-6 Certified Tutor (Reading Endorsed!) Creative Lessons designed to fit your student!

My teaching method is very hands on. I start by taking an interest survey to see what my student is interested in and what they find easy/difficult about the subject(s) I will be teaching them. This allows me to do two things. One, see what my students enjoy and like to learn about. Two, it tells me what their confidence level in the subject at hand, and what they may need to work on.

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Teacher with 20+ yrs. experience. seeks reading students preschool-middle school age -after school - one-on-one help. Located in Ellsworth , WI USA. Bachelor of science degree from WSU River Falls

I am a retired teacher/case manager and a Grandma. My grandchildren are the light of my life and I have always loved working with children. I enjoy camping, traveling, movies, reading, cooking, baking and most of all, my family. I Graduated from WSU River Falls with a Bachelor of Science degree (elementary ed. major and music minor).

Ladera Ranch
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Special education teacher with 30 years of experience teaching reading skills using multi-sensory interventions for students with special needs and students who struggle with conventional reading inst

I utilize a multi-sensory Orton- Gillingham systematic approach to my instruction and make the lessons fast paced, fun and rewarding. I believe in building a student's self confidence which makes them motivated to learn and become stronger more confident readers.

Huntington Beach
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Credentialed elementary school educator available to teach all subjects K-6 for remediation/enrichment.

Establishing a positive relationship with students is the foundation for productive learning sessions. Finding and building on student's strengths is the key to maximum success. Students learn best when they are motivated by stimulating lessons and hands on activities that keep them engaged.

Salt Lake City
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Tutor Experienced in Helping Kids With ADHD and Autism Online or Locally

I shape my teaching methods to each child, since every child is unique! I tutor elementary to middle school students, specializing in teaching ADHD and Autistic kids. I use techniques such as engaging in the child's interests and highlighting their strengths in order to improve the areas they need help in.

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Experienced full-time tutor with a passion for reading, offering online literacy tutoring

I believe that reading is the key to a successful life. I also believe that reading should be fun, and that students should be able to read about things that interest them. I follow a gradual release approach of I do, we do, you do, to build student confidence, while giving them ample space to grow.

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Hello from Maine! Professional tutor offering students assistance in grammar and writing.

In a classroom setting I strive to identify the learning style of all my students. I have used small group settings in Reading and Spelling based on student achievements and past grade level assessments. When teaching Title 1, a federally funded program for at-risk students in grades K-4, I met with a small group of 3-4 students or one on one student instruction.

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Certified reading specialist with over 25 years experience seeks students who want to add a little excitement to their reading/literature studies.

I approach teaching through a student-centered approach. Every living thing on earth is unique and that definitely goes for my students. I start by briefly administering a learning styles inventory to establish learning modalities and individualized lesson planning based on strengths. My lessons are flexible and adaptable to every learning style and frustration level.

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Love working with students with exceptional needs (mostly SLD)! Over 20 years of experience waiting to learn from you! Washington, D.C.

I love working with students with exceptional needs, great interpersonal skills. love to integrate your interest into the learning experience. Teaching experience pre-K - 8th grade (classes will be for pre-K to 3rd grade).

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Experienced teacher provides Reading instruction in a one-on-one setting to Elementary Students.

I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education and I am in the process of persueing my masters degree. I hold a Missouri certification in grades 1-6 & K-12 Special Education. I am currently teaching at the 3rd-5th grade levels in a public school. I look forward to providing one-on-one online tutoring to elementary students needing some extra help.

Ann Arbor
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4-year college student passionate about English offering tutoring online or in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti.

I hope to make fun an integral part of each of my lessons and tutoring sessions. My goal is to understand each of my students learning styles to adjust my lessons accordingly. I want to encourage confidence and passion in my students.

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Licensed Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University with 5+ years of experience

I begin by getting to know the students that I'm working with and how they learn best. I utilize their learning styles to craft lessons that will meet their needs. When introducing a new topic or skill, I usually start with a hands-on activity as a hook to excite students about their new learning.

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Certified Teacher, with 22 years of experience, available for tutoring in English/Language Arts, Spanish (all levels), and Math (through High School). Bilingual and I LOVE to teach!

I do a lot of interactive activities in my classroom in order to promote idea sharing and peer tutoring. I believe we have to be ACTIVELY ENGAGED (even as adult students) in order to retain and retrieve knowledge.

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Retired State of Florida certified teacher specializing in elementary reading and math skills

I base my teaching method on informal testing to determine skill level of my students. I also talk to parents to find out their goals for their children. I believe that learning can and should be fun, and I use a lot of teacher made manipulatives.

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BA in Elementary Education K-6 M.Ed in Special Education K-12 Licensed by the state of North Carolina to teach: Elementary Education K-6, Cross Categorical Special Education K-12, and Severe and Profo

I teach each class with a multi-disciplinary and a multi-sensory approach to ensure all learners and learning types receive an appropriate lesson for maximum understanding. I have a structured approach in my lessons while maintaining the flexibility to capture unplanned teaching moments.

Olive Branch
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Certified Exceptional Education teacher with over ten years of teaching experience. Love making learning fun!

My teaching style demonstrates dedication to fostering a positive learning environment and maximizing individual student performance. I teach according to the learning style of the student, and I will incorporate other teaching styles to expand on the style of learning.

Yorba Linda
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Special education teacher in Yorba Linda specializing in (and incredibly passionate about) teaching literacy skills to elementary school students

I use a balanced literacy model in my classroom including but not limited to interactive and shared reading, phonological awareness, guided reading, word knowledge, shared writing and more. I like to think of myself as organized and structured but laid back. I have high expectations for all of my students.

Great Barrington
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College graduate with excellent reading comprehension and great patience! I’ll work for you!

Hello, I’m a 30 y/o college graduate and I took all AP classes in high school. I will teach ANYONE who needs help up to college level (unless it’s more advanced material than I can do) lol I will never charge you if I know up front that I can’t help you out bc I don’t understand the material. If I can help you though you will get 100% of my focus and effort.

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College English Professor offering lessons in academic reading of textbooks and research articles.

My teaching method is always student-centered. I use modeling to demonstrate the skills being taught and then the student practices the skills. I follow-up with constructive feedback but never in a harsh way. We continue until the student feels comfortable.

Crystal Lake
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30 year veteran of English instruction in the Northwest suburbs is anxious to help you!

Recently I have been designing lessons based on the specific needs of each student. Whether they are getting ready to take one of the National Exams or just trying to spruce up their email style, I have given them problems and practice tests, complete with in-depth error analysis.

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Former elementary teacher with master's degree offers one-on-one tutoring in home in Germantown, WI

I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and master's degree in Educational Leadership. I am certified to teach students from birth to age 11, but have tutored high school students in the past. I believe that developing a strong rapport and relationship is essential to student success. Students are more willing to try difficult things if they feel comfortable.

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