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College student with 5+ years experience in academic, humanities, and language tutoring, offering private tutoring services. I am currently in the process of obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Medical

I approach each student based on their personality and learning style. Every student is different and it is my job to make sure that my teaching method is well-suited to their ability to learn successfully. I treat all pupils with the respect they deserve, and provide them with creative solutions to learning.

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I am a elementary teacher with summers free to tutor young students

I have a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. In my lessons we would begin with background knowledge to give me an idea of where the student stands. After some instruction, it would end with some sort of assessment based on the lesson.

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Existing to Glorify - Experienced Academic Tutoring and content help! Houston,TX

I have many major points in teaching. As Obama would say “when you teach, teach with passion and creativity”, those would be my two strongest attributes. I strongly believe that is what I bring to the classroom. It is so important to exercise the mind, body and soul.

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Business development consultant, historical, economics, and sociological researcher, and freelance writer. Broad and in-depth experience with excellent intersectionality.

I take an approach focused on broad principles, then showing how they may be applied in individual cases, so that the student can gain a flexible and practical understanding, which may be applied far beyond the specific topic in question.

Castro Valley
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Recent Premed graduate offering math and science tutoring with 9 years experience in the Bay Area

I have taught students between the ages of 3 and 37. I believe in a student-based approach, meaning sessions are adjusted according to the strengths and learning styles of each student. Our first couple sessions are used to evaluate where the student is at, whether the student-tutor chemistry works, and how to move forward in the most effective way.

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Experienced teacher offering summer enrichment program in Denver elementary school children prefered

My method is asking the why question before the what question, and waiting for the student to come up with own answer ( rather than feeding him bare facts) Preparing meaningful lesson plans, and involving the student in all phases of learning is my specialty!

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Psychology student with 3 years of tutoring experience with children K-12 in Philadelphia.

I believe that you can only understand material as well as you understand the components that it is made up of. Everything is interconnected. Even "original" ideas are influenced by something else.

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Academic tutor with 3 years experience. I can tutor almost every subject and I'm very flexible on hours.

I like to tutor so that kids learn but I also like to come up with games for questions for their subject in which I am tutoring. I like for kids to learn but I also like for them to enjoy learning.

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Kindergarten teacher with bachelors degree, reading/math specific experience! Some Spanish language proficiency

I am a nurturing kindergarten teacher with elementary level expertise. My teaching method focuses on the whole child. This way, I can use multiple modalities of learning to meet the needs of the individual.

Kings County
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Experienced History Teacher offering ELA and social studies lessons in New York

I am a believer in inquiry based learning. I believe that students learn and take pride in their learning when they are given opportunities to uncover knowledge for themselves. I do not spoon feed my students the answers, but rather guide them with questioning and provide them with the resources to take ownership of their own learning.

Queens County
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Former NYC Department of Education Master's Educator to tutor K-12 Multi-subject,ESL and Testing!

It would be my pleasure to help your child to grow using data driven methods to measure and track their progress in order to improve their overall academic experience inside and outside of the classroom. I believe all students should have a caring and disciplined approach to learning in order to help them set goals by creating measurable outcomes that they can communicate clearly and effectively.

Santa Monica
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We should all read when we read we be brilliant.Reading is the key to success.

I am a very nice person, we will have a lot of fun.I am a fun person who cares.If you need anything you can tell me.We will learn a lot of things.You will enjoy.Just read your book and you will be good.We are all smart.

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Teacher/professor/attorney provides academic and professional tutoring online. Satisfied students description: "supportive, intelligent, creative, and always enjoyable."

Degrees in English, Philosophy, Education and Law; including B.S. (Magna cum Laude), M.A., J.D.; several years experience in several fields, including teaching (high school, adult ed. college/university, & tutoring Korean professionals in English); practicing civil and appellate law; mediating; professional editing and writing. I'm curious, very well-informed, and enjoy assisting others.

Pardeep m
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An Experienced PhD Scientist Tutor And a Teacher with an Active Process of Teaching Through Graphical Representations.

Edu: PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Fifteen years experience in cell and molecular biology, immunology and biochemistry. Target Audience: High School, College And Advance University Students. Method of Teaching: Graphical Illustrative teaching using multimedia technology. Text book teaching along with Advance journals like Reviews in Biotechnology for college and University Grads.

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College student in neuroscience gives math, and reading/english homework help for middle school or elementary

Finished high school, currently a sophomore in college. I am here to help middle school or elementary school students who are struggling or just need some improvement/practice in the course.

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Grade's 1-13Q, Veganism Health Nutrition, Raymondville, TX, College Level Experiences, Home Work...

Shello, Student's or Learner's: First of all, my name is Monica A. Gomez. If you read the above description, I do have past experience in grade levels from 1 thru 13 Q as in K lesson's to prepare children, for graduation. You can become more knowledgeable in Veganism Health Nutrition, or you just need a simple push in the right direction, ask me a question about your home work.

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Teacher with 6 years of experience gives tutoring/homework help for elementary grades.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English with a minor in Psychology. I also have my teaching certificate at the Master's Level. I am 2 classes away from having my Master's Degree in Education with an Emphasis in Literacy. I have experience teaching all subject areas for grades K-5. I also have experience teaching middle school Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

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Alegebra and Mathematics Homework Help in Conroe, TX 77304 grades 1 to college level

I give lessons to people of all ages. I would rather use Skype for sessions but texting is fine. To better understand what I can help you with, I'd like to see all of the work. I'm very patient and I try to explain things as basically as I can. If there is further explanation needed, just ask.

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Elementary tutor for academics including homework help also can baby sit. currently a Wichita State student studying to be a elementary teacher living on the west side of Wichita near Maize

I like to incorporate fun in my lessons. i want to teach things differently than they may be taught in the classroom for many reasons. if the content was taught perfectly in the classroom then there would be no need for tutoring. i like to get the kids active and find out how they learn best.

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Creative PhD who is experienced and detailed oriented tutor is ready to help you!

PhDc, Educational Psychology, UCONN M.A, Educational Psychology, UCONN B.

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Retired Special Education Teacher gives academic Tutoring K-12, Pasadena & surrounding areas

I have a BA in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara Cal State Fullerton, MA Special Education Simmons College-MSW (incomplete) Opened-minded teaching plan for helping students meet and exceed educational goals. Teaching objective includes a structured but flexible process for student advancement. Interactive teaching style, incorporating a multitude of goals beneath a single roof.

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Let's Make Learning a Fun Experience that both you and I can Enjoy

Working with students since I was in highschool has been a long and interesting journey. I've taught children from k-12 with all sorts of subjects. Seeing a child and improve is what makes me feel like I'm doing my job the right way. Looking forward to helping our community and it's residents become smarter than ever.

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Current College Student Tutor of various subjects in the Clovis/Portales area available immediately

I maintained a 4.5 gpa throughout high school as well and taking dual-credit courses. I graduated with the class of 2017 a year early and am currently attending Eastern New Mexico University as a pre-med student. I started off college as a sophomore and absolutely love tutoring. I tutored at Clovis High School and offer help in all subjects on all levels.

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Online all subjects tutor via skype or messages in scottsdale az.

I have a high school diploma and had tutored students during high school. I mostly tutor in English , history, and math. I prefer to teach students in their own way. I let them show me how they like to learn whats best for them. i don't have a specific way of how i teach students. every student is different. I am very attentive and always have a fun way of teaching.

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Young Elementary Educaction major helps all students master their general studies in Indy

Sophomore at IUPUI with above average GPA offers help to students of every age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation to excel in various areas of study. My teaching approach varies from student to student because I am well aware that no two individuals learn the same.

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Need assisstance on essays, studying, projects, generalized questions or just simple life advice?

I'm a very open minded and relaxed tutor. I don't have an exact teaching method, since not every teaching method works for every individual. I assess the assistance that you would need and I will go from there. I will also be happy to help with any topic ideas that you may need as well as editing papers, outlining papers and even ghost writing.

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Teacher with Two Master's Degrees, K-12 Experience and 11 years in the Field

2011-2013 American College of Education Indianapolis, IN M.Ed.

North Myrtle Beach
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Retired Teacherwith 32 years experience gives homework help to help you understand

I try teaching using different modalities to see which one is more effective for each student. I like to use mnemonic devices and acronyms to help with remembering information; like Roy G. Biv to remember order of the colors of the rainbow. I have taught every subject so I feel like I can help you with your homework.

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Retired school teacher, book reviewer and editor --- with an experienced "eye" --- offers lessons to middle schoolers, utilizing a hands-on approach to learning with individual learning styles of the

Teaching has always been my passion and I enjoy the exchange shared between my students and myself, when my teaching techniques --- hands on approach through research --- and their individual learning styles connect and we are off on our journey to expanding our minds!!

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Perfect! So I needed to say this. Beverly is awesome. My son only had two lessons so far. I got a note from his speech teacher saying how much he improved with the word “the”. Beverly was helping him with that word. Plus his confidence is growing with...

Rachael, student
9 months ago
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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.