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Cheyenne Wells
1st lesson offered free !

Highly proficient in helping folks learn their new Android or apple phone, pc, Microsoft office applications, Skype, facebook, snapchat, internet explorer, Firefox, and Google chrome.

Previous tech support work experience and currently help local elderly members within my community in acclimating to the new technological advances such as social media, smart phones, computers, Microsoft applications etc. I am highly sociable, polite, patient and friendly with those with whom I teach.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Android User With Several Years Of Experience With Android Platform, Including Android Tables &Android TV(Roku)

Very hands on, I do not lecture very much. While im showing I like to have you follow along so you learn by doing not by lecturing. If we are over a webcam lesson i will screen share my device with you so you may follow along.

1st lesson offered free !

IT student with a self-taught and formal education in IT offering computer lessons in Fresno

My teaching method is based upon that old saying about leading a horse to water. This means that I teach to understand, *not* to pass a test/homework assignment/whatever. I mostly give lessons to fairly-beginner levels as I just started school, so I'm still learning myself. However, I will try my best to help anyone, even if that means I need to learn it with them.

1st lesson offered free !

College Student with years of expertise in the basic lessons of a computer

i will always try to do the very best and help the students that need help and help when they need it. if the student has a disability i can relate to that.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Google Scholarship recipient offering computer science tutoring in the Los Angeles area.

I am looking to help everyone that needs it. Computer science is my area of focus but I can also help with math. If you need help increasing your WPM to land that job then Im your guy. Thank you.

Lake Havasu City
1st lesson offered free !

Junior Mobile developer offering Android, iOS and C# lessons to all ages.

My teaching method is I teach them in a step by step process per topic and let them understand the topic. I let them execute of what we have discussed for better understanding and I am open in questions raised.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Engineer with broad experience offering IT classes to all ages and levels

Learn by doing is the best method, i will give you the basic tools to startup and help you troubleshoot in IT related issues you might face. I found it to be a very productive way of teaching. Make mistakes and i am here to help you solve them.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced IT Specialist with over 15 years of PC and networking expertise

My preferred method of education is first by showing and explaining, then having my student/s show me and explain in their own words. If there is a misunderstanding or confusion, then I would find out what the issue is, educate the student, walk them through the steps again, then have them show me without assistance.

1st lesson offered free !

Seasoned IT professional with a teaching background as well, so why not leverage synergy and work together to improve your technical skills!

My teaching method is to sit with the student and discuss their learning goals from a broad perspective and through discussion and getting a feel for where they seem to be at in the particular subject come up with a specific learning path to reach their academic or project goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Technician with years of experience that want's to share his knowledge to assist others.

My teaching method is explaining why something should be done, then showing you how to do it and finally helping you accomplish the task by yourself. If you need additional assistance I am very patient so you won't be rushed learn at your own pace in your own space.

El Paso
1st lesson offered free !

Information Technology student offering basic computer lessons and more! Located in El Paso with more than 8 years experience. Come and learn!

My teaching method is very simple. We ill learn basics first and go over what was learned to ensure that everyone is up to speed. I like to quiz at the end of each lesson and I like to have my students perform a lot of hands on and not just powerpoints.

1st lesson offered free !

Former Android Software Design Tech giving Basic & advanced Android operating classes from Nw Oklahoma

I teach at a pace suited for your needs. Basic computer knowledge is key for entry level students.

Rapid City
1st lesson offered free !

Passion for integrating new/necessary technology into personal and business use to any individual or business.

My teaching method is to relate the technology to personal use and explain what matters specifically for individual needs or wants. Break down a complex issue to bite sized pieces that are manageable for any person seeking answers to technologys constantly changing questions.

Las Vegas
1st lesson offered free !

Apple Certified Mobile Technician, Microsoft Certified Associate And A Music Veteran !

My Teaching Method Is Facilitator, I Encourage Individual Thought Supported By Research.

Switz City
1st lesson offered free !

Pro tutor for all android system related devices. Not satisfied until you know android system from top to bottom.

I believe in teaching each student on a personal level. My philosophy is to tutor to each students individualistic needs. Lesson structure will be Taylored to students strengths and weaknesses.

1st lesson offered free !

Hard Learning gives the best teaching skills when when education is involved

My teaching skill came from comstitantl willingness and readiness while learning is all ways

1st lesson offered free !

I am an Android Developer who keeps up with trends in Android Development. I will teach you how to build apps and push to play store. You will build apps that conform to Google Material Design

I have a course schedule which I share with my student at the beginning. The student can modify the schedule to suit their needs. I allow my Student to pick an app they want to build, we work on the apps together and I encourage the students to push to play store. I believe the way to learn android development is to build apps and the way to get a job is to show employers what you have built.

Holly Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Professional IT Analyst offering exceptional experience with Windows 10 to all ages.

In tutoring Windows 10, I approach each topic as it's own lesson. Topics include a basic overview of Windows 10, how to get around the Start Menu, Customizing your Windows 10 experience, Downloading Apps from the Microsoft Store, and more.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Recent BSCS Grad teaching Computer Science topics and Math Fundamentals and more

I have a year of professional experience as a tutor for my university. I took training courses for the Socratic method, engaging students, and utilizing resources to name a few. I first learned basic web development(HTML/CSS/Javascript) in middle school as well as some visual programming. In high school I attended a Computer Science program.

1st lesson offered free !

Coding is wonderful so is it's final product. It's about the Journey and it's destination.

I am programmer. Spend 8-9 Hour every day in programming applications and train. I have always loved teaching and have tough senior students while I was studying. Though I have not been in touch of academic teaching for a while but my day to job needs me to train the fresh talent that we hire.

Caxias do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul)
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Mobile Development using Ionic, create Android & iOS apps quickly and easily

What will you learn in the Ionic Framework course? At the end of the training, you'll have developed a Weather application using Openweather.

São Paulo
(8 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

I help you to update, install, format and organize your operating system.

Former student of the Computer Networks course at SENAI, it is with pleasure that I have been guiding people how to deal with their "micros" for a few years. Teaching such as Formatting, Installing Programs, Activating OS and APP, Office Package, E-mail, Networks, Folders, Photos, Windows, Google Drive, One Drive, Internet are all part of my training.

(3 reviews)

Secondary Computer Science teacher that teaches programming and computer science from basic to advanced level. Learn computer science and Spanish at the same time.

I am a Computer Science teacher with 10 years of experience in secondary school. I teach the lessons in Spanish, an intermediate level of Spanish is required, and I explain Spanish grammar if required by the student. I can teach these subjects from basic to advanced level: - Programming (specially Android apps, I own my Android app published in Google Play with more than 100.

Macquarie Park
1st lesson offered free !

Learn android development from a software engineer and postgrad student of cybersecurity!

A typical lesson will explain the fundamental concepts and theory followed by practical implementation. Being a firm believer of practice-based learning, you will also be assigned programming tasks by the end of each lesson that you will be expected to complete. Overall, a very hands-on and practical approach will be used to deliver the course content.

1st lesson offered free !

A crazy python and Android programmer for the past 3 years, have taught many students and turned them into great coders

I have personalised teaching method, I understand the needs and weaknesses of the student and at the same time also help build upon the strengths

1st lesson offered free !

A Network Engineer also offering software engineering skills up to university level

I like to keep it simple when I've taught introductory classes. I generally start with algorithms, written in natural language. The one I've found most useful (for demonstrative purposes) is 'tell a 5yr old how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich'.

Ullas mathew
1st lesson offered free !

Giving android application development classes for beginners with explanations,sample code and examples

I can teach the basics of android. Enabling each student able to develop his own application. Passing through various examples, explantions and make able to express students own ideas in the android application.

1st lesson offered free !

Android Training for begineers with ground level basics and real time examples

I'm an Android Developer since past years with deep knowledge on how it works. I learned Android out of interest and would propagate same to my trainees.

1st lesson offered free !

Always happy to share my knowledge who wants to drive in Android World

Yess,my teaching methods are quite unique.Understanding the concept is main concern for me.Code is just part of this world.But knowing why to code and what to code is most important for me. And whoever know basic coding or whom are interested in Android can join my class.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering Student teaches Mobile Devices and their technologies in the Interior of SP.

I like to plan my classes after doing an interview with the student and evaluating the level of knowledge about the subject. After that I organize material composed of theoretical content, practical and fixation exercises, both for the class and as homework.

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