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San Diego
(24 reviews)
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Online English Lessons for everyone from anywhere for breaking down the language barriers.

I have received a graduate diploma of National Oil Academy. Also, have numerous certificates of practical seminars, training courses which helped me to improve my professional skills. During my work, I use different methods and techniques for better understanding and high results of my students.

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English teacher with 10 years of experience offering help to anyone who wants to improve his or her English language fluency!

My lessons can be for all levels of learners - beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are all welcome! I can cover various topics in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. I am friendly and positive, and want to help my students improve their English language fluency.

(6 reviews)
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Be Confident with Your English! Engaging Boston-based ESL Instructor. Lessons Online or In Person.

Tell me your goals for ESL and I will get you there! In addition to my TEFL certificate, I'm also a BA in English Literature and a writer. Plus, I teach business courses to international students.

(1 review)
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Professional ESL teacher with 9 years of experience - structured or casual lessons

Through my TESOL training and years of experience in the classroom, I have seen the importance of designing lessons to fit the needs of specific learners.

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Accent-free English & flawless writing for business or romance—decades experience! Fun 1-on-1 or small professional group hosted by discrete published author in Harvard Square.

I love helping professionals feel confident and happy expressing clear thoughts and emotions in writing, and without an accent. First, in a fun question & answer session, we identify your goals and priorities. That way, we swiftly shape the class to your specific needs.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

SOFTEN YOUR ACCENT will make you more understandable in the AMERICAN market place

I have been teaching the POWER OF SPEECH for over 40 years in California and Nevada. I live in San Diego, California. I have a BS in Speech Pathology, a Masters in Human Services / Psychology, and my International ESL TESOL.

(3 reviews)
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Super-experienced tutor helps internationals overcome language hurdles (problems) in writing &/or speaking.

My methodology absolutely begins with the individual student--his/her specific history concerns, hopes, and goals. After speaking with the student (via Skype or in person) and discussing these issues and the student's schedule, and (generally) giving the student a test to assess his/her level, I create a general plan that the student changes, if needed, and then approves.

(4 reviews)
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Certified English/ESOL Teacher offering personalized online ESL and reading tutoring for ages 4 to adult

I do a free evaluation with each student before creating lessons personalized specifically based on the evaluation. I create your lessons based on what you want to focus on, your level of English, and your preferred learning style. My main goal is to have the student produce as much language as possible. That means the student will be doing the most speaking, reading, and writing.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Online English Teacher/Tutor/Educator I reside in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa

This would be extremely interactive and engaging. At the students pace however, still challenging the student to raise their level and abilities based on my analysis during each lesson.

Colorado Springs
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

ESL teacher with 7 years experience with individual students, group classes, and online schools.

Every student is different! So I like to customize each lesson to fit each individual student. With a huge focus in conversation, I also provide curriculum that improves reading and writing skills. I have specialized kids curriculum and also provide resources and materials for pronunciation practice and accent reduction.

Parma Heights
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

I am an Online Certified TESOL English Tutor with K - 12 students Experience

Teaching is a passion. Out of passion flows ideas and creativity. Out of passion flows the desire to impact and influence the lives of the students that we encounter and students who come across our paths. Out of passion flows the deep interest to dig out the skills and talents that lie beneath the core of the students.

West University Place
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Dynamic ESL Instructor with 17 years of experience offering engaging and effective English lessons

My motto as an educator is, “If they’re not learning, you’re not teaching.” This idea is at the core of my teaching philosophy. I am most interested in the teaching and learning process and how the traditional limits of these pursuits can be challenged.

1st lesson offered free !

ESL and French tutor available to tutor via Skype. Reasonable rates available.

I have a B.A. in French Literature from Loyola University of Chicago. I give lessons in English and French to middle school, high school and college level students. As for my methodology, I teach students proper pronunciation of words, correct grammar and correct sentence structure. I assist them in actually thinking in English and French.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Profesor de Inglés, Francés y Español con 38 años de amplia experiencia.

He sido profesor de idiomas durante 38 años. He creado mi propia metodología la cual ha sido utilizada en tres escuelas en sur America. En mi metodología el alumno aprende a hablar desde el primer día de clase. Durante la clase sólo se habla el idioma que se está aprendiendo. No hay traducción. La docencia es mi pasión.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

TEFL certified English teacher to foreign students from all over the world! . Most of my learners are children from(China, Japan, Thailand) and also adults ,who's in need of specific business language

Materials: I prefer working with handcrafted and authentic materials ,ex : pictures or anything you can possibly touch, feel or see. ESA lesson plan : ¹Engaging stage: to get you thinking and talking in English, ex: guess who am I? game; brainstorm or music activities etc. ²Study stage : teaching the target language by using worksheets, scramble words, fill the gaps, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

English Language Teacher in Ventura with Lots of Knowledge, Patience, and Energy

I am student-centered. My goal is for the student to have fun and be confident. I use books, games, and technology. I try to have different activities so students stay interested and practice language in many different ways. I track improvement and am very encouraging.

Salt Lake City
1st lesson offered free !

Native English Speaker with Southern California Accent. You cannot get more American sounding than that!

Emphasis on figurative language, metaphoric language and popular idioms. Use diametric instructional methods, leading students to the correct understanding by guiding what they know already to the new piece of knowledge. Implement and utilize Blooms Taxonomy developing critical original thinking from the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced English Teacher offering interesting and interactive classes made with love and passion.

As there are many areas of English and different teaching methods, for me, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every child is different. All of the lessons are categorised according to age appropriateness, level and topic. I always make sure that each lesson has a clear take away. I am focused on writing skills, listening and repeating, speaking and pronouncing.

1st lesson offered free !

Hello, bom dia, and 你好! 我的名字是! ESL Teacher Erik Ling. I am a university graduate of History from the College of Charleston, SC USA. I have taught English in S. Korea, USA, and Brazil. TESOL Certified

I primarily use Cambridge Press and TEFL/TESOL materials as reference methodology; Learning Teaching: The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching, 3rd Edition, and Teaching English Grammar: What to Teach and How to Teach It, by author Jim Scrivener. Also, Teaching Languages to Young Learners Cambridge University Press, 8th Edition, by Lynne Cameron.

1st lesson offered free !

Anglophone looking to teach English to native francophones from France and Canada.

My teaching method is to adapt to your learning preferences and dial in our curriculum to your specific needs. I am very patient and kind and would like you to feel as comfortable as possible as I feel it is the best way to learn something new.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Poetry in Motion; Let's Enjoy English (IELT, TOEFL, ESL) Together In Boston

Learning is a lifelong process of joy and dedication. I believe in spontaneity and fun in teaching as well as what is practically and relevant to the lives of my students! I am patient, humorous and flexible as a teacher. I don't really care for memorization and drills.

1st lesson offered free !

Certified Teacher, Editor, Writer & Poet Offering Private Instruction in How Not to Write

As a former teacher of the Gifted and Talented Education program, I offer support and instruction for both nonnative speakers as well as students with aptitude in writing. Grammar, phonetics, structure, and style are some of the aspects of expression my students gain mastery in.

1st lesson offered free !

In Chicago, Published Writer Daniel F. Sullivan Can Be Your English Tutor

I have a B.A. in English literature and have taught/tutored at the Middle School and College levels. My methods involve teaching students to comprehend and to imitate classic works through exercises and essays, a unique philosophy of instruction for excellence.

Long Branch
1st lesson offered free !

Well-traveled English, spanish and Portuguese speaking multi linguist residing in Long Branch will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to be FLUENT in English. Willing to meet for private lessons wi

I’m Dominican and Brazilian and I give lessons to Hispanics and Brazilians in need of help with their English. As a teacher I am easy to get along with but also able to push my students to learn. I prefer using English mainly and not using native language as much.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Fully Bilingual Former High School Spanish Teacher with 25 years experience to all levels in Cobb County area

I am a bilingual Spanish teacher with 25 years of classroom and tutoring experience.. I have had the pleasure of teaching and tutoring every level from Pre-Spanish to Advanced Placement Spanish. I have also helped several adults with second language acquisition. My lesson structure varies with the customer's needs and learning styles.

1st lesson offered free !

Colombian Engineer teaches spanish with a fun method, High level, cultural subjects

I teach spanish to travel, to study, to be able to read spanish literature, technical words, etc. It depends on your needs. I start with basic verbs and nouns applied to cultural subjects so you get to know latin American people, things they like, their music, etc. As a traveler, I can teach you the most important things to know for your first trip to Latin America.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in business who gives tutoring and homework check in spanish.

Completed high school in El Salvador, in a bilingual American school. Currently study at Suffolk University in downtown Boston. I can help with translation from English to Spanish, check homework, etc. Many of my students where foreign students who moved to my country.

El Paso
1st lesson offered free !

If you want to learn formal, casual or slang Spanish I am the perfect person for, either you need to learn for work or personal desires you will be sure that your speaking and writting skills will al

I have a master degree, which gave me the skills to teach different levels of complexity. I have a lot of patient to teach, i also like to adjust the teaching method according with the personality of student and do not force them to enjoy a way they will not be comfortable with.

1st lesson offered free !

ESL expert from Rochester NY offers virtual classroom experience for intermediate and advanced students

I focus my student-centered classes on intermediate and advanced students who plan to attend college as well as business professionals who need to progress quickly and/or prepare for upcoming meetings. I teach grammar, writing, and speaking with very specific goals and tips utilizing the latest technology and blended learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Native English speaker works with highly motivated professionals who require English in the workplace.

I teach advanced students of English. My teaching methodology is designed to take highly motivated professionals, with an upper intermediate to advanced level of English, to the next level. I work to understand the details of your respective professions, then assist you in learning and developing greater vocabulary.

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Perfect! Jordana is a special tutor who cares about her students and has a real passion for her career! What I like the most is she is very patient and creative in her teaching methods. She works towards creating a lesson plan to maximize my learning.

Frederic, student
4 months ago

Perfect! Jordana helped me reduce my accent and correctly pronounce sounds and words I've had trouble with for years.

Vlad, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Amazing and very professional teacher. She takes time to prepare every lesson, she provides you with the material. Overall, an excellent tutor!

Fern andez, student
6 months ago

Perfect! Sarah is a nice and patient teacher! She is also a well prepares and hardworking teacher.. Highly recommend her to anyone who want to improve their English.

Vuong, student
9 months ago

Perfect! Ann helped me to prepare my job interview. She understood professional issues and made me improve my accent. I recommend her!

Vincent, student
9 months ago

Perfect! Dear Carlos, I have been on a tight schedule, that is why I did not reply back for our first free class. Since Superprof asked me to write a feeedback, I take the opportunity to ratify that as soon as I have time available I will contact you back....

Liz, student
1 year ago

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