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Oklahoma City
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Certified Teacher-Afterschool help Primary Reading, One on One help with afterschool work

BA in Elementary Education, MA in Theatre Education. Experienced in primary grades in reading, writing and math. One on one helps bring the reading level to grade and more. I use the three modalities of learning: visual, aural, and kinsthetic.

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College student providing homework help for any grade level academia in the Williamsburg area at my home.

I am a college student studying online at UMA to earn my medical assistant certificate. I provide service from learner ng how to read up to understanding physics. I use the know Kinesthetic method of teaching most, sometimes the auditory method also. I have a lot of patience with my students or people I am tutoring.

Newport Beach
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Classical Studies PhD (Latin and Greek) with over ten years of experience

My teaching method depends on the student's current ability level, the textbook they might be required to use, and what their ultimate goals are. My primary focus is to help the student to gain proficiency as well as (and this is very important) succeeding in the classroom. Each teacher is different; it is my job to help the student be successful in their particular classroom environment.

San Francisco
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San Francisco: Cambridge University graduate offers tutoring in test prep, languages and writing. Music lessons also available; enquire for details.

Knowing how to learn, as well as what to learn, is essential to academic success. I take an integrative approach to help students master study skills and subject matter at the same time. Clear and achievable goals are essential, so I break down every subject into manageable chunks with regular assessments to give you an idea of your progress.

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Classicist and Linguist with experience in four years experience in Ancient (Koine, Attic, and Byzantine) Greek and college level.

I tailor my teaching to what is most useful to the student. A successful tutor will match the students learning style with what the student needs to learn, streamlining useful information. It is imperative that a tutor understand why the student is interested in the subject, and what a student wants to get out of their time with said tutor.

Palm Coast
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Doctoral Student Offering Ancient Greek History, Creative and Essay Writing, and Literatures

I base my pedagogy on the Quality Teaching methodology. Unless otherwise directed: Assess, build action plan together with proximal goals, and reminders, timeframe compliance structures, and move through the process again (iteration) as scaffolding knowledge for the next subject or continue building knowledge through the steps concerning the same subject parts.

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High School English teacher with experience in both tutoring and substitute teaching.

Some say that student motivation to learn has dwindled in the past years and students from this generation lack the desire to learn. I disagree, I believe it is not the students who are at fault for creating this kind of learning atmosphere but the teachers instead. Educating students is all about execution.

Rancho Palos Verdes
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Italian PhD Student offering Latin and Ancient Greek Lessons in Los Angeles

My tutoring approach is based both on the level of preparation of the student and his/her particular needs. I make sure that the student has the necessary time to apprehend new concepts and memorize the necessary vocabulary and grammatical structures.

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Teacher on summer break with 10 years of experience mastering English literacy and usage in everyday life

I focus on expressivist pedagogy when I teach. This means I encourage personal growth and development from the writing assignments and a reflection of personal insight when understanding complex topics in literature. I would assign a book, with a reading schedule, and have students write papers in response to the main theme or an associated topic at the end of the reading.

Little Rock
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I'm a college english major. I also write short stories on the side.

I try to start off with something you know and show you a different side of it. I'm really laid back and like to progress at the pace of the student. I don't want it to feel forced it should come naturally.

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Mythology tutor with advanced understanding of all mythology in Rome Pennsylvania giving online lessons

I teach through taking a specific question, and explaining it from a broad spectrum, and then coming back to the question to see if the student can learn it through that. My methods include verbal explanation, uses of graphs, books, and other physical representations, and talking back and forth with a student to know that they have a full grasp of the topic.

Fort Worth
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Communication major with extensive English education, including British literature, Greek literature, and test prep.

My methods of instruction vary with the subject and the student. I prefer to personalize my teaching to the student's particular learning style. Generally, I prefer to find what the student is struggling with and give them the tools and reasoning they need in order to fully understand the concept without assistance.

Sand Springs
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Professor Offering Tutoring on the Great Works of Western Literature to Tulsa Area Students

I am a 16-year Doctorate-holder, who has taught, on-line, on-ground, and everywhere in between, preparing easily digestible lessons for each student, on a wide swath of subjects within the several disciplines, and am prepared to walk you through each subject!

Fall River
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PhD classicist-- languages, test prep, and study writing skills Fall River, MA

I approach any subject teaching for mastery, seeing where student and/or class is and making certain that they understand key concepts and skills before moving on, varying presentation as needed and providing regular assessment and feedback to verify such skills.

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Experienced college professor of English related subject areas in the Inland Empire

I can clearly spell out the goals of academic work, the requirements, and performance criteria. My lessons are well-conceived well-conducted via a variety of teaching techniques, and worthy of presentation. A particular strength is my ability to relate process to content and present to past material.

1st lesson offered free !

Former AP student who's dedicated and passionate about her life work to students.

I base my lessons on things that cater to each student's personal needs, along with my own techniques that'll help them to better understand the subject.

Rancho Palos Verdes
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Tutor who has taught Hellenistic (ancient) Greek at New England seminary for 15 years

Making difficult material understandable! Students have consistently related well to my methods. Many have passed out equivalency requirements at graduate and undergraduate institutions. In 30 weeks, we can present the ancient Greek (or New Testament Greek) "toolbox" -- minimum tools to know the grammar. Or for intermediate students, we can read through a graded reader.

Spokane Valley
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1st lesson offered free !

Skilled teacher and writer with 37 years experience teaches classical Greek and Hebrew languages

I read Ancient Greek and Hebrew on a regular basis and have taught these languages in a wide variety of settings for the past 37 years. I have several earned degrees that included learning Greek and Hebrew at the highest level. I have taught Greek at the university level and both of these languages in many other settings.

Park City
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Classical Languages Major student from Wheaton looking to teach in Park City

I am happy to teach beginners in Koine or Classical Greek. In the past, the structure of my lessons has been reviewing the homework, memorizing paradigms, and then introducing a grammatical concept if necessary. My classes were memorization heavy, as I was expected to know the vocabulary and paradigms. I believe being able to parse and decline are important tools to understanding the language.

La Mesa
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I am an experienced ESL tutor to international students at all levels. I have taught and work with students from diverse background including Europe, the Middle East and here in CA.

I am a certified Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages, (Advanced CTESOL) from Trans-world School of Educations in San Francisco, CA, where I also worked as an ESL instructor. I have an undergraduate degree from University of Missouri, Kansas, City (UMKC) in Psychology. I emphasize on interaction learning methods to help students succeed in the classroom and in business situation.

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Ph.D. in Classics available for Latin or Ancient Greek tutoring in Minneapolis -- many years of expeience!

I teach reading in Latin and ancient Greek at all levels. If a student needs tutoring or help with schoolwork, I can work with any textbook or lesson plan. For independent learners, I can teach a student to read whatever sorts of texts he or she is interested in.

1st lesson offered free !

Online Latin Lessons from a PhD Grad Student with University Teaching Experience

For beginners interested in learning the Latin Language I stress a combination of grammar/vocab exercises and basic translation. There are no short cuts to learning Latin grammar and memorizing vocabulary, but there are techniques that make it more enjoyable and hasten the learning process.

1st lesson offered free !

EXPERIENCED TUTOR of various subjects and levels, including several languages as well!

GRADUATE SCHOOL EDUCATED, across a broad spectrum of the Humanities, and some sciences as well , at one of the leading grad schools in the nation. Many students continued on to PhD programs at Harvard, et al. top level universities in the U.S.

1st lesson offered free !

Ancient Greek Online Tutor, Ancient Latin Tutor, Writing Tutor, English Tutor, Math Tutor

I have my PhD in two fields - Classics and Philosophy from Cornell University. I also have degrees from the University of Chicago and Tulane University. I tutor Greek, Latin, Mathematics, Logic, and English. I am from the United States though I have tutored students from all over the world for twenty years.

(1 review)
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Arkadelphia English Teacher, Let Me Help You Learn To Use Correct Grammer and Learn to Write Good Papers

I have a BA in English Education and love to help others. I want to do translation, so I love to help others by teaching them hands on methods. I am a fast-paced, but easy to understand teacher. I just want you to succeed.

El Cerrito
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UC -Berkeley Instructor Available for Wide-Variety of Classical Subjects - All Levels Welcome

My name is Jennifer Black. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of California-Berkeley, where I am studying archaeology and history. I also am an instructor of undergraduate students here at UC-Berkeley in various language, archaeology, language, and history classes.

1st lesson offered free !

College graduate with a bachelors degree in biblical studies offering tutoring in Koine Greek

Bachelors of Arts in Biblical studies from Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN Over 40 undergraduate and graduate hours of Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew language studies Lessons available to beginning and intermediate level Greek students, whether graduate, undergraduate, high school, middle school, or home school students Lessons can focus on specific grammatical areas of...

1st lesson offered free !

Master Jim of Hudson, Florida-formerly of Joplin, Missouri-hoping to serve you today

Can teach anything--Lower grades-Math, Science, Spanish, Language Arts, History, a Social Studies, Reading-certified State of Florida and Missouri. Can teach anything-upper grades-Science, History, Business, Social Studies, Counseling, English, Religion, Physiology, Biology, Physical Education, Greek , Hebrew.

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Ancient Greek was the main language used in the Mediterranean world until the rise of Rome. It is a uniting factor for the Greek city-states and so understanding it and its history are vital to understanding how the Greek culture developed in the western world. Students, researchers or anybody keen on learning it can enroll for ancient Greek lessons where ancient Greek teachers will teach them. These ancient Greek teachers will take you through a lesson plan that will help you master the language in a short time. The basic level of the ancient Greek lessons will involve getting familiarized with the grammar and vocabulary that will build a foundation for learning the technical subjects in it. Other similar topics that students learn on SuperPROF include literature lessons. We also have Latin tutor, Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation tutor and resume - cover letter’s writing prep teachers, who can be of great help to you in the respective fields.