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Passionate, young college graduate, professional, and agriculturalist eager to share livestock, animal science, meat science, research, and production knowledge!

Provide tools and tips for immediate learning, create interest and provide perspective for long-lasting knowledge.

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Love to instruct anyone who have any problems with Information Technology. H

Spent 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. Doing the time attending schools to become an instructed in several areas in education. Instructed topics such as English, Computers, Radios, Satellite Communications, and Telecommunications. Also instructed international such as Japan, China, and Republic of Georgia. Could instruct in the countries Language.

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A Skilled Tudor for Rent in Engineering, Math, Finance, Science, Technical Writing

Tudor' Education in: - AS in Bible and Geology - BS in Civil Engineering & - MS Level in Arctic Engineering ** Skilled in tax, finance, agriculture and veterinary; and Humble but promising in Hunting, Boating, Fishing, Ranching, Farming and Wilderness Survival to boot!

College Station
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Graduate animal science student offering science and analytical tutoring in College Station

I believe in helping students succeed by helping them find the right answer. My goal is to teach students how to learn, so that they can find answers themselves. I am not the answer key, I don't know everything, but I know how to find it.

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Ag communication major looking to share knowledge and help young people understand and love agriculture

My teaching method is simple. I want to answer YOUR questions and help you learn about what you’re interested in. When you’re interested you are passionate and when you’re passionate it is easier to learn and retain information.

Fort Worth
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Certified elementary teacher with over 10 years of experience in eduction and a passion for teaching.

I feel everyone has the ability to learn and grow, but everyone will go about that in a different way. The most important and first thing to do is determine what their learning style is, where the student is at, and where they want to go. Then it’s a matter of making a plan to reach their specific needs and modify as you go along as needed.

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Learn the agriculture production ways in the Midwest areas to improve your knowledge of agriculture.

My goal is to help young teenagers and young adults to understand agriculture in any form I can provide by your questions. I would provide quizzes on material that you are studying to help you gain confidence about the information you learn.

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Agronomist, Ph.D. candidate with 6 years of agricultural research and teaching experience.

My teaching method for undergraduate and graduate levels is based on real scenarios as a starting point to understand the agricultural systems from basics theory to field applications.

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Ph.D., certified teacher with 20 years experience in various fields of science offering tutoring on line.

Ph.D., I think I would be best teaching undergrad to graduate level. Teaching by example has been the best way to teach for me. I have a varied background and I lived and worked in 5 countries so I am more than qualified.

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Registered agriculturist with experience on farm planning and development. 2 years of experience as farm trainer for young professionals in the philippines who aspire and interested learning the diffe

My teaching method is more on learning by doing process. Giving classroom lectures regarding agricultural theories before doing hands on activities.

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Certified Indiana Agriculture Teacher Spreads Knowledge of Animals, Plants, Soils, etc to Middle School and High School Students

Howdy, I'm a certified Indiana Ag teacher looking to spread understanding of agriculture and natural resources from home. I have my license to teach 5-12th grade students, but have experience working with younger and older students.

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Teacher with 20 years experience gives on-line lessons in STEAM Elementary, CHEM, BIOLOGY, LIFE, EARTH, & PHYSICAL SCIENCES!

Hello! I am Emilie Smith, M.Ed. I have a B.A in Biology and M.Ed. in Education. I have over 20 years of education experience kindergarten through grade 12. I have also tutored postgraduates and taught seminars to teachers in staff development workshops about how to teach. I am a life-long learner and strive to create that initiative in my students.

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College graduate in Animal Science and Chemical Engineering will tutor in Physics and Chemistry's mostly but am available for any and all science classes. In Northwest Arkansas. Mostly Fayetteville an

I earned a degree in Animal Science from the University of Arkansas in May 2015 and continued on to get another undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. I love science and math, especially Physics and Organic Chemistry. I am happy to tutor anyone in high school level science and math courses. I am also happy anyone in any college level science courses.

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High School graduate that is able to help anyone with some simple Algebra. Free of charge

I try to show the person how to do something the first time and then try to have them truly learn in it.

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I am a ffa officer who loves ag and believes it’s very important today

I base my teaching on real world problems and things that you would apply to the real world

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Amanda - Sharnbrook - Agricultural Sciences

I am a qualified teacher with 18 years experience. I aim to teach students to understand concepts rather than just learn facts. We look at exam techniques, preparing revision materials, homework and any concepts that students maybe struggling with. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I presently teach and tutor: A level biology and geography, GCSE science and geography.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced agriculturalist can offer lessons and tutoring in dairy, beef, sheep, arable, pigs and more. Triple distinction diploma in Agriculture plus a lifetime's knowledge having been in the sector

I can offer tutoring for absolute beginners as well as current students. Step by step basic, right up to Diploma level. With a wealth of practical, as well as theoretical knowledge in agriculture, I can offer students of all ages and abilities a stone to step on to the next level. I have been working in Agriculture since my late teens after having grown up with it around me.

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MBBS Aspirants offering Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics lessons in Kano, Nigeria

A brief description of myself, followed by the introduction of the subject and topic I intended to treat and give the learning objective of the topic. I continued, by given definitions of terms as it applied, through step by step approach, I cover the contents fulfilling the outlined objectives.

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I am a graduate from two of the greatest institutes of the country Namely GBPUAT Pantnagar and IIM Lucknow. an expert with Agriculture and Economics

first of all getting an idea of how much the student knows then explaining theory followed by showing the practical ways how it is done. well developed crisped notes and then repeating the cycle. I follow the learn and understand the theory.

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Naturalist biologist, full-time graduate in Biology and Natural Sciences, candidate for a doctorate, passionate about animals, science, writing. I offer lessons at home (Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Rimini

I am a very nice 30-year-old graduate with a master's degree with 110 cum laude in Biology and Natural Sciences. I am currently a candidate for a doctorate from the Humboldt University of Berlin. I like teaching and helping young students prepare for entrance exams.

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PhD student in Biology gives classes in life and earth sciences from high school to high school in Bordeaux

I base myself on the students' courses I also rely on the useful information on the Internet and the books I animate the sessions with the help of the images and the videos in order to facilitate the comprehension and the assimilation of the lessons

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Doctor of soil science, minister classes Introduction to soil science, general geology, soil management, soil pollution control, soil biology

My method of teaching is based on methodologies STEAM also uses active learning methodologies, these methodologies make the student the protagonist of its own development track, currently working in the FIESC system with Education Maker, methodology that is being widely used in Brazil and the world .

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Agricultural Science & Farm Management Tuition and advisory in the South Devon area

I believe in practical demonstrations and simple language. Using collaborative software such as, Join Me and Skype, I can oversee work and teach you techniques which will enable you to understand the principles of agricultural sciences. I am more than happy to teach in person, at a destination which is mutually suitable, however, travelling costs will be incurred.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate student of Carleton University gives private tuition in Science and Agriculture

I base my classes on practical problems and how to prepare for the assessments. However much you know about a given subject is useless, if you do not know how to write correct answers to the assessments. Classes are for high school students and other students.

Postmans Ridge
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Animal Scientist with a master's degree gives lessons and tutoring in animal nutrition, reproduction, and husbandry.

My teaching method is simple and adapts to the particular requirements of each student. My teaching strategies will vary according to the contexts. Depending on your level, we could start with some general knowledge, or go in depth to the management of any given species.

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Agronomist and Geographer teaches several disciplines, especially Geography, History, Sociology and Biology.

I am an agronomist trained by UFRuralRJ and professor of Geography in formation by UERJ. I believe that education, besides a means of professional growth, personal and social development, has the capacity to transform lives by the value of knowledge and critical analysis of reality.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm agriculture graduate and planning for MBA, so I can teach you both biology and maths at the same time

I use to take tuition for the students in my neighborhood from 9th ownwards, and I use to take seminars

1st lesson offered free !

Knowledge makes you great so share what you know and ask what you don't know.

My method of teaching starts with very basic concepts to advanced level which everyone could understand by showing models and practical videos. At the end of the lecture I hope everyone one of you get your doubts clear. I can teach anyone up to graduate level.

Buln Buln
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Agricultural Tutor based in Warragul - With a current diploma and over 10 years Industry work

my teaching method is very visual as i understand that many students struggle to sit and read for hours on end. i also have the availability of a farm to practice units on and use as a reference tool for your studies.

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