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Stage and screen performer with a BFA in Musical Theatre offering lessons in North East Georgia!

I approach each student individually. I believe in setting measurable goals and checking in with progress on a regular basis to assure each student is successful based on the goals we've set together. No matter what level a student is starting at, together we can make your dreams a reality.

1st lesson offered free !

College Theater student in Magnolia, Ar with 2 years of experience in the industry

I believe that pertaining to acting, people learn by doing. The structure will be learning a monologue or performing a piece and offering feedback to help it become the best performance it can be. I am patient and methodical. We can also work on auditioning, such as clothing, style, and how to build confidence and many other things in the industry.

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Experienced director and actor giving acting, directing and audit prep classes. Will come to your home, or you can come to my theatre company's studio in Canton. Covering canton and Akron areas. Bache

I give lessons to any age group over 10 years old. My degree is a 4 year bachelors of the arts in theatre studies. I work in many methods, but particularly follow Richard Seid, viewpoints, Stanislavsky, and method (not to the extreme, basic principals). I am always learning new techniques, so my lessons will not become stagnant and myself and my students will grow.

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Masters in Clinical Ministry with experience in teaching grades 1-12 over the past 30 years of my life - Trained in theater arts and musical theater. Taught English, History and Life Skills on a high

Masters in Clinical Ministry - Loma Linda University B.A. in Social Sciences - Azusa Pacific University Certified Case Manager - Loma Linda University Theater Arts - Citrus College Worked on set of movies/t.v.

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So you think you can act? This Musical Theatre major can help you!

I mainly approach acting lessons with a mixture of different acting techniques, such as Meisner, Growtowski, Bogart, and Uta Hagen. I believe in Stanislavski's goal: the art of experiencing. The basis of acting is related to combining action verbs with your objective. Everything else streams from that, and we will have fun exploring that.

New York
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Professional Acting and Performance Coach (MFA Degree) teaching Toronto, NYC, LA and online

In our work together, we will build your own reliable sense of craft that is truly useful. My students become confident, courageous and creative, by learning to be authentically themselves as they perform...And these skills translate into the ability to get work because they know HOW to work! I have worked with actors and singers from 7 to 87. My approach is unique, effective and useful.

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Mwalimu, Teacher, Mentor, Counsellor, Historian, Social Commentator, avid learner... embracing live in all its diversity

BSc. Chemistry; MDiv Theology; two decades of engaging various African cultures to explore the human condition. If we are to develop we must be community oriented and wholistically considerate. I learn best by engaging in another's life and walking together on their journey.

Los Angeles
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Susan Batson Studio coach (at her studio since 2010) teaches acting, script analysis, audition and on-camera technique in L.A.

I believe in giving 100% focus to each student. Each person will need something different to get to their desired next level. I strive to create an atmosphere in which students can feel safe to further their craft, take creative risks and give shape to a character.

North Castle
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Acting for 15 plus years and now newly committed to Adelphi University's Theater Conservatory

My teaching method is based on my own experiences along with the teachings of Sanford Meisner, a man of many talents. Sanford Meisner is my mentor as I have read every book and manual he has authored along with watched some of his past students.

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Commedia Dell'arte Actress for 10 plus years outside of Pittsburgh area looking for students!

I give these classes at a basic understanding level, or higher depending on the student(s) knowledge of Commedia dell'arte.

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NYC Therapeutic Tutor offering Play-Based Curriculum to LGBTQ Students, 2 years experience, exploring gender/sexuality through Shakespeare text and Nature

My teaching method is individual based, starting out with a quick dialogue about past experience with Shakespeare and heightened text, and delving into further topics such as gender, sexuality, mental illness. I do not push or pry for vulnerability, and allow each student to unfold through humor and play using games and theatre-based activities to incite meaningful dialogue.

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Dare to Delve into Drama in Dynamic Dallas with Diverse, Dedicated Alexandra

National arts journalist and NEA Annenberg/O'Neill Institute Fellow Critic with a lifetime of experience in performance arts, creative writing and directing innovative educational camps and programs. Express your true self while learning effective drama skills in a safe, respectful environment.

Los Angeles
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Act and Book the Job, Beginners to Pros, Taught by a Casting Director and Professional Actress. From Stage, Commercials, TV & Film. L.A. Based but can use SKYPE for outside area calls.

I have coached and given acting seminars around the U.S. for over 20 years. I graduated from University of Richmond with a Theatre Arts and Communications B.A. degree. I have been a professional actress for over 30 years and am a member of SAG-AFTRA and Equity. My on the job training includes Improv having worked at the Groundling in L.A.

Loch Lloyd
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I am a film, stage, and commercial actor with 8 years of experience in the field, pursuing a degree in theater.

I want to work with each student through a piece of either their choosing or my choosing. Because I have experience in the field, I will coach each student individually through methods that work best for them. If you have an audition coming up, I can coach you in the best way to ace that audition. If you're just getting your foot in the door, I can teach you the basics.

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I am super eager to teach acting. student at Oklahoma City Community College. taken multiple classes on acting. also will be playing in Rodgers and Hammersteins 'Cinderella' as the Prince

my teaching method is a more interactive approach. i will try to push you by setting up goals for you so that you have motivation. My lessons will be both fun but also helpful. Just from being around so many actors, a class gets boring if you aren't doing things and just sitting and listening.

1st lesson offered free !

Online Acting Training with Raven! The New School for Drama, BFA (NYC)

During my time here in South Africa, I've used meditation and movement as entry points to performance with my young actors. Imagination and concentration exercises have been foundational in teaching discipline and craftsmanship. I then, begin talking them through their scene-work helping them find their way to the character through questions and propositions.

New York
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Working actor with extensive coaching experience -- specialize in on-camera and theatre!

I have a background in so many methods that I have many tools to pull from my toolbox to enhance your performance. I am extremely knowledgeable in modern and classical texts, as well as current TV/film writing and industry standards.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional actress with 12 years of experience offering private coaching and audition prep

My teaching method is student based, and totally dependent on your needs. Are you seeking help preparing for college or professional auditions? Monologue coaching? Or help working through the fundamenatals of performance? We will discuss these questions and more during your first lesson, and devise a lesson plan suited specifically to you.

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Theatre professor with 10 years of teaching experience offers audition coaching and classes

Throughout my teaching, I am focused on the individual and listening to the ways they best learn. In theater, I often teach and direct through asking questions of what makes sense to the actor. By asking insightful questions, and helping students explore their answers in greater depth, I help people find their way to understand their own interpretations of texts with their own voices.

San Diego
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Theatre acting professional giving acting lessons to beginning and intermediate actors.

I curtail each class to what the student is most keen on learning. However, I generally like to do scene study, theatre games, preparing monologues for auditions, audition technique, text analysis and viewpoints exercises.

Corpus Christi
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Theatre Professor with 20 years experience offering acting instruction to most ages

My method of teaching is practical application. I assign scenes and monologues to get the student busy with learning. I use and learn what the student does from that. I am familiar with most acting techniques and apply from them all for the student.

Arden Hills
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Professional Actress and Teacher offering acting and singing lessons/classes in Minneapolis/St Paul

I seek to give students a well-rounded and thorough understanding of whatever subject I teach. I believe the educational journey is just as important as the final result. If I do my job right, my students will learn to find joy in whatever subject they are learning.

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Experienced musical theatre director offers drama and audition coaching for students in Rochester NY

Musical theatre major at NYU Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance Master of Arts in K-8 education Training in acting, voice, tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre dance Stage combat Technical theatre Scenic designer Costume and stage makeup design Specializing in working with students of varying abilities

1st lesson offered free !

Training Actor for 12 years giving Lessons in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

I meet each student where they are, theater teaches a person a lot about themselves and life itself. I am to align the student's work with who they are and challenge them to express themselves and to work in different ways that will encourage them to be their best selves and to push boundaries.

1st lesson offered free !

A professional actor with over 20 years of experience. I teach in Pittsburgh, PA, and in parts of West Virginia & anywhere via Skype or Google Hangouts. Specialize in audition prep & on-camera acting

I teach a variety of techniques including Stanislavski, Meisner and Practical Aesthetics. 6-8 week long workshops are tailored for certain things such as Improvisation for Actors, Audition Prep and On-Camera Technique. I also teach privately for audition prep and general acting per students needs.

Battle Ground
1st lesson offered free !

Theatre School Graduate offering acting and theatre lessons at home in Battle Ground area.

I have an analysis-heavy approach to performance. I think that the most effective performances come from those with a deep understanding of the story, the setting, and their character. Before rehearsal comes research. I want to challenge my students to know exactly why they are making every choice they are in their performances.

1st lesson offered free !

Musical theatre enthusiast with 10 plus years of singing, dance, and acting training!

My method is to repeat topics until they are mastered and drilled into the brain, as well as a ton of practice in areas that need help! Students should come in with material they feel they need to work on, such as songs or monologues, and we will work to improve them as well as come up with other options for them as well.

San Antonio
1st lesson offered free !

Former Theater Student of 6 years available to to offer theater lessons from home

It's difficult to have a set teaching style for theater as any student is going to learn how to act differently. While I will do my best to make sure certain basics are provided to all students the nuances of acting is something that will be developed one on one with each student.

1st lesson offered free !

K-9 math, K-12 English Reading and Writing, theatrical acting, play-writing tutor available!

I try to find what topics my students are struggling with the most, while creating a curriculum that best meets their learning goals. I try to incorporate different learning styles and methods, which may include videos, practice problems, games, or whatever else I feel best suits the age and needs of the student.

Fort Worth
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Actor, Director, and Designer that has a passion for connecting to the human condition.

My teaching method comes from a place of passion. I want to help students be able to connect with their characters on an emotional level and make their characters their own. I take a much more personal approach and believe in nurturing students to find their own truths.

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