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Rochester Hills
(3 reviews)
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Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70

I learned French from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and Spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took French and Spanish all through school, with a double major in French and Spanish in College (Hunter). I received my M.A. in French from Stanford University, my M.A. in Spanish from Stanford University, and my M.A. and Ph.D. in French from Princeton University.

New York
(15 reviews)
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Native french giving french classes: to move fast in a funny and dynamic way!;)

My method depends on the level of each student. I like to know the person in front so I can adapt my lessons to his tastes and needs. For beginners I first approach the sounds of French to quickly begin to learn the different times of the language.

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GOOD NEWS : Have Fun and Learn French is possible ! Click and Take Online Lessons with a Qualified Native French Teacher !

Every lesson plan is adapted to your needs and wishes. On our first lesson, we will determine together which method is the most efficient for you, according to your level, your objective and your personality. My lessons are : - based on authentic documents (press articles, short films, advertisements, radio programs...

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A native french speaker offering French lessons in New York City to all ages

French is my native language so you can be sure that I will help you as you wish throughout your training. We will work on vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Everybody deserves to learn, and you have to know we are a team so if you need help, I'll be there for you.

New York
(9 reviews)
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Online French Teacher Offering French Lessons To All Ages and All Levels

I offer online French lessons on Skype to all ages and all levels. The first tutoring session consists of understanding my student’s strengths and weaknesses and setting up a plan based on the student’s needs. I am patient and understanding, and I want my student to become skilled and successful. I have successfully helped students get high scores on TEFaQ, TEF and DELF.

Medford Lakes
(2 reviews)
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Experienced French teacher offers group and private lessons in Burlington County, NJ.

I believe in learning for the sake of expanding the mind and opening doors to the possibilities offered by a larger world- something which I believe has been pushed to the wayside of modern public education. My educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that a teacher should be more than an authority figure who pushes students through the system in hopes that they pass an exam.

Oro Valley
(1 review)
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Friendly and enthusiastic French tutor with 3 years of experience ready to give online lessons

I am willing to teach anyone at any age and fluency level. I base my lessons on what YOU are struggling with and what YOU want to learn so that we both can see the progress that you desire and deserve.

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Graduate in French Language and Literature providing French tutoring in Richmond, VA

With French, I prefer immersive learning and try to avoid using English as much as possible. I believe that repetitive exercises are effective for foreign language acquisition. For this reason, I believe it is incredibly important that each student use a workbook of some sort--and I can certainly recommend some great options.

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Credentialed and experienced teacher provides French language lessons to any interested student

I am an experienced French teacher with a professional clear single subject teaching credential to teach French in California. I live in Murrieta, California. I have studied in Belgium, and have earned my Bachelor's degree in Education from a French speaking University: The Catholic University of Louvain/ Belgium.

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French teacher with 20+ years experience teaching all ages; learn to speak, write, and DREAM in French!

I like to base my methodology of my students' individual learning styles, and on what they want to learn. I have a fun approach to learning how to master a Parisian accent (tongue twisters, for example!), great mnemonics for remembering vocabulary and verb conjugations, and a wide range of cultural material to pull from for real world learning.

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Bilingual English and French professional eager to teach French for interpersonal enrichment

I have tutored at the high school level during my college years while majoring in French and Communications. I have also taught English to two French children in Toulouse, France during months abroad in 2015. My method is half immersion, and analyzing the immersion experience through half engaging and fun grammar study in order to build sentence structure and fluency.

Boca Raton
1st lesson offered free !

French born citizen, would like to help others speaking this awesome language!

I work a lot on the grammar and prononciation of words. Lot of vocabulary words and verbs conjugation. I try to keep my classes fun and interesting while working hard.

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Tutor with B. A. available to teach French via Skype or Zoom

My teaching method is very logical. I go at the student's own pace. In other words, I don't give them too much that he/she can't handle. I teach grammar, sentence structure, verbs, conjugating verbs and word pronunciation. I also teach the student to think in French which gives them a strong understanding and perspective of the language.

New Orleans
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Native French tutor for complete beginners to high school level students in New Orleans (can also communicate virtually)

I am Franco-American, French being my native tongue but much of my education being in the United States. I spoke French at home with my family and passed my 7th and 11th grades in France. I spent my 11th grade preparing for the scientific and French Baccalauréat.

Fort Wayne
1st lesson offered free !

French culture enthusiast with degree in French gives language lessons at home

I have a Bachelor's degree in French language and culture, and I give lessons to those who are just beginning to learn the language. I can come to your home or you can come to mine, or we can even go somewhere more neutral; whichever works best for you and your learning style. I am very flexible with my methods of instruction.

1st lesson offered free !

Native French Tutor gives lessons in Columbus IN area - all levels

I am French American , born and raised in France. I hold two Masters Degrees : In International Relations from the Universite Jean Moulin, Lyon France, and Urban Planning in Developing Countries from Sciences Po Rennes, France. I have worked at Berlitz as a French instructor for professionals and college students in Paris , France and Istanbul, Turkey.

1st lesson offered free !

Bonjour, Bon Voage ! Hello I prefer to be called Alize sil vu plait!

I am Internationally Certified to teach French. I worked for two years as a Protege for a French Chef whose liaisons were mostly French. Almost all my guest ordered in French. Therefore not only can i parse French verbs, I also make and serve parfaits.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Raised and born in France offering French Class from Hialeah FL .

My name is Pierre Massina, I was born in Reims, France (next to Paris), I am willing to give lessons to anyone no matter what is your level in French (French I, II, II, AP..). I am willing to take the time to make you understand what each word means, take care of your writing and correct you and, make you practice french by having a conversation which is the best way to learn a new language.

Aspen Hill
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced tutor in Silver Sprind, MD, learn French culture & language with fun!

I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher, and I give lessons to all ages. I usually teach via Skype as it works best for my students and I, especially for adults who have a busy schedule and don't have time to meet in person. I make handouts but adapt them according to the student, as each individual is different.

(1 review)
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Native French Tutor, who likes interacting with students, ready to teach in DC Metro Area.

- I start by assessing the student level. - From there I use appropriate books for the student's level. - The books are divided in Grammar, Oral, reading comprehension, writting. - I focus a lot on practice e.g. talking only in French with the Children this will help - a lot. Unless the student ask to translate.

1st lesson offered free !

French tutor with over three decades experience gives French lessons individually or in Group

My method is simple and direct. My students and I are interconnected from the very beginning. We build up a strong professional relationship. By doing so, I boost their interest in learning the new language. Lessons are clear, concise and focussed on what they should know to move forward and succeed. I use both audio and video materials to improve my courses.

Moreno Valley
1st lesson offered free !

French student offering tutoring in the french language located in the riverside county

My teaching method is to target the necessity of the student by really finding their best way of learning. Every student is different, therefore different methods for everyone. I think the best thing is to find a good way to help based on individual needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Barnard graduate gives French and Russian lessons in-person or via Skype

Hello! I have been a peer and private tutor for French and Russian, ranging from ages 12-22, although I am always ready to work with learners of any age. I like to incorporate different types of media in my lessons (print, radio, video, etc.), but I am above all a flexible and patient teacher excited to share my love of languages.

Capitol Heights
1st lesson offered free !

Learn French the fun way, no hassle no stress, with a fun tutor

I am bilingual, I speak both French and English. I love the French language because it's fluid and poetic to one's ears. I enjoy teaching others, that's why I dedicate some of my free time teaching others this beautiful language. And even though I am full time writer and language interpreter, it has never stopped me from being opened to others who want to learn my language.

1st lesson offered free !

Bi-lingual French and American professor will help you sound more French - or American!

With an American father and a French mother, I grew up in a bi-cultural environment, speaking both French and English from infancy. I learned traditional French grammar & vocabulary while in pre-school and in French High school, becoming a teacher's assistant in my senior year in France. Besides my Film & Television BFA, I also have a second BA in Fine Arts and Languages.

South Bend
1st lesson offered free !

Learning is the key of success. Come and learn French with me

From Cote d'Ivoire , I am 24 and spend more then 12 years of my life in paris. Native French speaker . Have been in the US for 4 years now.Bachelor in computer science .

River Forest
1st lesson offered free !

Ph.D. in French language and literature offering conversation, pronunciation, listening & reading comprehension

My preferred method is immersion by using French at least 90 % of the time in my lessons. I provide students with comprehensible input, inductive and deductive grammar, discovery learning, highly structured written practice, free written practice, and oral practice for authentic situations. I teach French to children, teenagers, and adults.

Chula Vista
1st lesson offered free !

French Native Speaker and Teacher with more than 3 Years of Experience !

I would describe my teaching methodology with the expression Step by step, learning shouldn't be rushed. Making mistakes is obvious and not a big deal, we need them in order to learn and make progress. I'm really focused on my students success. I will teach my lessons in a chill learning environment. I trully care about my students needs an I can adapt myself to their requests.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

French major who loves music and also thinks French is very musical would like to share her knowledge of the French language...

I believe its best to find out what the students interests are - whether its sports or art or music or swimming or if they have pets, and what foods interest them, and ask them about their friends, school experiences - things that animate them or what was the funniest thing that happened at school today.

1st lesson offered free !

French & Francophone Graduate, Paris, FRANCE, Refugee & Immigration Language Interpreter St. Louis MO, USA

I love engaging my students in the French subjects that they enjoy learning about. I want to help you learn what you desire to learn. Therefore, my lessons are built around your interests. I not only learned the French language, but I also learned and loved the culture and history of the France.

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Perfect! Patricia is a wonderful tutor and person. My daughter has learned a lot, and she likes Patricia very much. I highly recommend Patricia!!

Beverly, student
1 month ago

Perfect! Noe is a fantastic teacher, very positive, friendly, and most importantly, he goes above and beyond preparing for the lessons. I've learned so much from him just in one month. I can now pronounce most of the French words, without looking them up,...

Wendy, student
3 months ago

Perfect! Noe is an awesome teacher. I'm so blessed to find someone who is full of energy and very patient to teach my kids. He is currently teaching my 3 daughters; 11,12, and 16. The two youngest didn't know any French prior to this year, and my 16 year...

Kristine, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Chase is a gifted polyglot. He works hard to tailor the session to the particular needs of the individual. He is also a great source of motivation so I feel very inspired to begin our work together.

Blair, student
5 months ago
Chase emery
(1 review)

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