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University of Cambridge PhD will Tutor you for guaranteed success on the SAT/ACT

I teach SAT and ACT prep in classes and 1-to-1. I hsve uniques strategies that employ such that the students can see the recurring patterns in the SAT and ACT question snd answer them with comfort and ease. I work hard to make sure my students have the confidence to tackle the SAT and ACT by working with them initially and then gradually leaving them to show me what they can do independently.

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Experienced university professor available to tutor students in English and the Humanities

Each student has unique needs and I try to focus my sessions on meeting those specific needs in a thorough yet encouraging manner. I teach a wide distribution of levels from Junior High through Graduate School. Over the years, I have taught a number of students for whom English was not their first language.

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International Certified and Knowledge able Tutor That's Patient, Effective, and Kind.

I lean towards listening and observing the student. Taking note of such key points as learning styles, interests, past and current academic performance, and needs and wants out of sessions and future academic endeavors.

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SAT math subject tests 1&2 and SAT and ACT (math part) prep in Chicago

I have no unique approach to all students. My first session consists of 'getting know of each other' and 'determining the right approach'. Each student is different and I has different needs, so I always try to find the best 'teaching style' for each of them.

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Experienced and knowledgeable teacher helps you with English, ESL, Spanish or Portuguese via Online or in person

I base my classes on the Lesson Plan to be followed and own and shared knowledge of the world with the students: to associate what they are learning with the world. I try to make students communicate in the best possible way, with patience and once the pattern is established, I give them the opportunity to express themselves.

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As a classroom teacher, with over 18 years of experience teaching English skills in Lakeland, Florida, my most rewarding moments are when I can see those light bulbs go off in students' brains.

My teaching method is to make sure the student's needs are being met. Before I begin working with a student, my desire is to understand what needs they have first to prevent from waisting time. After that is established and I know what is needed, my goal is to provide a structured but fun, successful learning environment.

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Ivy League graduate and experienced educator providing Test Prep and Music Lessons

I work hard to make sure my students feel confident in their skills to master tests and content. I have taught hundreds of students from grades 5-12, and I am comfortable working one-on-one and in groups. I love teaching because I love learning--there is nothing like the feeling when information finally clicks together.

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Outsmart the ACT and SAT exams, specific strategies to help you succeed!

I really get these tests. I've been working with these tests and students for years. I've seen the changes to the tests over time, and can point these new items out to students as we work. I give strategies and work through a complete test with each student, then we move on to going over the homework tests I give them to complete each week.

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Veteran Teacher offering English, Writing, College Essay, Organizational tutoring in Boston area

I am most experienced with middle school, high school, and college-age students in the subject areas of writing, reading, history, and college application preparation. I do my best to not simply edit work, but to ensure that students learn skills that they can them apply to future projects and assignments.

Iowa City
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Just a little bit of this and a whole lot of that

I have been in school for over 16 years. I have a Bachelors in Health and Human Phyisology. I have over 5 years of Spanish under my belt. I have read countless books and articles and I am full of Star Trek Trivia.

Los Angeles
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Dedicated, engaging educator of 10+ years offering tutoring services in the English Language Arts!

Ms. Alex has a deep passion for all things literary. She geeks out for grammar, raves about writing, and sparkles over Shakespeare. She believes in putting the FUN in fundamental literacy skills. Dedicated to all things reading and writing, Ms. Alex tutors 6th-12th graders who are looking to reach, maintain, or exceed grade level expectations.

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Ace the ACT with help from two year experienced test prep tutor!

ACT prep can be a difficult thing. First, we must establish a base score. Then, we can work together on each section to determine what factors can be practiced to perfection! Skills we may work on include: time management during the test, functional grammar, reading interpretation, math problem solving, and scientific essay interpretation.

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ACT/SAT Prep for English and Essay Writing in Orange County. I come to you.

I primarily teach college-bound high school students looking to boost their English scores on the SAT/ACT. I also take students who struggle with essay writing, grammar, and reading skills and help them achieve proficiency. Lessons are interactive; I provide resources throughout each session and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge, ensuring the acquisition of skills at each step.

Highland Park
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English Literature Help - Decade of Professional High School English Teaching Experience

Tutoring Services: - Private Prep and Tutoring for English, Language Arts, Speech, and Theatre - ACT & SAT Prep - College Essays Grades: 6 and above “Never judging, but striving to always be fair” is the motto in every one of THE ESSAY MASTER's classrooms, along with striving to bring both a sense of humor and passion into every lesson.

New Berlin
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Hi everyone I am a student at Rice University. I received a 36 on my ACT in 10th grade and have tutored ACT prep for a while.

I try to figure out what strategies work best for each student and individualize my tutoring. I am very patient and accommodating. I have worked with a wide variety of students and feel it is important to build a personal relationship with each student to ensure trust and success.

Fort Morgan
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English adjunct professor tutors in literature, writing, poetry, test prep from Fort Morgan, CO.

My method is to improve skills by focusing on areas of greatest weakness. In writing, I use individual conferencing. In reading, I teach fluent efficiency. In poetry, I use the workshop method. In test preparation, practice tests help the most.

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Excellent Test Prep Tutor in ACT, SAT,EOC available weekends and week nights

I work with students who are preparing for standardized test, such as the ACT and SAT, or who need a tutor for Algebra 1 and 2. I believe in using more than one method to get to the answer, as long as it can be mathematically proven.

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Published writer and university professor with PhD in English to give writing tutorials online

I teach English and writing to students from around the world ages 8-88! My teaching method is upbeat, student-centered, constructive, and generative. I ask questions and always let each student's ideas be the guide for our discussion. I provide concrete ideas for development in a positive encouraging atmosphere.

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Expert SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, GMAT tutoring from graduate student with 8 years experience.

I approach teaching with the knowledge that every student has particular needs, even though the tests may be standardized. I incorporate consideration of these factors into personalizing an approach to efficiently and effectively teaching the fundamental techniques required to achieve the highest scores on these exams.

Lake Barrington
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18 years of teaching high school English = help for you in ACT + reading + writing!

Here are some things students have said: ABOUT MY TEACHING METHODS: “I really liked your teaching method. You made things easy to learn and with enjoyment. You also listened to what everybody had to say with an open mind.” --Jon A. "Lively, humorous--the way a class should be--educational but fun." -- Dennis P.

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Ivy league undergrad with tutoring experience offering college and test prep in Philadelphia

Hey! I know how difficult high school can be, and how stressful college season is towards the end of junior and all throughout senior year. I want to serve as either a mentor or admissions consultant to high school students because it is incredibly easy to make the whole deal a lot more challenging than it should be.

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Raleigh, NC. An English tutor for essay writing, writing organization, reading, comprehension, and ACT/SAT/AP Prep. Received a score of 33/36 on both ACT English categories and a 4/5 on two AP English

In regards to overall teaching methodology, I am flexible! I hope to teach students essay (and general) writing skills from elementary to collegiate levels -- as well as the accompanying test preparation(s). In regards to lesson structure, I plan to tailor my approach to the student's current level and breadth of understanding.

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Professional writer and tutor offering English tutoring to students of all ages - online or in Tallahassee, FL

My lessons are variable, and focus on short, achievable goals as a framework towards larger progress. Most students ask for help with specific assignments at first, which I often use as a gateway towards developing other skills. For instance, if I offer specific instructions on an essay's structure, I will tie this in to a larger discussion of persuasive techniques and text features.

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Enthusiastic educator with 11 years of experience offering PSAT, SAT, and AP test prep sessions in the LA area

I am a public high school life science educator. I have been teaching for the last 11 years and tutoring for over 15 years. I have taught well over 2,000 students in my classroom and tutored hundreds of students over the years.

Santa Clarita
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Experienced and professional tutor with UCLA doctorate in education offering mathematics, college test preparation, and study skills lessons in junior and high school students' homes in Santa Clarita,

I have a real passion and enthusiasm for the field of education. I have had the opportunity to provide high quality educational services, including the teaching of academic subjects and test/study skills, as well as methods to manage test anxiety, to junior high school through college students, assisting them to overcome obstacles to their learning.

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Bachelors in English EWM (Editing, Writing, and Media) from Florida State University currently living in Denver.

My name is Josh, I graduated from Florida State University in 2013 with a dual degree in political science and english (editing, writing & media). I will tutor middle and high school (6th - 12th) students in the following core English concepts covered in the SAT, ACT, and standardized tests: grammar, writing structure, editing, and error-spotting.

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Former MENSA member with 4.0 GPA in high school and college offers SAT, ACT, GED, and test preparation tutoring.

As high school valedictorian with 4.0 GPA and awards in math, English, science, French, and music, and summa cum laude college graduate with 4.0 GPA and a B.S. with highest honors in Human Resources Management, with a minor in psychology, I was a National Merit Scholar and member of MENSA. I utilize only official SAT/ACT questions from the makers of the tests, the most realistic available.

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College student can help with any subject of English with any learning disability, located in Clinton Oklahoma.

My name is Melody McCornack, I am located in Clinton, Oklahoma. I have been an Honor English student all my life. I also know how hard it is to focus on school work with ADD/ADHD. I am prepared to give it my all to help your student better their education. To contact me my cell phone number is (concealed information) Thank you.

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SAT PREP Tutor with 10+ years experience offers lessons in your home and Online

I have a BSc in Chemical Engineering with a diploma in Advanced Cobol Programming. I also hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have worked as an Analyst Programmer for 6 years and as a teacher for the past 20 years. All my students have gone on to pursue college degrees.

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Learn from Your English Language Tutor with 20 Years' Experience and Fun Style via Web or in Person

With an English (emphasis on Education) B.A. degree, a Cross-Cultural B.A., and training in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), you can be sure I can provide students with tailored tools for each students' success.

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