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Daytona Beach
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

I know I can teach you to make After Effects Magic. I've been using this software for 10 + years now. It's a wonderful software and I love using it. I'm now here to share my knowledge with you.

I'm a Graduate of the Digital Animation And Visual effects School. I've been in the Film Industry for a sum of 7 years now. I've worked on such films as "The Expendable, The Mechanic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Just to name a few. I've been working with Photoshop for as long as I can remember. It's my passion to work with Photoshop,.

1st lesson offered free !

Audio/Visual Designer teaches you how to make marketing video content for your music.

I always try to keep my work procedural, so that whenever I need to re-use a technique, I can do it with ease, and I try for that approach to be taken in by students as well. I teach them how to make their own content, but also how to make their own presets or procedural templates, so that they can re-use something for a different song, a different live set, different poster, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelance Editor, Colorist and Graphic designer with 7+ years of experience offering hands-on tutoring in Portland

Even when I teach, I always put myself in the position of the student when it comes to approaching a daunting new piece of software or equipment, and the easiest way to get frustrated and disinterested as a new student by getting overloaded with information and theory right out the gate, and to have your hand held tightly through every step of the way.

Ladera Ranch
1st lesson offered free !

Learn to tell stories on video with a good video montage and learn how to handle professional editing tools

My teaching methodology is based on practice, the use of all the tools we have for the production of quality videos, which must have as an important factor to tell our stories in the best way by means of a fully professional video montage. .

Jacarepaguá (Rio de Janeiro)
(9 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

AFTER EFFECTS DEFINITIVE - More than 20 years of experience! Highly Recommended on Linkedin

I am Luis Seda, known and recognized in the labor market. I taught in large and recognized schools like SENAC and INFNET. I also trained on TV Globo and Globosat. More than 20 years of experience and user of After Effects since 1997. Today I teach in Proclass.

Port Talbot
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Digital video content editor offering to teach After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Lightworks

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying and construction management from Sheffield Hallam University. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced video editor offering to teach video editing and production using Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Lightworks

I am a UK based academic researcher, writer, tutor and researcher at academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Information Technology, Computer Science and Statistics.

1st lesson offered free !

Become a master of Video Making, Editing and Motion Graphics with modern industry based softwares.

I start my class with a ‘Mind Warm-Up’. Technology in study can be an advanced and effective learning tool. By using technology in teaching-learning, I am able to go beyond the paper, pencil and textbook and connect with students on an authentic level.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Motion Graphic Designer at world renowned agency can help you with After Effects skills.

My teaching method is a mix of theory and practice. I try to follow the way of my greatest teachers who taught me everything in Uni. I'm a really positive and passionate person and I would never make you feel uncomfortable.

Johan andrés
1st lesson offered free !

Digital Animation Apprentice teaches about the basic tools of Adobe After Effects

My teaching methodology is variable, it depends on the student and his knowledge, also trajectory in the subject to be treated, I do a study and based on that I elaborate the study plan. I am patient and I explain in such a way that it will be very easy to understand the material.

1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to be a youtber or an influencer? Create your own video content for social networks.

My classes are based on 35% theory and 75% practice, practice is fundamental, throughout my career I have realized that if you do not put to work the knowledge is not as effective as when you apply it, remember that done is much better than perfect.

1st lesson offered free !

Learnt and achieved a lot of things. Now i wish to share them. Basic Computer solutions, Video Editing, Sketching, Guitar lessons, Language, Personality Development, SCADA.

Nothing special. i am still too young for that. but yeah, i am not a quitter and i don't expect you to be one either. so these are the three things you need to remember before learning First : Be patient. you need that. Second : Escape the world while learning. Focus.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Science Student Giving Basic Computer, Video, and Photo Editing Classes at Guwahati

Since I am a Self Learned Photo and Video Editor, I strongly believe that you can learn only if you create. My Method of teaching is fully Practical performing tasks from a beginner level to an Advanced level. I will be teaching you how to use the software by creating and Editing Photos and videos.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn After Effects right from the beginning and become a pro. I am working as a motion graphic artist from last 4 years. I will teach you all the ways that are required in the open market.

For sure I will teach you the software but the most important part is how to work for the market. I am working in this industry for last 4 year and gather a lot of experience, and I am happy to share you all my mistakes with you so that you will avoid that all and go forward with fewer mistakes.

1st lesson offered free !

Basic Introduction to 3d Modelling, Animating and Texturing (3ds Max) Based in Wollongong

My name is Andrew, I'm 28 years old and based in Wollongong. I am a 3D Artist / Games Designer with a passion for Gamification and creating new experiences. I have worked professionally as a 3D Artist since 2011 and have collaborated with a number of different companies with varying specialisations.

1st lesson offered free !

Lessons that we need to become better at what we do everyday in computing.

My way of teaching is as you come with a subject and that's what I focus on. I give attention to the problem area if that doesn't work I go start from the basics chances are you missed something. I will help you if you are not stratified then no charge.

1st lesson offered free !

Video Creator and Editor specialising in Premier Pro, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! :)

My lessons are predominately aimed towards those who are beginner or intermediate level at Premier Pro I will take it at your pace and show you how to do something as many times as you want me to, or until we both feel comfortable that you fully understand the process. I will usually approach the method by showing you how to do something first myself, and then letting you do it a few times.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional in Animation Industry gives tuition's in Adobe Aftereffect , Animation Motion Graphics from Mumbai

Adobe After Effects is a Swiss Army Knife. The program is used for Motion Design, Visual Effects, Character Animation, and even UX prototyping. It’s deep, powerful, and can be tough to learn. This course makes learning After Effects as easy and FUN as possible.

Navi Mumbai
1st lesson offered free !

Freelance VFX and 3D Artist teaches After Affects and many more software.

My teaching method is combined with theory and practical mostly its practical because in my opinion practical is more effective than theory.

1st lesson offered free !

3d Animation and VFx professional in Vadodara gives classes on related softwares

My way of teaching depends on your understanding level and grasping power. I Avoid doing too much theory and I emphasis more on practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Classes for visual effects, audio video, editing, Audio mixing and motion graphics

My teaching method varies with the catching ability of the student. After finding out what he/she is interested and his/her strength and weakness, topics and number of classes are decided.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate boy with experience teaches Production and Video Editing at home in Milan

My teaching is based on how to shoot a video at best, on editing and on how to have and develop ideas for making a video. My lessons are aimed at anyone who is passionate about videomaking and wants to start making videos or improving them.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Video, Graphics and Animation expert willing to teach Video Production, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Lightworks, iMovie

I am a UK based academic researcher, writer, tutor, mathematician, management professional and consultant for academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management.

Autadwadi Handewadi
1st lesson offered free !

I can teach all movie production softwares needed in post production including after effects , Premiere pro , Davinci Resolve , Blender , Animate CC , illustrator , Adobe XD

My teaching method is usually practical base! I don't believe in traditional way of learning, I usually like to approach the problem first & then lead to find its solution! This approach of problem solving would definitely helps to understand the concept in much efficient way! Problems could be a concept, Design type, working architecture anything..

(2 reviews)

FX editor gives lessons on Final Cut, Premiere, Avid for a better editing

Passionate about cinema, I offer courses to all persons wishing to train in video editing on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop or Avid Media Composer as needed. I do not give a quick fix with a universal mounting but I bring the technical basis for the understanding of a program through a methodology that students take ownership and across their means of artistic expression.

1st lesson offered free !

I will teach you like your best friend teaches you the day before your exams.I will guide you through the very basics to my level of understanding of the software.

Everything will go in a flow.There wont be following of rules.But will make you understand the topic like how you learn controls of a game.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn day by day ,so I teach new updates ...for my students

My teaching method is practically like to live shoot video after edit show on live .

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional Video editor offering after effect, final cut pro, windows movie maker, iMovie and Lightworks training for students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

1st lesson offered free !

Video Designing and Editing is the next GENERATION, MIND IT! People are looking for best appearance rather than the great software's and apps or a simple Dinner Dish. Come around and learn Editing.

The teaching isn't what I do, I make people understand so than they can use that knowledge to help their creative skills excellently and pass on the approach to one another. This will be the next GENERATION I assure you that. And everything will be so Wonderful.

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