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Piano accordion tutor, Minneapolis/St.Paul area, 15 years experience of playing piano accordion (10 years education in music school)

My teaching method is show and tell, practice and play, repeat and again! :) I make sure that my students knows the notes first and then how the accordion works. With the help of accordion book for beginners I teach how to play the accordion from the very beginning (or depending on the student's knowledge), we practice first playing with each hand separately and then simultaneously.

New York
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Servane io
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Graduate from the Royal Academy of Music gives accordion lessons via Skype (piano and button)

My fundamental goal is to unlock the student’s potential by varying my teaching style and being innovative. Every student has different needs, tastes and goals and they are for me the key to progressing and enjoy playing.

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More than 25 years solo & orchestra / band play. More than 13 years of teaching.

I am very picky with learning fundamentals and basics in every subject I teach, not only in music. Later when the student is more improved I always have them bring their taste into the lessons. For example: If someone hates traditional music but loves classical music, why would I have him not focus on that.. Music and lessons needs to be fun in order to have a successful student.

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Online Hindustani classical vocal lessons from professional and experienced artistes in India.

The learning sessions are conducted on one-to-one basis on Skype for an hour. The session timings can be adjusted as per your schedule, please give us 2-3 options of your convenient days and time and we can schedule your sessions accordingly.

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Texas Lifetime Certified teacher experienced in playing Accordian and Piano by ear, and singing and recording Country Gospel music. Crochet has been a hobby since 1978. I have taught life skills and

I am a retired teacher who has spent the past 50 years playing piano and accordion by ear at least once a week. In 1981 a Country Gospel Album was recorded in Nashville,Tn, utilizing many years of active service and practice as a singer and song-writer. I enjoy teaching and would love to teach others how to begin to make a difference in their life, using the talents God has given to us all.

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Lessons or Diatonic Accordion, Hurdy Gurdy, French Bagpipe teached in Paris, France

I studied classical music as a percussionist during 10 years. My musical path met the traditional musics in which I fully invested, and this for more than 20 years now. Known as French Bagpipe expert, I play and also teaches the diatonic accordion and the hurdy-gurdy. "The limitions don't stay in your instruments, they are your own limitations!", I often explained to my students ...

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Prof offers courses Diatonic Accordion all levels in St Quentin en Yvelines

During diatonic accordion, any directory (Celtic, Italian, Cajun, Quebecois, waltz, singing sailors ...) with a preference for Breton music. All levels. No prerequisites necessary notation. I prefer the tabs that partitions as support. I can give lessons at home around Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines Introduction to theory possible.

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Individual or collective course of diatonic accordion in Toulouse or online (skype/paypal)

Whatever your age or level, Marie offers to share his experience focusing primarily on musicality, while addressing theoretical basics (construction chords, knowledge of the keyboard ...) We will discuss various ways of enriching the way you play, developing multiples left hand and right hand rythms, control of the bellows, phrasing, breathing and other nuances and subtleties ...

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Learn to play the accordion with a professional accordionist in Zaragoza, you will have fun!

I teach at levels initiation and a half all types Accordion (keys and buttons), also prepare students for entrance exams to official centers. Metods customized according to the student, based on the different acordeonisticas schools. I also group classes, chamber music etc.


Alison - Altrincham - Accordion

I am a qualified and experienced piano teacher with excellent ABRSM results at all levels. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Piano, Accordion, Organ, Classical Theory/Composition - Tell me about your qualifications. I undertook a four-year course at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester where I studied the Art of Teaching, Theory, Acoustics, History of Music and Piano Performance.

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Student in higher cycle at the conservatory gives courses of chromatic accordion solfège and improvisation at home in Paris

Concertist and student at the CNSM in Paris, my courses are oriented according to your taste and musical desires (classical, traditional, variety, jazz, contemporary ...), from the beginner to the most confirmed. The pace of work is adapted to each student. We can also touch on broader aspects of music such as its culture, theory, improvisation, ...

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Gives amateur accordionist during chromatic accordion in Saint-Maur and Ile de France

Chromatic accordion courses are intended for anyone wishing to discover this wonderful instrument or improve. The course lasts one hour and can work both musical training, the instrument with a method and current pieces.

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Learn to play the accordion with joy! Personalized methodology for each student!

Learn to play with a smile and enjoy the time spent on this wonderful instrument! I apply the most innovative methodology using different learning systems such as Russian, Scandinavian and Serbian. I teach classes at all ages, from 6 years in the case of children, to 80 in the case of adult students.

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Professional musician based in central Scotland offering accordion and piano/keyboard lessons, including music theory and related subjects.

Lessons with Shane are designed to suit your needs, and will be tailored to your aspirations after an initial consultation.

Seaford Rise
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Learn to play the Piano Accordion in Adelaide from a professional teacher with many years of experience

My teaching method in the first instance/early stages involves learning how to read music then moving on to practical performance. For students who wish to do so, they may take part in A.M.E.B. musical examinations (both theory and practical) and attain nationally-accredited qualifications which can be carried on to University/Conservatory levels of Music Study.

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Professional musician gives accordeon lessons until Bachelor level, and piano and music theory for beginners, in Rotterdam and nearby!

I have a personal motivation to work with students in the field of music. As a very hard working and active person, I want to show how music works and how essential it is in life, by listening, practicing with the instruments and learning music theory. I give accordion lessons from beginners to bachelor students. I give piano and music theory lessons for beginners.

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Experienced accordion teacher-Master of Royal Academy of Music-I'm offering variety music lessons

I'm Qianyu and I'm a accordionist. I am a 2nd year master student at Royal Academy of Music in London. I am an experienced teacher and work in a number of schools teaching the accordion on a one-to-one basis. I am always friendly and enthusiastic! Improve your interest and enthusiasm for music, systematically teach button and keyboard accordions (including: fingering, bellows, playing techniques.

Paris 19e
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Bandoneon: Argentinian Tango and Folk music private lessons in Paris (Metro Jaures)

Hello, I am a composer and Argentine bandoneon player born in Buenos Aires. I studied the bandoneon with Marcos Madrigal and took courses Daniel Binelli and Nestor Marconi in Argentina. In 1998, I started my professional career in various formations.

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Every music and tune is an art and art is not a god gift it can be get. I can teach you to play some keyboard instrument really.

My teaching techniques is based on my art.i can help you to become an intermediate artist.

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Accordeon clases for all levels and ages. Via skype just for you

Musician with masters degree with more than 10 years of experience teaching people from different countries. The results have been grate thank to pacience and fun clases addaptable for each person.

Paris 14e
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ACCORDION lessons in Paris or webcam possible in English

Teacher gives private lessons chromatic accordion repertoire (classical, contemporary, popular) All ages, all levels.

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Accordion Teacher with Master's Degree in Music Teaching gives private lessons to all levels of teaching

I give Chromatic Accordion Lessons from a button keyboard or piano keyboard with Traditional Bass and / or Chromatic Bass (convertor). I give classes to students of any age group, from the age of 5, and with any level of musical knowledge, preferably in the region of Porto and Viseu.

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During accordion, piano, guitar, synthesizer and drums online by Skype (France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland and all countries)

Our music school is affiliated with the Music Confederation of France for over 27 years.

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Sunpink consultancy " we change every moment to stop changing is just like death


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Young teacher, graduated in Master of Concert at Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne, the winner of the Accordion World Trophy gives piano and button accordion lessons with standard basses and

AGE: Music has no limits! : Want to make music? I'm happy to welcome you any age do you have! TYPES OF ACCORDION? Piano accordion and button. Bass "standartd" and bass "baritone" WHERE? I give private races face to face.

Greater London
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Experienced accordion teacher with Bachelor's Degree Accordion Performance. I am offering classical, variety and Balkan folk music lessons

Content of the didactical program: Improvement of the posture, Finger position in songs, Touch and expression, Technical optimization (generic, right hand, left hand), Correct usage of the bellow, Improvement of the agility and technical performance, Selection of the best songs for an impressive repertoire, Exercises to strengthen the fingers, etc...

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Home tutoring accordion (all tyles), violin and musical training

Hello, I am a student in musicology and the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. My classes are for people who need support work. My contribution is to strengthen the weak points of the student. As a teacher, I can adapt to the student, his needs and his demands.

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Accordionist with 3 years of experience giving accordion, piano and solfeggio lessons.

I studied in Hungary all my life, and one year in Zaragoza, so I know different methods, different ways of teaching. I teach at all levels on accordion. I can help you with piano and music theory as well, prepare for exams or just for enjoying studying music.

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Singing lessons, voice coaching & vocal therapy, in Brighton UK or by Skype, with Hannah-Rose Tristram.

Do you want to improve your singing voice? Speak with more confidence and variety? Learn ways to keep your voice healthy? Learn how to read written music? Do you want to develop your vocal confidence and range of expression? Improve a specific aspect of your singing? Have a safe space to explore and develop your voice without being judged? Are you looking for a singing teacher in Brighton &...

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This lesson is for those out there interested in gaining knowledge about using the Accordion. The Accordion has been one of the most iconic instruments used all over the world, being synonymous with love, passion, and a medley of other emotions. While learning to play the Accordion takes some work, it is well worth the effort when you can play beautiful and stunning melodies with one. Accordion Teachers cannot be just anyone, as mastering the Accordion takes much patience, time, and energy. Only professionals can teach proper use of an Accordion. A private lesson in this area will consist of you being taught the basic structure and layout of the Accordion, finger positions, and finally playing the Accordion yourself! Throughout the Accordion lessons the instructor will teach you basics of music theory as well, which is required to understand how to read music and translate those written notes into stunning sound. Many instruments are related to the Accordion, such as the piano, trumpet, Oboe, and harp. You may want to also consider piano lessons, a harp tutor, or one of many oboe teachers.