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I was a stay at home mother for years,i see to be able to get through to kids

I love kids,and they seem to like me. I have a Ged,but was a stay at home mom. i also sub for a teacher a couple times. My nephew i home schooled, to help get his Ged, now he is in college, I try to make learning fun, and to bring it to life.

Santa Monica
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Academic Tutoring with over 10 years experience. Have obtained both a Bachelor's Degree as well as a Juris Doctorate.

My teaching method varies depending on each student's individual needs. I believe that practice and patience is an important characteristic in being able to successfully teach any subject to any student. I also believe that being able to be flexible in teaching styles to meet each students needs.

Daytona Beach
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Homework, Tutoring, and Babysitting Guru Desires For You To Soar To The Top!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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Camas/Washougal Middle School Teacher with wide variety of academic and non academic skills

My teaching method is through building relationships and trust with students. In order to find out how best they learn and individualize the materials or present the material in a way that will stick with them. I try to make lessons fun and engaging by knowing the student or the classes motivations.

Spanish Fork
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I can help with most any subject. I have an Assosiates of Science degree and am working on my Bachelors degree. I am especially knowledgeable in Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I live

I love learning and helping other people learn. I am especially helpful with kids grades K-12. I would be helpful with the general classes such as math, English, and science. I am able to teach in many different ways and can help you find the best way that you learn.

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Syracuse University Student Assistance for Homework Help, After-school pick-up, and Academic Tutoring

Enhancing a student's growth by working with them at their own pace. Available 24/7. Positive, patient, and educated in math, history, English, and more.

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Postdoctoral PhD in Healthcare and Administration Available and Excited to Teach Nearly Any Subject Matter to Any Age or Level Student

I use complementary methods of teaching rather than a "one-style fits all approach". Frequently I use the standard lecture style of teaching to begin a lesson before venturing into discussion with students or the student. Because each individual learns and processes knowledge differently, I tailor all individual lessons to the student's preferred method of learning.

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Experienced nanny and classroom aide in Newberg who loves to help young students excel

I give lessons to elementary school students who may be struggling with homework, or just need someone to assist and help maintain focus. My lessons are based on what the individual student is currently working on in school.

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Elementary Education student offering help with elementary subjects in Bloomington, IN with 3 years of experience.

I am a college student majoring in elementary education and I have a lot of different techniques I like to use to help students. Depending on the subject, I usually like to use explicit instruction which is systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented and has been shown to promote achievement for all students.

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Enthusiastic Tutor ready to help pave the way to academic success! With a background in psychological cognitive learning, I can help tailor your study session to fit your academic needs! My goal is to

I have a High School Diploma from Montclair High school in Montclair, New Jersey. I graduated with a 4.4 GPA. I attended a pre-college program at The Fashion Institute of Technology where I enrolled in Fashion Illustration, and Fabric styling; I completed the programed with an A in both courses. In 2016, I became a Psychology major for one year however could not continue in the same college.

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Determined, goal-driven, Indiana-licensed elementary teacher offers homework help to elementary and middle school students.

I have recently completed my teaching certification and earned my elementary education license. I have worked and/or volunteered in the public school system since 2011. I can offer help to students in elementary and middle school, in all subject areas.

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Teacher with eight plus years helping students succeed with their academics !

I have my bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies and I am working towards my Master's in Reading. I believe in having a hands on approach and allowing students to take part in the responsibility for their education. I like to have students set goals and we work together to successfully meet those goals. I also believe in positive reinforcement and keeping a positive learning environment.

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High School graduate gives help with homework to middle school levels in George County

I am able to give tutor lessons in multiple fields: english, math, science, and history. I am a 2017 graduate from George County High School. My lesson plans will differ for each student depending on how he/she learns effectively. It's a goal of mine to make sure he/she shows growth.

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Smile Learning Fun and Easy Golden Academic Nuggets produced by Treasure Cat

I am currently an undergraduate Senior, but am planning to be in graduate school this fall. I am studying Political Science, but am planning to study Humans Rights in graduate school. Being an academic is not easy, but curiosity of life generally tends to lead me there. I love to laugh so my lessons are performed through conversations.

Queens County
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Writing Specialist with a Degree in Writing for Film and Television, I've worked with such prestigious organizations as 826DC and West Wing Writers.

I am a writer and comedian with professional experience working with West Wing Writers, a prestigious speechwriting and communications firm. Additionally, I used to run the field trips program at 826DC during my time there as the Programs Assistant. I have a degree in Writing for Film and Television from Emerson College and I also have years of experience working in preschool classrooms.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional writer/editor provides homework help, test prep, and tutoring in English Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing to students of all ages in The Cincinnati area.

As a nonfiction editor my job was to help professional writers improve their book manuscripts; I work closely with students on their own writing so they learn how to compose better sentences and paragraphs, as well as how to structure entire papers. My method is the same as I use with professionals: I ask lots of questions, provide suggestions, and discuss possibilities for changes.

1st lesson offered free !

Tampa teacher with over 20 years experience tutoring primary grades all subjects and help with homework

I have vast experience tutoring students in the elementary grades primarily in reading, writing, and math. I have worked with small groups of students and one-on-one. I am certified in grades K-6th and have extensive knowledge of the private and public school's curriculum and academic expectations for each grade.

Red Bluff
Grey raine
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Redding area college student with one year teaching experience looking to tutor

I give highschool and middle school students help with homework, not only assisting them with whatever they're struggling with a the moment but also teaching them time management, organization and helping them keep track and remembering previous lessons. I can also help younger learners develop their reading abilities.

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Homeschool mother would love to help other children in any way possible!

I am a 34 year old Homeschool mother of three boys that uses an eclectic style of teaching. Every one learns differently, so I use a variety of methods and resources to teach.

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Recent college graduate/part-time counselor teaches a diverse range of subjects, but specifically for anyone under the age of 16.

Hello! My name is Jessica. I have a Bachelors in Psychology, Minor in Pre-Health. I am experienced with most subjects in school, but I excel in most sciences. I enjoy a wide range of subjects and am currently a part-time parental educator. My teaching routine is pretty relaxed and is determinant upon the recipient. I am happy to teach at whatever pace is necessary.

Port Arthur
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Tutor that can teach reading, writing, and math for elementary and middle school!

I like to use the soft but quick approach with my students. I usually give a little quiz that doesn't count against them when I first get them just so I can see where they are academically.

1st lesson offered free !

Teacher with 12 years of experience offering academic tutoring to students of all ages!

I approach each topic based on the needs and ability of my student(s). I believe it is important for students to have a connection and purpose to the material. The use of examples especially to the student's life is very important.

1st lesson offered free !
Upper Marlboro
1st lesson offered free !

Certified Elementary Educator. 2 years of teaching all academic subjects. Tutoring provided at my home (I am willing to travel to you)

My teaching method is definitely non traditional. I use a lot of movement in my classroom to get students brains and bodies moving. I believe that students learn best when they are comfortable in their environment as well as comfortable with their teacher.

1st lesson offered free !

Educator looking to help those who need a little extra help with their studies. Willing to be helpful and supportive in the best possible way! Start excelling immediately!

I am originally from New York City. I attended and graduated High School in Florence, Italy. I then attended and graduated university at Washburn University. I received an AA in Early Childhood Education. I enjoy educating students with a strong desire learn and understand various topics of interest. My goal is to bridge the gap of those who want to learn but can't fully understand how.

1st lesson offered free !

College Student gives assistance to elementary school and middle school levels in Coppell

I am a current college student who has graduated from Coppell High School. I am majoring in sports marketing and can offer help to parents who need transportation and care for their children. I can also assist the children with their homework and activities.

Mountain Home
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Just a little help find it here simple yet wonderful just ask

I have an AA degree and have helped my 7 grandkids with homework now I do it over the computer since I have moved out of state .

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Need a Babysitter? Need help with your homework? Well there is one in your area ready to help!

I can tutor in your home, over webcam, or meet in a mutual place. I really like to understand what the students I will be helping need from me to succeed. I would like to see students soar in school.

1st lesson offered free !

Need A Babysitter / Homework Tutor? I'm Here to Help In Any Way!

I'm here to help your child and help you! I can help with homework at any grade level, and babysit them in the process. My technique for babysitting is to do things with them, go outside and throw a ball, help with homework, make a meal together, anything they'd like! My method of teaching is positive reinforcement and productive criticism.

San Antonio
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Very Engaged Homework Help & Baby Sitting in San Antonio; senior student at UT San Antonio, Texas

I'm well versed in Elementary through High - school and some college Science, Math, and English classes due to my almost completed training at the University of Texas - San Antonio as a Pre-medical Public Health major. I also have experience with tutoring and baby sitting for children from Elementary through High school.

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Perfect! During the six weeks of our stay in Los Angeles, Judy gave my Swiss kids (age 10 and 8) English lessons for beginners. The kids were really happy with Judy, they learned a lot, especially reading and speaking. Judy is a very motivated,...

Nadine, student
9 months ago

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After school is done, it is not always possible for a parent or guardian to come to the school in order to pick up the child. When this happens, there are a few different options available for the child. They might be able to ride the bus, but for parents who are not at home and do not want their children to be at home on their own, it is important for the children to stay at the school until they are able to pick them up. Many school systems do provide a service where children can stay at the school for a set period of time, although when this is the case, a child might as well continue their learning. After all, they are still at the school system. This is where school support private teachers come in. The private teachers are able to come in and help with academic tutoring private lessons, based on what a child is studying and what they might need help with. An immediate afterschool pick-up is not always possible for all families, so for children who must remain at the school, they might as well continue their learning with the help of the school support private teachers.