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English tutor, native English speaker from USA with bachelor's degree in Germanic Studies- fluent in 5 languages

My teaching methods start with focussing on one specific concept and then building knowledge from that source once the information is concrete. Afterwards, the next step would be ensuring that the information is clear by the student demonstrating that they can master the skill.

Agoura Hills
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Swarthmore College graduate tutoring for all levels of French with experience living abroad in Morocco

I teach students of all ages and levels, but the one thing that is constant through my teaching method is the use of authentic materials and vocabulary. When reading or listening to native speakers use French, one can begin to understand the language better and with a better vocabulary.

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Recently returned LDS missionary offering Spanish lessons with 3 years of experience in Provo, Utah.

My teaching method is very unique. I love hands-on learning and do-it-yourself activities. I am studying to be an elementary school teacher so I am very patient and I understand the different ways a child can learn. I love to teach and help others learn.

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Foreign language teacher love to teach ESL, love different cultures and their languages.

I like to learn about my students before I teach them. Once I learn they needs, I like to learn how they like to learn and how they best learn. I use a variety of methods to engage my students, from conventional methods of reading and writing to the use of technology. I assess their knowledge before I continue with the following lesson.

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Native Spanish tutor, bilingual, english, BBA, four years working for multinational companies, Atlanta

My main specialty is the direct method, and grammar translation, but as a native speaker I can adapt my knowledge to the student needs. I consider my self a a young, friendly, patient and dedicated person with a passion to teach and with extended knowledge of my native lenguaje.

New York
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5 years of experience in accent reduction in English,i am Self Taught

i teach mainly to students who are already fluent in English but want to learn the American, Canadian accent. my lessons include reading, daily diary and conversation improvement . my most popular method is asking my student to watch 1 Hollywood movie over the weekend and summarize to me the plot of the movie using the American/Canadian accent.

West Palm Beach
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Native language speaker gives French classes in West Palm Beach, Try his classes out.

I base my classes on basics, first with the pronunciation, then the grammar and conjugation of words then I run an assessment quiz to see what the students have learned and see if there are any questions from their behalf.

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French college instructor offering French Language classes at the begining and advanced level.

My teaching methods vary based on students needs and what they want to learn, I use a lot of activities and music to enforce comprehension, I work on pronunciation to perfect reading, I use listening activities to enforce listening comprehension...

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Student, trying to help other students with my skills in the English language.

I think the best way to learn a language is to do it, I try to make everything interactive by making listening, writing and reading assignments that my students will enjoy and not seem like homework, instead make it seem like you are just chatting with a friend.

Pompano Beach
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Spanish Teacher and Tutor who loves to travel and learn. I understand learners very well.

My teaching method is to know and use prior knowledge. and I use the motivation of the student to design lesson plans that are relevant. I enjoy learning and I like to engage students in this process. I combine the traditional tools with today's digital resources. I provide different types of exercises to help students acquire and own what they learn.

Ana patricia
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I can teach at any level: from Judicial/Medical to Elementary Skill Levels: we will improve your vocabulary and pronunciation as well as your written and conversational aptitude. I apply a multi-modal approach to teaching. Conversation/Dialogues, Written work/ worksheets, Vocabulary building exercises: Music/Songs, Videos of native speakers and Poems/Literature if appropriate.

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College junior with five years of French language experience offering summer lessons

I am comfortable teaching basic French grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary and more advanced French written and oral comprehension and expression. With my fluency in the French language, I am willing to tailor my lessons based on an individual student's needs and experience.

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Experienced Spanish tutor offering lessons/tutoring in the Chattanooga area - vamos a aprender!

My teaching method depends on what area the student is looking to improve on. My lesson approach is based on their need and learning goals. For students that want to learn in general, I focus on oral & written comprehension and vocabulary.

Colorado Springs
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Native French with experience in tutoring and teaching French at all levels

I instruct my students based on their levels of language proficiency, wether at a beginner's proficiency or professional proficiency and help them overcome their difficulties in the language by helping them comprehend and memorize vocabulary and grammar rules that are important to the language.

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Friendly Spanish Speaker gives language lessons face to face. Located in CA.

My teaching method is fun and effective, I love starting up with the basic and common stuff for you to catch up with the new language quickly, games are involve, is an easy and better way to remain or hold on to your learning.

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I am native Indonesian, I have been teaching the Indonesian Language for Military Special Operation for the past 6 years, and also I am Indonesian interpreter and Translator, now, I am living in the U

My Teaching methodology is 1. The Direct Method, Oral or Natural method. It’s based on the active involvement of the student in both speaking and listening to the new language in realistic everyday situations. 2. The Grammar-Translation Method, grammatical rules, and memorization of vocabulary lists. 3. The Audio-Lingual Method.

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Spanish student with 16 years of experience in Eugene, Oregon happy to tutor people of all ages!

When tutoring students in Spanish I believe in lots and lots of practice. Usually the aspect of learning Spanish people struggle with he most is conversing, because unlike reading and writing, speaking is done on the fly. I believe that practicing conversing with a partner is the best ways to become fluent.

Fort Collins
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Stay-at-home Mom with degree in Spanish tutoring all ages in Fort Collins

My teaching method with young children has been play-based. We would work on colors, numbers, basic vocabulary while playing or doing crafts. We sang songs and read stories in Spanish. We identified toys and objects in Spanish to practice our vocabulary.

Port Hueneme
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Native German studying Business at California State University Channel Islands with previous tutoring experience

Whether you are struggling with your high school/college German class or simply want to learn a new language - I am the right person to help you out. Based on your individual needs I will set up a plan that works best for you. Most importantly, I will focus on getting you prepared for general small talk to a level that would enable you to speak to a native without any problems.

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English Language Arts/ESL. 3 years Experience and available for online tutoring only

I use standards to support their academic needs and while reducing the pressure of following a specific "way" of reaching their goal. Maintaining consistency is key not only academically, but also in life. My goal is to help increase their confidence, reading, writing and comprehension skills.

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Wisconsin-based French Tutor specializing in advanced French conversation, intercultural French/US business, and pronunciation!

After 8 years of having learned French at school, I arrived in Paris to study abroad and realized I was struggling to communicate and understand. I actually gave an entire 10-minute presentation and used the word for "butthole" rather than "neck." I've got some skin in the game.

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Native Spanish teacher with ten years of teaching experience offering tutoring services in the Bentonville Arkansas area and online.

The method I have found to be the most effective in learning a foreign languae is TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). TPRS focuses on the use of the most commonly-used words and phrases and uses them in stories, conversations and other activities so that everything that is talked about in the language is understood by the students.

Keuka Park
(1 review)
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American Sign Language graduate willing to assist with basic understanding and history of Deaf Culture

My methodology is based on visual learning and the ability to take what is being taught and finding ways to apply it for individual students. I also like to learn about the student about what ways they feel they can learn best. This helps me to understand you as a person but, also for me to find the best way to help the student to understand the curriculum.

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Native Hindi speaker offering Hindi lessons in Closter or nearby to all ages

My teaching method depends on the current proficiency of the student in the language. My lessons range from going over the alphabet to reading and understanding challenging passages in Hindi. I believe in hard work and putting in the effort to achieve something.

San Diego
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Mother tongue teacher offering French lessons in San Diego with 9 years experience.

Grammar, vocabulary, listening, understanding, writing, phonology, movies, songs... Translation from the mother tongue language to the foreign language and vice versa. Deciding which is the best methodology is difficult because each has strengths and weaknesses, and the nature of a student’s goals will determine which is best for that student.

Glendy ximena
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Living in Milano, Spanish Speaker with 6 years of experience teaching Spanish Language

Practice is the most importan part of learning a Language. That allows the student to found examples in real life and helps to introduce the Spanish in a more easy way. It is better to start with every day situation.

1st lesson offered free !

I am an excellent tutor for reading and writing comprehension and in the art of writing an essay.

My teaching methods are basic and I use my own unique outline process to teach essay writing. I explore and discern the needs of and the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. My goal is to identify and extract each student's potential.

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Native English Speaker - English Teacher - American Teacher - Worldwide Students

My student is in charge of our lessons. What is your strength? What is your weakness? How can I help you? We will not move forward until you have mastered today's lesson. I know English is difficult. Together, learning is fun.

1st lesson offered free !

A publicist with 8 years experience in media broadcasting gives Spanish lessons at home in Chicago.

My method is versatile and can change depending on the context or the student. I base my classes vocabulary study to be able to have conversations about movies, music, sports, and family. I also focus on reading texts at the level of the language learner when appropriate.

1st lesson offered free !

French Tutor and Coach offering French conversational lessons and more with experience.

I first make sure that I understand the needs of my learner and I adapt my lessons to his/her needs. I have learners who want to prepare a trip to France or need conversational proficiency. I also tutor middle and high school students who need help with grammar and home works. I also have homeschooled students learning French and some need to complete an online course (e.g Keystone, Missouri, etc..

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Perfect! I'm enjoying working with Anna. She's friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and conscientious. If you want to study the interesting language which is Latvian, I recommend you contact her. -- Paul New, MA Linguistics

Paul, student
1 week ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Amazing and very professional teacher. She takes time to prepare every lesson, she provides you with the material. Overall, an excellent tutor!

Fern andez, student
3 weeks ago

Perfect! Victoria is a very good teacher, intelligent and very patient. She has a good methodology and high flexibility. The lessons with her were effective and opened the door and Victoria helped me to walk through. See you again in November

Bernd, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Monica is great with a heart of a teacher, explanations are clear and she often challenges my Spanish knowledge often, i've learned a lot so far will continue to learn more with her.

Kirk, student
1 month ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! Delphine is an excellent French tutor. She is very knowledgeable of the French language and culture. She is also very positive and patient with the learning process. She presents her lessons in a very organized manner and is very engaging with her...

Katy, student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Yuliia is an amazing teacher. I have learned more in a month from her than in almost a year of self study. She is patient and will take you from absolute beginner to speaking and writing almost like you were from Russia.

Brad, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

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