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Colorado Springs
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Energy Healing: Helping you find balance in all areas can transform your life forever.

I use a combination of insight coaching, expanding the belief system, keying into where your senses are blocked and also identifying where pain is held in the body, then we work together with bodywork on a massage table to shift out these blockages and align the chakras in balance.

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Certified Recreation Therapist with 29 years of experience working with addictions/mental health.

My teaching method is encouraging the students to take an active role in the classroom dynamics. I use visual/audio aids, as well as other aids to make the classroom an exciting place to learn. Also, I use things such as hand gestures and repetition, if needed.

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Board certified naturopathic physician with 19 years clinic, nutrigenomic, orthomolecular, homeopathic, higher frequency medical experience; Creator/baker DianaJaneOrganics.com , #dianajaneorgancis

As a naturopathic physician, my students are taught how to find health through balance of physical systems within the body,i.e., neurotransmitter, endocrine, immune system, GI system, etc and through balance of energetic systems beyond the borders of the physical body; i.e., emotional, frequency, chakra fields, etc. Each person is unique in aligning their balance from within.

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Hello,my name is Monica! I am an experienced&empathetic health/wellness/addiction mentor! I have also went through some of these issues myself in the past. So, I truly know all the ins&outs.I am here

I am very patient/attentive&involved with my clients. I am truly there for that much needed guidance and support! I am readily available & there for my clients at any and all times needed!! I do not put limits on when or how long my client may need assistance either. Each client gets their own, personalized treatment/goal plan. I uniquely design my classes on the per client basis.

Fort Lauderdale
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Certified Recovery Coach works with chronic relapsers focusing on developing clients a personalized "action plan" designed to remove the barriers that stop their forward motion in recovery.

My teaching methodology is Strength-based and we use Motivational Interviewing to bring out the clients most request barrier that is stopping their forward growth. We use a weekly action plan to move the needle forward, day by day, week to week.

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Sober Coaching...37seven years sober...will help u stay sober and make go decision to overcome relapsing.

I will base my tutoring on why he has relapse problems...Psychological, traumatic events, fear of staying sober, what triggers him to relapse...I will asses him to find out what he might not be wanting to talk about...I will teach the 12 step program, and life events and decisions that he will had to make in Real life.

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Master Nutrition and Wellness Expert (MS, Health Education / BS, Nutrition Science) offering Healthy Living Coaching via Skype

My teaching methodology is grounded, mainly, in andragogical models which emphasize self-reliance and self-guidance. I am here to serve as a source of motivation and structural knowledge with the ultimate goal of allowing my students to master core concepts which they can use to guide their every day behaviors.

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Pre-Med Student Offering Online Skype/Facetime Nutrition and Weightloss Coaching, group or individual

I like to teach once a week, starting our session with going over goals from last week and breaking those goals up into groups: Did we reach our goal? What held us back? What helped us improve? I also have a background in Psychology, so I want to look at the mental aspect of nutrition and healthy living as well! I love to talk about how our mental health is affecting our eating habits.

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Professional Executive Chef with 15 years of nutrition, food and dietary experience.

My method of teaching involves discussion and online videos that can help you to better understand the subject material. I also use helpful recipes and cooking tips to use to substitute better alternatives when preparing dishes.

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The passion and urge to spread the knowledge and understanding of addiction. So we can become a society of compassion, not judgement.

My teaching method will be personal. Along with textbook/research inspired topics. I will share my personal experiences and will ask the same from you.

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Ann Arbor
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A Dentist having specialized in Orofacial pain disorders and Dental sleep medicine interested in teaching medical emergencies

I often teach with the help of case reports and I often quote articles and research data

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Former addict consultant 5 plus years experience. Offering tips and tricks to manage your addiction.

I try to find what is the root of the problem and try to solve or work through the underlying issues.

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Yoga teacher with advanced degree in environmental sustainability teaches internal peace making.

I teach based on my students. I tend to learn best through experiential learning; what helps students understand principles is often unique. I am open to you.

(4 reviews)
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Supporting and Living With a Loved One's Chemical Dependency How to Be Supportive Without Being Enabling

My seminars give guidance to families and friends of addicts/alcoholics (They are the same thing. Alcohol is a drug; a depressant.) teaching how to cope with and how to interact with people in active addiction, and recovery as well. I begin with how addiction comes about, then give the aspects of addiction, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual.

(5 reviews)
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Artist with a lifetime of experience in using art and creativity to cope.

I believe that art lives inside of everyone, rather a person is aware of it or not. Anyone can be trained to draw these skills out of themselves to enhance their state of mind, learn new skills, and be content.

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Ayurvedic Consultant and Educator with 4 yr. degree and 4 years of practice in Lakewood, OH

I believe that the totality of knowledge is accessible at every level. I have a few children's story modules in the works and have done consults with people of all ages and education levels. I like to give the main points of a lesson at the beginning and end so the student knows what to expect and what's most important.

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Health services major offering online health assistance. Let me Claire-ify your life

I just recently graduated from college with a degree in health services. My goal is to help people live healthier lives, whatever that looks like for each person. I like to help people get to the root of the problem and break things down so that they can be understood easier, and then put it all together.

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My focus is on the overall health of the people I serve and teaching this to my students. Supporting people to establish a link to primary health care, emotional care and health promotion activities are the areas of focus of my classes.

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Recovered Bulimic helps those who are just starting their journey towards life without ED.

I base every case off of it's own merit. Differnt strokes for different folks. My main focus is the development of strong cognitive behavioral skills. Positive self talk and affirmations are another tool I use.

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Performing Artist offering Lessons for Weight loss, Dance, and Mental Health Improvement through Circus Arts

I interview with students to see what they would be interested in. Each week we will have lessons by live video instruction covering new concepts each week that build off the prior week. Phone support is also provided by teacher, and student may contact at anytime for concepts that require more instruction. I happily teach all ages and skill levels.

Fort Mill
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Recovering one day at a time, its all about keeping faith. I want to help other addicts strengthen their mind enough to get sober and stay sober.

I teach from personal experience. My past gives me the ability to change the lives of others by helping them overcome the struggle of addiction.

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There are many paths through Addiction and Recovery. Understand your path may be different from others.

I am focused on getting to your Truth. Away from the judgements and unrealistic expectations you may place on yourself.

Silver Spring
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RN with more than 20 years experience including addiction recovery from Silver Spring, MD

My teaching is individualized to student needs and wants, exploring various methods and modes of learning with student participation highly suggested

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1st lesson offered free !

Dr.Nicholas Chirchir,a medical doctor offering health living guides and directions.

I am a medical doctor who has passion for health living ;i do this through provision of update information about health promotion behaviors.

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I have a background in Paralegal Studies but decided to focus on addiction because I found myself going down that path and wanted to understand about myself but also be able to help other people get t

The way this class room will be ran is mainly by open discussions. This will not be a typical AA setting or any of those other classes. I want use to be open and honest with one another so that we may offer the best answers or solutions to whatever stage you are at on your journey to sobriety.

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Licensed Psychologist offers Counseling, Guidance and Therapy (Addiction, ADD, PWD, Special Needs)

Face to Face is the most preferred form of communication (I am located in Andheri & Bhayandar, Mumbai). Video and telephonic sessions are used only in cases where F2F interaction is not practical / feasible.

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General practitioner who gives medical-topics lessons to university students in Sydney or Online

I am a highly motivated and clinically competent general practitioner with an extensive training, learning and development knowledge and experience specifically in the education sector. I also have clinical experience in dealing with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. For the past three years, I have been tutoring in both large classroom settings and 1:1.

The Gap
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International Qualified Art, Yoga & Massage Therapist, Professional Artist & Healthy Cooking Coach in Brisbane

Course Modules Living Your Life Purpose How to access you life purpose and live in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly inspires you. Meditation Mastery How to develop a consistent practise that will foster resiliency and a capacity to meet the ups and downs of life whilst remaining centred and grounded. Inspiration How to listen to what makes your heart sing.

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