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Learn the unique Albanian language with an Albanian native teacher from Kosovo

I am Pajtesa, I live in Pristine capital of Kosovo.I recently graduated for Social work at University of Pristine. I have been teaching Albanian language to non Albanian speakers for three years,from beginners till advanced. My teaching is very flexible in accordance with students aims.

Virginia Beach
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Native Albanian tutor with experience on teaching students from all over the world!

Apart from English i fluently speak Polish as well. i have been teaching Albanian to polish students since 2017. In my class, I help my students according to their learning goals and needs. I design my lessons based on what my students are looking for such as grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening and reading to communicate better and effectively in Albanian.

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Bachelor degree in Esl, give lessons from home all over the world

I am Arta Aziri from Macedonia. English language is a foreign language to me in which I have a Bahelor degree. My methodology of teaching depends on the class and based on that I reorganize my structure.

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International Law master student currently studying and living in the beautiful city of Antwerp , offering Albanian languages courses and translations from English, Italian or French.

My methodology of teaching is based on a combination of direct method(teaching is done entirely in the target language) and grammar translating (learning by translation to and from the target language. memorizing grammar rules and long lists of vocabulary learned by heart). Another methodology used is by introducing students with audio and visual language.

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Moved to United States of America at age 12-ve. I speak english, albanian and italian.

My teaching method is to focus on what the students do not understand, and help them improve. Most importantly, to listen to the student.

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Italian teacher who lived in Italy for years, with degree and experience

Ciao, come stai? If you would like to know what I just wrote, well, I can definitely teach you! I have lived in Italy for over 8 years and I have also received my minor in Italian. When I teach, I like to make it visual, not just verbal. I like for my students to really get involved in what I'm teaching while still having fun.

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Born in Albania, college student now. Come and learn one of the most beautiful languages of Europe.

My basis my classes on everyday communication, and how you can learn the fastest and the easiest. It will be starting off with small key words and how those can formulate sentences. It will be a gradual learning process getting into deeper and deeper.

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Teaching English, Modern Grec and Albanian in Antibes

Hello everybody. I lived in 3 countries and I speak 5 languages. I teach English, Modern Grec and Albanian. Greek and Albanian are my native languages. My main activity is Coaching and Personnal Development. You can take a look at my website :(concealed information) I live in the French Riviera, in Antibes and I give private or group lessons in Greek and in English.

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Albanian lessons, Albanian lessons in Brussels / Brussels, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland

I am available immediately to give Albanian lessons here in Brussels. I adapt very quickly to your level to make your course interactive and interesting. I use the new technological tools dedicated to the teaching of the language. Moreover, I find that nowadays, videos, color images, audios make learning a language more effective.

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Student offers beginner's course in Albanian. Learn the unique language as well as exciting stories about the culture!

I love to learn / teach culture and will base my courses on the role of the language as a bridge builder.

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Experienced and reliable tutor in English for better performance and more confident. (Location: Berlin)

The lessons are designed so that, together with the student or the student a learning method is developed that enhances the learning process of the respective stakeholders. Many exercises are used, the students actively participate in the hour to stop the lessons. This is to promote the independence, but also the promotion of self-consciousness in the respective shortcoming tray.

Greater London
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Third year law student giving Albanian lessons to any pupils interested in London

I am a native Albanian speaker and I also completed the International Baccalaureate achieving a 7 (the highest grade) in Albanian A Language and Literature. I am available to give lessons to students of any level using various techniques of learning.

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Doctor of Philosophy in mathematics and computer science gives lectures and tutors in different subjects of mathematics for students of secondary school and higher, in Albania including online.

As a mathematician and a teacher it is my responsibility to challenge and support my students in pursuit of three learning goals: (1) learn basic mathematical concepts, algorithms, models and methods; (2) engage students in creative works using different real tools and virtual tools of different soft-wares; (3) cultivate an interest in science and an understanding of how we do science and, on...

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2nd year student of LLCE English in Paris 3 teaches in Troyes

I am in second year of LLCE license at Paris 3 (Sorbonne Nouvelle). I have always been passionate about foreign languages ​​(Albanian, English, German and Spanish) and my goal is to transmit this passion by helping you progress, especially in English. I am a very pedagogical person, who knows how to listen and who adapts to the case by case, essential points to be a good teacher of languages.

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Native Albanian speaker offering Albanian lessons at affordable prices in London !

Teaching methodology is essential when it comes to learning, especially a new language, such as Albanian. When teaching, I like to refer to real life situations and encourage the student to make everyday life conversations with me, which will really affect in learning quick and easy.

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Experienced professional and linguistic offering Albanian language lessons in London and worldwide

I have a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master in MBA. I have been always passionate about languages. Apart from Albania, I have also lived in Portugal and currently in London, UK. My lessons will be personalised to your needs and knowledge. And apart from the lessons I will teach about the culture, traditions and history of Albania.

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Bachelor Degree- Second Year Business Management student offering Albanian -English lessons, and vice-versa.

I approach each student differently based on their character and learning styles. As some people learn faster than others, my method of teaching adapts with each one of them to ensure maximised effectiveness in learning. I am a very patient individual, and see each target as a challenge and a way to always keep improving.

1st lesson offered free !

I have been an Albanian teacher over the past 5 years to students from over 13 countries! I look forward to accepting and teaching new students.

I teach lessons with a mix of grammar and learning new vocabulary. I use dialogues and texts with audios. We will practice new words in every lesson! I place a strong emphasis on phonetics.

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Freelance interpreter, ofer private Albanian lessons based in London. Welcome all!

My method is the direct method of teaching, which is sometimes called the natural method, and is often (but not exclusively) used in teaching foreign languages, refrains from using the learners' native language and uses only the target language.

Greater London
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A native speaker, born and raised in Kosovo, teaching Albanian with an innovative and enthusiastic approach

Hello! I am Riga, currently a student of Anthropology at UEL. Born and raised in Kosovo, Albanian is my mother tongue. I find it extremely satisfying to teach my own language, all while tailoring my lesson plans with enthusiasm and innovation.

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Albanian language lessons here ?! Let's learn the mother language of Dua Lipa

I work like this: 1) basics (i can use even pictures to help u memorize better),2)and once u ambient a little we'll start in conversation(️) ..U will be able to learn the language and learn new things 'bout Albanian culture/tradits in the same time ...

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Ever wanted to learn the Albanian language? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Albanian is an indoor-European language that is spoken mainly in the Balkan peninsula by almost five million people. In Albania, it is the principal official language while in Kosovo it is a co-official language. As a tourist in such a beautiful country, you would want to interact with the people and learn more about their culture. Moreover, even researchers would have to learn this language if they have to get the necessary information they need. That is why we offer Albanian lessons at a predetermined period of time at reasonable rates. The Albanian teachers taking you through the Albanian lessons are native speakers of this language. So you are sure of learning both the basics and technical terms in the Albanian language. You can also enroll for Slovak and Thaï lessons in case you want to learn the respective languages. Our Romanian tutor and American sign language teachers will also help you if interested in learning from them.