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ESL SUBJECT TEACHING. I most recently teach in the city of 'Buckhead' at a private school. the age level of students I teach was 4-6 years. I specialized in small group literacy as well as math and sc

I give lessons to students who are enrolled in a program. This is a structured program with curriculum and lesson plans that is prepared each week. The lessons that I teach is based on subject matter from the curriculum. the subjects are taught in small groups, language, math science geography. My method of teaching is to approach students by the way they learn ie.

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University English teacher offering lessons in English and Writing for all levels.

My teaching method includes highly engaging and interactive lessons that cater to all levels of abilities. It is my hope that by making my lessons more hands-on that students retain the information and feel like they are taking an active role in their education. I'm also highly patient, accessible, and caring so that I may ensure that every student feels heard and valued.

Cleveland Heights
Dr. paul
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I am a Social Science Ph.D. and can teach writing, TOEFL and ESL

My teaching method is very straight forward. I inspire a love to learn and an enthusiasm for the topic at hand. I am very friendly and believe that good social interactions between teacher and students leads to success.

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Spanish Teacher with Master Degree and Specialist in Spanish Language, 20 years of experience

My teaching methodology is based on the profile and need of the student. By possessing licenses/certifications from Kindergarten to 12th grade and university level I am fully aware of teaching methodologies and curriculum, as well as individualized education.

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Mathematics student who is fluent in English, French and Japanese who lives in New York

I am a very outgoing and enthusiastic teacher is capable of teaching in a very concise and comprehensible way. I would first make the students do an assignment and then once they're done we would all read the assignment together so that everyone understands what is written on the sheet.

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I am a native French speaker. I traveled the world and help my children to maintain their French skills. I have a degree in economics from the ULB ( University of Brussels, Belgium). And I'm here to h

My teaching method is immersion teaching. According my experience, it's the best way to learn a new language. Of course, students can first answer in English but as soon as they can, I will encourage them to speak in French. However, I will adapt my lesson for my students, you don't teach the same way a child or an adult. I'm always trying to find the best way to motivate my students.

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Togolese American with 21 years of experience with the French language and culture!

I graduated in May of 2018 with a bachelor in French but have been studying French for much longer. I have been able to teach French to middle and high schoolers as well as college level students. I have had the opportunity to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of French.

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Bilingual Spanish professor Orlando based with Masters degree that is passionate about tutoring

The Demonstrator and coach style that retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The demonstrator is a lot like the lecturer, but their lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. Pros: This style gives teachers opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

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Experienced Tutor offering English and Maths lessons in Ashburn Virginia to all ages

My teaching method varies from one student to another. I have taught students who's first language has not been english along with those who are fluent yet need help in passing these examinations. Also, depends on the age as there are various brackets.

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TEFL certified ESL instructor with 3 years experience teaching a wide range of students and levels.

My teaching method is relaxed and comfortable. I like to make learning fun and the content easy to understand and retain.

Los Fresnos
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French Tutoring , online classes all over the globe. I have 18 years of experience teaching.

My classes are for all ages, so I try to teach my lessons in a fun yet serious manner. During a lesson I relate real life events to help the student understand and remember the topic.

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English Lessons in Taipei with 4 years experience to children from 6 to 14

My interaction with kids will be exciting so that they can have fun and be eager to learn English. I use props and a whiteboard during the lessons to keep everything interesting and clear. I like to let kids talk more and guide them through speaking with prompt correction of the student’s mistakes, but to let them try to figure out for themselves first before correcting.

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I am Puerto Rican — a born Spanish speaker and new teacher. Let's talk!

I am a Hispanic American —Puerto Rican— with a lifelong connection to Spanish language and Hispanic culture. I am very outgoing and easy to talk to. I also always find myself unconsciously teaching others about Hispanic culture, history, art and—of course—the Spanish language. This is why I decided to take a step into teaching it at a professional level. So, with this in mind...

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Dedicated and Attentive Academic English, ESL, and TOEFL Tutor Offering Online Classes

During our first tutoring session, we will work on determining your level of English and designing an individualized plan of instruction to meet your needs. If time permits, we will also begin improving your English skills. My lesson plans are grouped around a series of broad topics, which will allow you to learn new vocabulary as well as to practice reading, writing, and speaking.

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Experienced freelance writer from Massachusetts teaching English and writing to all ages

I have experience teaching young children grasp the concepts of reading and forming sentences as well as assisting young adults form essays and reports on various subjects. I'm open to all lesson structures that my students need.

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ESL/English writing specialist with five years experience gives lessons in Spanish, English, and helps with essay prep/editing.

My teaching philosophy is simple- ask a lot of questions. Teaching is a two way street and I need to know what my students need from me in order to be successful.

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Siempre he tendió el deseo de enseñar mi lengua natal. Estoy segura que aunque mi experiencia es limitada mis resultados serán los mejores.

Mi método de enseñanza se acopla o se acomoda a tu modo de aprendizaje. Todos aprendemos de diferente manera. Por ejemplo a mí, si relaciono lo que estoy aprendiendo con algo que ya se, tal vez recuerdo las cosas mas fácil.

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Easy learning of the French language for everyone today and for the future.

My teaching methodology is essentially the way in which I choose to explain or teach material to students so they can learn the material. There are many different methodologies that can be utilized by a teacher, and the methods chosen.

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Certified English teacher with 1 year of experience teaching english in Spain, looking to teach English as a second language!

I believe that learning should be exciting, engaging and, most importantly, fun! I have always done everything in my power not only to make my students feel comfortable in their learning environment, but also to be excited to learn.

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Language enthusiast with a degree and tutoring experience in French, located in Milwaukee/online

I give lessons to all levels of French learners. I believe that no matter how difficult a language may seem at a first glance, there is a way to help you understand it—not just as a collection of grammar and vocabulary, but intuitively.

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I was born and raised in California. I speak and have studied conversational Spanish. I have studied Academic French. I am passionate about communication. I can help you with fluent American English.

Language is a factor of culture. We will learn and respect each others culture and language, and during that process, you will learn advanced English pronunciation, idioms and phraseology. I am passionate about crossing cultural bridges. I am kind, curious, patient and excited.

El Paso
Juan carlos adame melendez
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Spanish, MAthematics and Physics Teacher and Tutor with 10 years of experience

Complete involvement and immersion of the student in the discipline. I start from the intuitive to the abstraction. Constructivistic approach. Lots of problem solving and situational activities to show why the concept is required and where to use it. I will not change subject until it is clear to me that the student has undertood the relevance of the concept, meaning, and use.

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English Tutoring for any language needs in Philadelphia offered by a bilingual tutor

Lessons are curated for each individual's needs. I will see where the student is in their ability and needs, and start building the necessary steps for them to reach a higher level of language ability. The lessons will be casual, consisting of practicing conversational English by correcting spoken grammar structure and best choice of vocabulary.

San Antonio
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Effective 20 years experience teaching adult English conversation as a second language.

I use effective interactive method and even include fun games that will help students to be more responsive and to remember daily practical conversations, to be used at home, at work or at school and in other social settings as well.

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Recent graduate with Spanish B.A. offering tutoring to beginning and intermediate students

I base my teaching on the specific needs and preferences of my students, and am familiar with resources that support my teaching. I honor that each student has a different style of learning and I will be flexible in order to best assist each student. My priority is that the student feels successful, interested and comfortable throughout the tutoring experience.

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Spanish native teacher with 4 years experience, lessons to all age.

been a teacher is not only give lesson is much more, l motivate my student and help them with every little detail, l make my class entertainment with games and very easy explanation with illustration. writing, reading, listening is only the beginning, my purpose is help my student to be proficient and Spanish and be willing to make a good conversation even with native Spanish speaker.

Iron River
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Spanish language tutor with 3 years of experience tutoring Spanish grammar, linguistics and phonetics, translation, and culture and civilization at the university level.

Bachelor degree in Spanish and Certificate in Spanish/English Translation. Has accumulated hundreds of hours of Spanish language tutoring through Central Michigan University Tutoring Services. Is a language enthusiast who utilizes individualized lesson plans unique to each client in order to ensure best results.

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College student offering online conversational Spanish lessons or academic Spanish classes tutor.

My teaching method can be different depends on the person that I am teaching, but I like conversational classes, also I am open to your suggestions. I want to know the way that you wish to learn this language, because every person has their own way to learn.

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Bilingual development professional with experience facilitating practical applied Spanish-learning across Latin America

Based on your personality, goals, and experience, we will move through different situated learning environments to build a grammar foundation and expand vocabulary. While on-paper learning will be necessary to capture language structures and rules, a majority of the learning will be through speaking, listening and repetition.

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Spanish Tutor with 14 years of experience gives Spanish lessons at home in Tampa and online lessons

My teaching method is collaboration. I base my classes in my students' needs. I am very flexible and I enjoy helping others. I always try to look for different solutions and ways ti help my students learn and have fun at the same time.

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Perfect! Jordana is a special tutor who cares about her students and has a real passion for her career! What I like the most is she is very patient and creative in her teaching methods. She works towards creating a lesson plan to maximize my learning.

Frederic, student
6 days ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Marina is a fantastic teacher - very prepared for the lessons and makes complex rules easy to understand. She is very flexible to her students' needs and very friendly!

Rach, student
2 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Akemi is a great teacher! She provides the perfect material to teach you what you need to know while having fun doing it! I needed to learn business Japanese and Akemi's way of teaching made it so much easier to learn. She has a great response rate...

Aixa, student
2 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Jordana helped me reduce my accent and correctly pronounce sounds and words I've had trouble with for years.

Vlad, student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I'm enjoying working with Anna. She's friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and conscientious. If you want to study the interesting language which is Latvian, I recommend you contact her. -- Paul New, MA Linguistics

Paul, student
2 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Amazing and very professional teacher. She takes time to prepare every lesson, she provides you with the material. Overall, an excellent tutor!

Fern andez, student
2 months ago

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