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I am a professional actress, classically trained in the UK and Italy. I can teach Lecoq, Strasberg, Stanislavsky. How to build and work on a character, how to write a character’s backstory. Scene and

I try to shape the session according to the needs and time of the students. If we are prepping for a specific audition for example, then the work will be focused on a specific piece of text. If the students is training for a specific project, we’ll focus more of character building, writing a backstory, how to use left and right emisphers to create a character.

Villa Elvira
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Actor and Advanced Psychology Student offers personalized assistance to actors / actresses from La Plata

The approach of each actor will be according to their needs. Either to work concrete difficulties that are presented to him, or general guidelines for the creation of a character, etc. Special for actors who want to work the differences between theater and cinema. I provide my camera and tripod to generate material.

Buenos Aires
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Hi , My method of teaching is based on the theatrical games and creation of the characters through theatrical rituals, role play, improvisation, comedy, stand up and also teach to act in front of cameras for movies and tv! wait for you guys! bye bye

Greater London
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Transformation through the art of acting via unique methods and online tutoring

Methodology stems from the Russian theatre tradition, focusing on the actor as creator. The students discover through text analysis and improvisation their creative self, they develop their own voice and are introduced to the power of speech as action. They learn to read and see what is behind the immediate cliches and they uncover true action.

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17 year old UQ student willing to help students study Drama at school.

Engaging and encouraging approach to teaching, taking into consideration the individual’s needs and abilities. Mainly help with assessment, but can assist with practical acting tips as well.

North Lakes
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Aspiring actor? Love drama? Learn acting with Christina Sawyer in Brisbane, Australia.

Acting is fun, creativity is key, and we can be anyone, and do anything. The possibilities are endless. And that's what my lessons are. Nothing but utter, pure, extraordinary FUN. Acting is about finding your own truth, and once we do, we can find other people's truths. Come along. Join the most rewarding class ever.

Greater London
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Multilingual theatre practitioner offering playwriting, monologue and solo performance lessons in London

Hello / hola / olá! I am a London-based theatre practitioner (with primarily acting and playwriting experience) who is fluent in English and Spanish, and able to speak Portuguese as well. (I am also learning Swahili and French – step by step!) In the vein of creating honest performance, I am invested in helping other actors express themselves at their most open and raw.

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Writer, Screenwriter and playwrigth teaches drama, Creative writing and style's correction in Madrid

- Do you want to write stories, novels, theater, poetry? - Do you want to learn basic fundamentals of acting? - You try to finish a novel or test project, thesis ...? Through methods and exercises of narratology, drama and basic creative writing, you can enter the world of literature, finish these projects, start others, exercise the imagination.

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To be or not to be, that is the question...So, let's be together!

Acting, Improvisation, Physical Theatre, Dance Performance, Greek Tragedy, Performance, Directing, Creative Writing, Role Games. Classes are available to everyone interested in Acting or Theatre in general. The approach is through different techniques. Feel free to ask any particular approach or practitioner that you want to work with.

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Performance for Stage & Screen Graduate giving guidance and lessons to actors and drama students

I am a recent graduate of performance for the stage and screen. I give both practical and academic guidance to anyone studying within the arts and wanting to develop their stage or screen skills. I have set experience from adverts to television programmes as well as academic experience within my degree.

São Bernardo do Campo
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Theater student theater offers the history classes in Brazil and in the World

How about we get to it? With objectivity, logic and references I take you to see the world and its history through drama, his texts, and theoretical applications. Degree student in the College Theater Paulista Theater, with the passion that I understood the content, I present you what I know so you can filter (not absorb) content.

Der george
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Seasoned theatre actor from Chennai with experience of 9 years willing to train candidates of any age with performance and equips one to prepare their own content.

I approach with proper assessment of the limits of my student and preparing a model which best suits the student's growth. Never a model which fits all sizes. I encourage the students to constantly create pieces and dissect to teach them further about the finer nuances of a performance.

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Actor with 7 years experience offering coaching sessions and monologue prep online or in Nottingham

I'm currently a student at the University of Nottingham, aiming to offer coaching to young people who are interested in acting. I aim to offer personalised sessions based on what students need to focus on ranging from working on a monologue for an audition to teaching techniques to improve improvisation.

Greater London
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Personal/Professional London based Acting and Life Coach with over 10 years experience

I am a Classically trained Actor , graduate of The Guildford School Of Acting working in London as both an actor and Acting/Life coach. I have over 10 years of experience in working in Theatre/Film/Commercials. This covers areas of Audition prep (Professional and Drama School), presentations, best man/maid of honor speeches, Motivation sessions (Personal /Professional ) .

Toluca de Lerdo
Andreiev edian
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Student of Theater gives classes of Acting, improvisation, declamation, etc. Toluca and surroundings

I am an Actor in professional training. These classes are aimed at high school, high school and / or undergraduate students who are interested for the first time in the Theater, in the Performance and in the development in their daily life, as a professional. However, it is not only dedicated to students without previous knowledge, but also for those who have an interest in learning more.

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Acting Support/ Teaching by trained actor/teacher. 25 years college lecturer. ST HELENS and surrounding area. Specialist in Popular Theatre (Godber). Trained at Bretton Hall alongside The League of

GCSE, Level 3/ A Level to Degree. I teach through text preparation. I can support preparation for drama school auditions or text for your production or monologue for an exam.

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Drama teacher. Professional actress. Founder and director of the TAC Teatro theater troupe and school in Milan, Italy and TAC France, Paris.

Ornella Bonventre is an Italian theater director, teacher and actress offering private lessons in Paris to perfect the technique of experienced actors. She teaches in English or Italian. Ornella studied at the Scuola Europea di Teatro Cinema e Scrittura and she has extensive international experience, notably with Renzo Casali and her Communa Baires and also with the Grotowski Institute in Poland.

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Theatre/Drama coaching/teaching, professional, award winning and very supportive through direction and teaching

Award winning actor, director and teacher Are you needing support with an audition? Nervous about performing as part of your qualification? Have to deliver a speech/presentation to an audience? I am able to provide you with professional support and direction to enable you to realize your potential and perform to the best of your ability.

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Drama & theatre studies student gives online lessons in English and drama - specialty in improvisation, character-building and social/political context

I am a hands-on teacher with experience of holding workshops for children aged 8-17. I am passionate about drama, in particular contemporary theatre. I like to use fun interactive games, often in a group setting, though I also enjoy tutoring the academic/written side.

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Musical theatre tutor and enthusiast for students studying gcses, diplomas and degrees

I aim to pass my knowledge onto others studying with in the performing arts sector. I am enthusiastic and passionate, and truly believe that every student studying musical theatre or performing arts of any kind can really push their limits and achieve bigger than they thought possible.

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BBC Actress and Scriptwriter available to help with Elocution, LAMDA exams, confidence building and more

All of my classes are catered to the need and level of the student(s), they will be fun but educational and we will build up towards one goal, depending on what is required. Worksheets are given and we will work practically, always starting with a warm-up, giving you the tools to apply in your day-to-day life.

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Acting student offering GCSE help to both the practical and theoretical side of drama

I base my teaching on what the student struggles with. I break it down to the simplest steps it could possibly be in.

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Acting and Stage Combat student offering Acting lessons up to university level

My teaching method varies from student to student. There is no one right answer with Acting and so my methods are flexible to work around the needs of the individual. I like actors to have a strong internal connection with there characters and feel confident about the choices they make. I use a variety of practitioners methodologies to help students create this internal relationship.

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Friendly, positive, and helpful. I have a B.A (hons) in Theology and Performing Arts.

I base my classes on developing creativity, and building confidence. I like to follow Stanislavsky’s techniques on emotion memory, and Chekhov’s approach to atmosphere. My heart for acting is based on the emotions it can stir up both in the actor and in the audience.

Greater London
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Mentoring/ Tutoring by industry professional and trained actress (William Esper Studio, NYC)

The focus is solely on the student and their development. Melina will offer a vast array of knowledge and skills that are transferable and reliable. Sessions will be fun, challenging and intense.

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Student offering drama lessons in London and learning something new everyday and make sure that you enjoy the session.

My name is Riana Reid, I give lessons to young people from the ages of 13 to 19 years old, I got a c in drama. In the session I am going to get you to write down your target so that we have a goal to get to and I will make sure that you reach your target by the end of the session.

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Passion and Patience lead to success. I wish, I can, I realise!

My name is Alexandra, I am 25 years old, recently graduated a master degree in business management. I have always had the patience to explain, help or teach either children or adults. My first job was as a dance teacher. I used to teach little ones different dance styles. After I moved to UK I continued teaching dance, arts or different modules such as French, Spanish, Maths and English.

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Degree student, Based in Hull, Experienced in the theatrical field gives lessons in dramaturgy and theatre theory

I am a drama student at the university of Hull and i have experience in performance and in the analysis of the theory. I have studied GCSE ,A-LEVEL, and now a Degree. I will aim to give top level tuition in order to help you achieve the best grades possible.

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Qualified and Experienced Actor in Theatre and Film available for private lessons

From graduating as an Actor from both Dundee and Angus and on a part time Scholarship at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I proceeded to establish myself in the Scottish Industry. I worked in industry leading Theatres and experienced a wealth of on the job learning. Now, as I study my Masters in Filmmaking, I want to share that knowledge and experience.

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Develop confidence, imagination, observation and improvisation and bring your internal actor outside.

I am Post Graduate in Cinema( Acting and Film Making) and have done theatre in Delhi. I give classes to all level students. I have been through learning process so I can teach in a better way by connecting to the student's needs. I focus on student's needs and weaknesses and convert them into his/her strength.

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Acting is a craft that many people need lessons to become a professional in. Acting teachers are there to help people learn to control their behavior on stage. Acting lessons can help teach discipline and restraint of falling out of character to anyone willing to learn. Teachers have the experience needed to help people become better at developing their characters or how to place their bodies on stage. They offer insights on how to compel audiences. Actors and actresses can be either amateur or professional depending on the amount of time they are willing to put into their studies. There are many acting teachers that love to give lessons to people who want to learn improvisation. An improvisational theater teacher places their student on the spot to become a character instantly. There are many topics related to acting. Acting is an art and actors might enjoy other types of creative outlets. Painting teachers might offer classes in calligraphy lessons or airbrush.