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Durban North
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Marketing student offering Dramatic arts (acting) lessons up to High school level. Individuals and group tutoring. Has junior primary and High school acting experience.

I'm a young and driven individual and loves to interact with different types of people and characters. I use a method I like to call "One Level". This means that I'm different with every student. Before I teach my students I like to get to know their personality and character and to do this I have to level with them so I can understand them. This always helps because this makes teaching easier.

Hazel Grove
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Professionally trained Acting/Musical Theatre coach with international experience gives lessons in Manchester

I like to work as a partnership to empower and inspire my students in creating a method that works for them. No one single method will work for everybody. I draw on many different methods, although I highly recommend reading 'A Practical Handbook for the Actor' as a starting point for students aged 11+. For me, honesty is key in Acting and Musical Theatre.

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Musical theatre graduate ready to share her knowledge and passion for theatre!

The way I teach is through personal experience things that have worked for me and things i have learnt along the way that will hopefully help others.

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Trained Actor offering Acting workshops to a university level in Solihull and Birmingham

I believe performance is a skill which lends itself to allow an individual to become successful in many areas of life. From confidence building, to mental wellbeing, acting covers many areas. I'm a firm believer in the need to play, and to continue to play well into adult hood.

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Believe to be the best Actor / Performer and leave rest to the audience. Enjoy the journey ! You can win ! Everything is impossible until its done !

I completely believe in the practical aspects of training. Notes will be there which will not be long lasting as this profession will always be growing day by day in every way. In every way I am with all of you, so don't worry.

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Inter collegiate compition & national level compition student participated was direct by me

My teching method is about base my student first of fall they understand what is the basic think about acting what is stage how to use it, how to focus on his strenght. how to show confidentlly your inner confidance.

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Trainee teacher offering acting lessons within the Ormskirk area for exam preparation or just for enjoyment. 10 years of performing experience with qualifications in both GCSE and A Level Theatre Stud

I like to challenge actors to explore the roles and parts that they can take on, providing them with a variety of opportunity for progress. I look at each student individually and help them to develop their skills in order to build in confidence allowing them to perform at their best.

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Nurturing confidence and creativity. English, creative writing, LAMDA Exams and vocal technique.

I am a playwright and screenwriter, nurturing confidence and creativity first, working on structure in writing, articulation for performance, the differences in form and genre. Working towards LAMDA exams - speech, confidence, writing your own stories, creative vision and imagination. Admissions/interview techniques for schools and universities also available.

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My method of teaching would be practical. I have numerous resources catered to GCSE and A level surplus and mark schemes. Acting for a grade and acting training are two completely different kettles of fish, i can cater for both.

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Actor with 7 years experience offering coaching sessions and monologue prep online or in Nottingham

I'm currently a student at the University of Nottingham, aiming to offer coaching to young people who are interested in acting. I aim to offer personalised sessions based on what students need to focus on ranging from working on a monologue for an audition to teaching techniques to improve improvisation.

Toluca de Lerdo
Andreiev edian
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Student of Theater gives classes of Acting, improvisation, declamation, etc. Toluca and surroundings

I am an Actor in professional training. These classes are aimed at high school, high school and / or undergraduate students who are interested for the first time in the Theater, in the Performance and in the development in their daily life, as a professional. However, it is not only dedicated to students without previous knowledge, but also for those who have an interest in learning more.

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Theatre/Drama coaching/teaching, professional, award winning and very supportive through direction and teaching

Award winning actor, director and teacher Are you needing support with an audition? Nervous about performing as part of your qualification? Have to deliver a speech/presentation to an audience? I am able to provide you with professional support and direction to enable you to realize your potential and perform to the best of your ability.

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Acting tutor with a specialism in STAGE & SCREEN COMBAT! be the cutting edge above the rest!

As a child I was always watching 'Power Rangers' and wondered how in the name those actors ended up doing that as a job! and where do i sign up? A few years past and I found myself applying for LIPA on their foundation certificate course to further my knowledge having always partook in my high school productions and throughout my schooling.

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Third year drama student studying at LJMU. I have been acting for nearly 20 years, starting in pantos in the Opera House Belfast. I have trained with The Lyric Theatre, I have an A* in GCSE and A Leve

My classes will be physical with some reading for research (learning about different practitioners). I want to broaden your minds to acting styles and for you to ask any questions you may have about this scary industry! (No question is a silly question).

1st lesson offered free !

Trained and qualified actress, offering services in one to one and group acting to a A-Level acting degree and above, classes of all abilities and confidence welcome.

My teaching methodology is always practical based but when teaching on a one to one basis I aim to make the class person centred to cater for the individuals needs.

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Are you passionate about acting?? If so come and I'll help you.. even if it's a hobby you want venture out, this is the space for you

To become a better actor, you don't as much as "Act" but put your real emotions in play. So that is what I am here to help you out with..

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Art, Art History, Theater, Ukulele, Literature Miami 7 years of theater experience, 10 years of Art experience, currently an Animation major

It is very important to know the fundamentals, in other words you need to know the rules before you break them. After that i'll always try to encourage you to the best version you can be.

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ACTING COACH: Award Winning Film Director Available for Acting (and Directing) Coaching

I believe in bringing the most out of my students through what they already possess within. Acting can be big, it can be theatrical, it can be Hollywood. I also believe acting can be subtle, natural, and approached in a way that embraces what you already harness within.

Rose Park
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Acting coach for theatre, TV , film and voice work with over 30 years professional industry experience.

My teaching style is to guide you through a toolkit of approaches to thinking like an actor, creating emotional connections for truthful characterisation and to embody the character fully. I also help those who want to have confidence in all walks of life. Using techniques to create, presence and confidence.

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University Drama and Theatre student offering tutor sessions for students studying Drama.

I use a range of activities and practices to help with confidence and character building that can be applied to your work, as well as focusing on topics specific to you and coaching you to perform to the best of your ability.

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Experienced actress offering tutoring in Cardiff area. Can help with monologues, group pieces, or essays.

I believe that every student is different, and my teaching style reflects that. With some students I will provide detailed notes, with others short bullet points, and sometimes a more direct approach, standing up and showing examples whilst giving verbal notes. With groups I can give personal notes and group notes, and give excercises to improve group teamwork.

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Acting student with professional credits looking to help other performers refine their skills

My aim as a teacher is to help students learn various techniques, such as those taught by Stanislavski and Bertolt Brecht, and methods that help them progress as a performer and as an actor. Therefore, I offer a relaxed approach and try to understand my students needs completely before approaching monologues and then let them understand their various choices I want to make throughout that piece.

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Acting, voice and Accent coaching. 100% Drama School entry hit rate. Over 20yrs industry experience. Work with me on audition technique, text, script work for stage and screen and nail those jobs.

I work 1:1 to support you in achieving your performance goals. I adapt my teaching to suit the individual but I am very much rooted through exploring text and emotions through voice work. Releasing your voice and your potential. I coach accents and dialects for stage and screen. I work with business people and companies to develop public speaking and presentation skills.

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Acting is a way of thinking. I'm teaching around Sydney . MFA degree

My method of teaching is based on Stanislavsky method.Stanislavski developed the technique in the early 1900s and they have been used ever since to help actors create believable emotions and actions in the characters they portray. Stanislavski method acting is basically in seven steps, these techniques where developed to help actors to build beliveable characters.

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Lecoq-trained actor, director and theatre-maker offers tutoring and workshops in physical theatre, mime, character acting, clowning and improvisation. Also tutoring for auditions, drama school entranc

My teaching method is through fun and experimentation. I begin with a thorough physical warm-up and teach physical techniques such as mime. Using these initial techniques I lead students through exercises and improvisations towards a final devised performance. I find this technique gives a thorough understanding of the topic and builds confidence and skill in a short time.

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Passionate Drama Student gives acting lessons to all comers in Launceston & Tasmania area

First and most importantly is the style of actor you want to be, once we go from there we can build on that idea. I have been in a great variety of productions and have had to practice many different acting styles from children's theater to Shakespeare, knowing when to be comedic and how much comedy is needed at the given moment and when to be dramatic.

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Fiona - Henbury - Acting

Singing Tutor, Acting Tutor, Accent Reduction Coach, Vocal Coach and Speech and Drama teacher who will enhance your true potential and build life-long confidence! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Jazz Singing, Musical Theatre Singing and Technique, Speech and Drama (I put students forward for the graded exams, medals and diplomas for LAMDA, Trinity & Guildhall, RADA and Victoria...

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Armidale Teaching Graduate (specialising in English theatre and Sociology) available for tutoring or teaching jobs

My style of teaching changes depending on the age, groups size and individual(s). Different things work for different students and different students will require different outcomes. My formalised experience is primarily with High School students but I have worked with younger students on a volunteer basis.

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Year 12 Drama OSP and Scripted Monologue Prep from experienced playwright, theatre director and drama teacher.

I work collaboratively with students, focusing on a teacher-led interactive methodology that prioritizes process driven character development, internalization, physicality and developing a strong understanding of creative practitioners and cultural theory.

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Acting is a craft that many people need lessons to become a professional in. Acting teachers are there to help people learn to control their behavior on stage. Acting lessons can help teach discipline and restraint of falling out of character to anyone willing to learn. Teachers have the experience needed to help people become better at developing their characters or how to place their bodies on stage. They offer insights on how to compel audiences. Actors and actresses can be either amateur or professional depending on the amount of time they are willing to put into their studies. There are many acting teachers that love to give lessons to people who want to learn improvisation. An improvisational theater teacher places their student on the spot to become a character instantly. There are many topics related to acting. Acting is an art and actors might enjoy other types of creative outlets. Painting teachers might offer classes in calligraphy lessons or airbrush.