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Musical theatre enthusiast with 10 plus years of singing, dance, and acting training!

My method is to repeat topics until they are mastered and drilled into the brain, as well as a ton of practice in areas that need help! Students should come in with material they feel they need to work on, such as songs or monologues, and we will work to improve them as well as come up with other options for them as well.

San Antonio
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Former Theater Student of 6 years available to to offer theater lessons from home

It's difficult to have a set teaching style for theater as any student is going to learn how to act differently. While I will do my best to make sure certain basics are provided to all students the nuances of acting is something that will be developed one on one with each student.

South Milwaukee
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Drama major with many years of experience working with children of all ages offers acting classes

Improvisation classes/Play production/One-on-on acting work Acting is interesting and fun! Usually students who enjoy acting are talented in it and want to do a good job. This is a wonderful basis for a good teaching and learning experience.

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K-9 math, K-12 English Reading and Writing, theatrical acting, play-writing tutor available!

I try to find what topics my students are struggling with the most, while creating a curriculum that best meets their learning goals. I try to incorporate different learning styles and methods, which may include videos, practice problems, games, or whatever else I feel best suits the age and needs of the student.

Las Vegas
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Five years of experienced acting from the home of great showbizz, LA

My teaching method is to let the class have fun and still learn at the same time, I like to let the students chose which lesson/activity that they want to do that day from the selections that I give them.

Fort Worth
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Actor, Director, and Designer that has a passion for connecting to the human condition.

My teaching method comes from a place of passion. I want to help students be able to connect with their characters on an emotional level and make their characters their own. I take a much more personal approach and believe in nurturing students to find their own truths.

Fort Mitchell
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B.F.A Acting Student/GSA Alumna apart of a comedy improv troupe gives lessons to middle school and high school levels in Northern Kentucky

Acting is a wonderful, but intense and complex art form that requires honesty, attention, and spontaneity! We sometimes, as actors, get so caught up in our text and trying to unveil all of those complex emotions that we often get stuck. We forget how to just be sometimes.

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Performing arts if you want to learn please call me and I can give you lessons

I will be teaching you the basics of the performing arts and I may have you put on a small play for me. When in this class please be responsible and respectful to the others in this class.

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Fun Denver teacher with Master's Degree & Teaching Certification: Drama, Math, English, College Test Preparation

I am a fair and kind teacher and coach that believes in engaging and rigorous lessons. I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in Theatre and Psychology. I earned a Master's Degree in Educational Theatre from New York University. I am a certified teacher (K-12, Drama) in Colorado and New York. I was an actor and have taken many writing classes from places like NYU and The New School.

Queens County
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Professional actress on TV and in comedy improv available to teach/coach in NYC area.

I have trained and performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade and most recently guest-starred in a series co-written and directed by the executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer. I trained for theater at Trinity Rep Conservatory, part of the Tony-award winning Trinity Rep theater, with intensive study of the Meisner technique. I can do monologue coaching or scene study.

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Acting coach with over 10 years experience. Can help with individual events or partner scenes. Solo sessions available.

My teaching method is very hands on. I give practical information as a base then gradually move onto more challenges.

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An actress with experience for more than four years excited to get the ball rolling on your acting career!

I want to see where you are at with your acting and where you want to go. We'll lay out your goals, then make a plan on how to pursue them. Then, with each webcam session we'll try to conquer what your trying to achieve whether it is doing your best in a monologue or trying to master a role for an upcoming play.

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To act or not to act, that is the question. Experienced improvisation teacher willing to share her knowledge.

My teaching method is to have fun while you're learning new subjects. I let students share their opinions and make sure everybody is on the same page. Nobody is left behind. I make my lessons fast, fun, and simple. I do tailor my lessons according to experience level.

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Theatrical Stage Combat and Acting

Hello! I am a Teacher of Theater and Stage Combat. I am a Certified Teacher by the Society of American Fight Directors. I hold a BFA in Acting and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with an emphasis on Stage Combat and Movement. I have taught on all levels of age and experience and have my own professional background as an Actor/Combatant and Fight Choreographer.

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Professional Actor-Comedian. Member of The Screen Actor's Guild (S.A.G.) for over 20 years experience that includes theater film and T.V. is teaching in Atlanta.

I use Improvisation games and method acting.I think that this is very important for auditions.I teach by explaining and showing.

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Semi professional actor for 10 years who can teach others how to become more comfortable with their craft

I base my teaching on what I learn in my own class and experience as a semi-professional. I base everything on real life experiences and real life.

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“God gives us these gifts for a purpose. Tell the story but don’t hog it.” Let’s act and have fun!

My teaching methodology would include being collaborative, interacting, and being integrated.

Los Angeles
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Multi-disciplined Acting???? Coach: Learn both Practice & Theory Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Michael Chekhov, Fitzmaurice voice work, Dialects, and masks

Recipient of a BFA in Acting from CSU Fullerton as well as the Classical Acting Award from ACTF 2015

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Stage and screen: 10 years of experience, won regional award for “Excellence in Acting,” regionally nominated for “Best Leading Actor”

I teach based off of the student, script, and style. I maintain that acting always starts and ends aith the person on stage.

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Art is fun, and details matter! Now, join me to learn more!

My teaching methodology is including my students thoughts on what we’re revising. Through art, I found through experience that it’s better to create art with an open mind.

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Professional actor, musician and theatre maker with an MFA in Theatre Performance

I base my classes on creating independent work that is based on Aristotle's play structure and the Moscow Art Theatre's etude practice of active analysis.

Los Angeles
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Fun Actor with experience teaching people of all ages! She makes learning fun

I try to make learning fun! I am very enthusiastic with a soft demeanor. I like to go through whatever is challenging my students slowly, and give them tricks to make the topic easier.

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Performing Arts Instructor and thespian with 27 years experience gives acting lessons and tips for developing performing arts skills and confidence.

My teaching method is varied. I can tailor my method to suit each student's needs. We can work together via email, PowerPoint, recorded and live videos.

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Multiple years of theatre and acting experience. Associate’s degree in performing arts.

My teaching will start with a basis of what I aim to achieve and adjust each lesson plan to fit the needs and learning style of the students.

Kings County
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Broadway/TV actor and acting teacher offering private acting/musical theatre lessons and audition prep

I am an acting teacher and audition coach with experience in audition preparation, classical acting, and musical theatre. I have coached students from elementary to high school and am uniquely qualified to prepare students for middle school, high school and college auditions.

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"Just DeLaney" "movement, acting, voice impressions , accents, storylines, comedy relief."

Hello! I am so excited to be able to share my love and joy for theater arts with students all over the world! I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Theater Performance and Communication from Rocky Mountain College, I completed an internship at Seattle Children's Theatre, and have an extensive background of acting both professionally and locally.

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Seasoned Director based out of North Carolina giving professional acting and audition lessons. Graduate of Full Sail University in Orlando, FL and owner of Hanging by a Rope Productions.

Bachelor's of science in film and video production. I have worked with all types of acting styles and have been part of all types of acting auditions. Learn the skills you need to be successful in movie and television acting business from a teacher who's worked on many different ends of production.

Costa Mesa
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Acting Coach and Audition preperation

I am a classically trained actor, director and choreographer with 26 years teaching experience. I help performers hone their skills in both classical and contemporary styles for stage, film, and auditions. I also help find audition materials.

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An Acting Coach Seeking AMAZING Acting Students in Washington, DC Metro Area!

I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Theatre from Auburn University in Auburn Alabama and a Master of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Theatre from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC

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Acting is a craft that many people need lessons to become a professional in. Acting teachers are there to help people learn to control their behavior on stage. Acting lessons can help teach discipline and restraint of falling out of character to anyone willing to learn. Teachers have the experience needed to help people become better at developing their characters or how to place their bodies on stage. They offer insights on how to compel audiences. Actors and actresses can be either amateur or professional depending on the amount of time they are willing to put into their studies. There are many acting teachers that love to give lessons to people who want to learn improvisation. An improvisational theater teacher places their student on the spot to become a character instantly. There are many topics related to acting. Acting is an art and actors might enjoy other types of creative outlets. Painting teachers might offer classes in calligraphy lessons or airbrush.