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Certified teacher for over 17 years, college teacher. Tutoring and coaching, re-motivation, personalized support throughout the year, exam preparation ... I use many online media and helps my students to progress in the 5 language skills.

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English Language Tutoring with A* College Student, GCSE help is just around the corner!

I’m a College student who is passionate to help teach others and enhance GCSE pupil’s knowledge on particular subjects. I’m more than willing to help other students gain the grades they deserve, as long as they’re willing to co-operate with me. As a tutor in previous subjects, English Languge is something i am willing to try, achieving A* grade (8).

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Neo graduate from classical high school gives repetitions in areas close to Turin

I am a neo-graduated girl at Class High School A.Monti di Chieri (To) with a score of 86/100. I am a native speaker of Spanish but Italian is my second mother tongue. I love English and I have the FCE certificate and I'm trying to give the CAE. My lessons will be conducted following the course of the student's studies and trying to improve his learning techniques.

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Help with homework and tutoring for any level by an enthusiastic, serious and dynamic student in Litterature, Tours

Currently in Modern Lettiterature, I have always been a serious and motivated student. I would now like to be able to pass on this enthusiasm and be able to help other students to progress in what is problematic or simply tohelp them during the year. The important thing for me is to adapt to each student, because they all have different needs and difficulties, and thus help them with all kindness.

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Native English offering classes for children. Help with child care or studies like English

My name is Lucy. I am 20 years old and from Ireland. After my studies in school I continued in education and completed a HND course in advanced practice working with children and Families. During the summer of 2017 I had moved to Madrid to Au pair. I am currently in Madrid and working as an assistant teacher in the morning speaking with children about various different topics.

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Teacher postgraduated in Special Education, teaches school support, help with homework and English

I specialize in teaching children from kindergarten, primary and am currently doing a Master of Special Education. I have experience teaching people with dicapacidad. The preparation of the classes will be based on the child's needs, reviewing the exercises in class and focusing on their weaknesses. So that he learns to do them independently, with study techniques, motivation and constructively.

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Etudiante Domaine Santé helps with homework, babysitting / school outings and school guidance. For all ages

Hello, My name is Deborah, I am 19 years old and am currently in my final year of apprenticeship as a Community Health and Care Assistant. In order to finance my university studies abroad next year, I give courses on school subjects, mainly English, science / biology, geography and history.

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Classes of review and school support in Valencia. Psychology student in English.

I offer to help your children with the duties of children and primary, all subjects, and especially English, since I study the race in this language and requires a high level. I am a student of psychology, so I know how to keep the motivation of the children during the study.

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You left to study the day before and everything got wrong? Did you study for hours and forgot everything? Did you broke your head and could not move forward? Educational guidance and school aid!

In the meetings I will go over some of the activities I participated in in a student and professional orientation, both for studies and for career choices, and I will share my experiences and organizations. I'll teach you how to set up schedules for scheduling, which are the best outline plans. We will find together the model of study that most fits you.

Villaviciosa de Odón
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Dual-degree engineering student offers help to elementary, ESO or scientific / technological baccalaureate students in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid) or surroundings.

At the moment I am studying a double degree of engineering and I would like to teach other students, of any level included, PAU formation. In Bach. level I can help with the common or specific subjects of the scientific / technological area such as CTMA, Physics, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, etc.

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Teacher 6 years of experience giving help with homework / preparation of exams in secondary / methodology acquisition

The courses offered are designed for students who: - have difficulty in school - who feel demotivated - who need to acquire a working methodology - who need help preparing exams (oral and written) in the Secondary (college diploma, LAC). The course, the programming and the evolution of the courses will be done according to the student.

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Teacher with higher education education specialist for children in the initial years in Macaé

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English, postgraduate in Children's Education and work in a bilingual school in the market (Maple Bear) with 4 years of experience teaching English and Portuguese.

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I am an English teacher, who is a nanny too and who helps with homework (Rubí)

I am a baccalaureate student with an ESO average of 8.7, and with the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) in English. Therefore, I am perfectly qualified to teach English. I also give refresher classes and help with homework, apart from teaching organization and tricks to study. Primarily, I give classes to elementary students and 1 of ESO. I charge € 8 an hour.

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Elementary school teacher in Montequinto (Seville) offers studying support (children and adults)

Hello! I'm Elena, a 24-year-old Primary school teacher with a major in English. That means that I am able to teach any subject, from children to adolescents or older who want to get the school graduate, although my specialty are languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German). The most important thing for me is for my students to learn and to do it in the most enjoyable way possible.

Greater London
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Business and marketing expert gives lessons in business management, law and politics

Engaging and inspiring tutoring I have tutored students from some of the world`s top universities which include: Imperial College, Queen Mary`s and Cass Business School. My A-levels students have been achieving A+/A/B grades in recent exams. I use a practical approach to helping students understand the subject and what is needed of them, therefore able to achieve the best possible results.

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Student in BTS Management Of Business Units and holds a Bac Scientifique I will wish to give courses. I live in Asnieres Sur Seine but am totally fit to lecture in D

I offer my services for students of primary school and secondary school. I myself learned very good work habits and will wish to share them. A tutoring will be punctuated by a teacher-student exchange but also of little tricks to help students if necessary.

Ilaria allegra
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Graduated in Communication Sciences with elementary school teaching experience. I propose support lessons or help assignments for elementary or middle school boys. Preferably mate

I got a graduation in Communication Sciences, I worked in elementary school and I also obtained a diploma for enrollment in Italian language teaching to foreign students. I then got to specialize in teaching to people with learning difficulties (dyslexia, discoloration...).

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Law student gives tutoring classes, my goal : support your child !

I am currently studying law at the University of Lyon 3. I obtained 2 years ago a literary baccalaureate. I'm also a Basketball player. I'm an organized, methodical, smiling and educational person. I will be happy to support your child in his homework and exam as well as fill in his weakness in different subjects.

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A college student offers repetitions, help tasks and after school to children and children

I am a student at the last year of the Dietary course at the University of Milan and I am 21 years old. I have a lot of experience with children and teenagers since I've been helping this part for two years by giving repetitions, and by helping them in carrying out their duties as after school. I propose different methods according to the needs of each child / boy.

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I offer repetitions of Italian, English, German, history, mathematics, geometry, music, harmony and composition. For medium and high schools

I've always had so much curiosity and desire to learn, as well as being constantly in the game. It never ends, and you have to always be questioned. I like to teach to approach the various disciplines with the method of rigor of logic and the critical spirit.

La Cerbaiola
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Graduated in historical and humanistic sciences proposes repetitions and help tasks in Rimini San Marino area

I'm Genni, graduated in history sciences, lover of study and teaching. My classes are aimed at children and teenagers from elementary school to high school (also for university students if needed). I always try to make the best effort to explain things as easily as possible (and why not, even in a fun way).

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Writing help / methodology / French / English / law / homework help for all levels - Lons le Saunier - Bac + 5 Droit

Hello, I have a degree in Literature and Law (I have two Master's degrees in law) and I want to give courses and support to students of all levels (from primary to high school) in the following fields: french, literature, law, Reading, writing (style), construction of homework, reflection, English. I am very patient, rigorous and voluntary.

La Roche-sur-Yon
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Homework help to college. Talmont St Hilaire and its surroundings. Master the art of teaching PERC

I prepare my sessions courses according to the needs and knowledge of the students in a fun and interesting way. I try to use different course materials to make this one more captivating. I always based on a diagnostic assessment of the student, that is, know where he is in his skills and knowledge.

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Graduate of Sciences Po Paris gives courses of support of the primary school to the lycée

A graduate of the Master's Degree in Public Affairs, I propose to give courses to high school students. I can help students for methodology questions in history, philosophy, French. I also offer English and German courses, and can help with homework for scientific subjects up to the 3rd.

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Fun English classes at home in Valencia. For children, young people and adults

I am an English teacher. I have been preparing students for their exams for more than seven years. I have worked with children, adolescents and seniors. I have given private lessons as well as in different institutes. My methods are innovative and fun. If you want to learn English or need help, contact me.

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Help with homeworks in Literature, History and English for Kids and Adults in Velletri

I know, holidays are about to start and September seems far to come. However, if you want to fill some gaps or you want to start the next school year with a great mood, contact me for a light (or hard) reharsal (it's up to you).

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Holly Freeman, Trainee Second Year Primary School Teacher (Good) at the University of Northampton

I currently have experience in three different primary schools within England teaching all subjects across the curriculum. I specialize in Physical Education as I feel this is an important aspect of a child's development physically and academically. Within my first year I have had the responsibility of a classroom as well as aiding the organisation of school trips.

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Teacher of English, German and other ecological subjects - University degree with honors

I am a language teacher and I use the non-formal teaching method and the TBL method to facilitate the acquisition of the language (vocabulary and grammar) and to encourage students to practice the oral language as well as for the development of the 8 Basic Skills.

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Master's student at SciencePo, bilingual in French and English available for homework and babysitting in Paris

Hello, I am a Master's student at the School of International Affairs of Sciences Po Paris. I have a Bachelor's degree in Political and Social Sciences from the same school. I would like to help elementary school, college and high school students in their homework, especially in English and in history.

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Qualified Primary Teacher with English degree, able to teach all areas of curriculum.

Fun and friendly teacher of Primary age children, 5-11 years. I have taught in each aspect of the National Curriculum across all year groups, including preparation KS1 and KS2 SATs. It is important for my teaching to be engaging, and I enjoy preparing and incorporating interesting resources into my lessons.

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Perfect! Jacqueline is awesome. She went above and beyond to assist me with my capstone project for my Masters. She is very knowledgeable but most of all she cares and strives to provide excellent quality work. She ensures you understand the lesson before...

Lupe, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! So I needed to say this. Beverly is awesome. My son only had two lessons so far. I got a note from his speech teacher saying how much he improved with the word “the”. Beverly was helping him with that word. Plus his confidence is growing with...

Rachael, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your academic tutoring lessons

School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.