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Colorado Springs
(2 reviews)
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Energy Healing: Helping you find balance in all areas can transform your life forever.

I use a combination of insight coaching, expanding the belief system, keying into where your senses are blocked and also identifying where pain is held in the body, then we work together with bodywork on a massage table to shift out these blockages and align the chakras in balance.

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Certified Recreation Therapist with 29 years of experience working with addictions/mental health.

My teaching method is encouraging the students to take an active role in the classroom dynamics. I use visual/audio aids, as well as other aids to make the classroom an exciting place to learn. Also, I use things such as hand gestures and repetition, if needed.

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Feel better about yourself and do the things you have always dreamed of.

In me lessons I will teach and motivate each student in a costly and timely manner that change can happen and it can happen sooner then expected. I provide 30 minute trainings on how to effectively boost motivation, burn weight fast, and increase health.

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Hello,my name is Monica! I am an experienced&empathetic health/wellness/addiction mentor! I have also went through some of these issues myself in the past. So, I truly know all the ins&outs.I am here

I am very patient/attentive&involved with my clients. I am truly there for that much needed guidance and support! I am readily available & there for my clients at any and all times needed!! I do not put limits on when or how long my client may need assistance either. Each client gets their own, personalized treatment/goal plan. I uniquely design my classes on the per client basis.

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8 years Reiki Master/Teacher and Profound Spiritualist Educating students on Personal-Development and Self- healing techniques. Your infinite potential await you.

I base every single lesson from an holistic stand point. Everyone is naturally an healer of all sorts, music, energy-work, massage, etc. My intentions are to help you reawaken the divine part of you that permeates within all living things.

1st lesson offered free !

Meditation ~ Awareness~ Peace Over 7 years of experience and I want to show you HOW!

Stress is a balancing act and act times we all know it can be difficult to shake off or find time to relax. Awareness is key, but how do we recognize this higher state? My teaching method can be done virtually or in-person.

1st lesson offered free !

Together we can overcome the tiniest of troubles and frustrations, trust me!

I teach on the topics of how to breakdown and how to manage certain stresses when they occur. Preventative strategies and breathing techniques that can clear the mind in seconds. I’ll approach each topic with upmost importance because this is a serious matter.

Krotz Springs
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No body can help you better than someone who understands what your going through.

I like to start by getting to know you. Your fears, your struggles, your pains, basically anything and everything that even slightly triggers the negative emotions to surface. I want you to vent and open up with things that you struggle talking about with other people. Ill give you examples of my past experiences and ask you to do simple task that will take the stress and anger off your chest.

1st lesson offered free !

Exercise Physiologist , Master's degree in Health & Fitness ,microbiology , nutrition , master personal trainer .

My teaching method is tailoring my classes to my students level of education . I enjoy helping my students achieve their dreams of being whatever there minds tells them they can be .

1st lesson offered free !

Health and wellness nut giving lessons/advice to those that want the help from home in Ohio!

I can approach each topic either online of we can hit up the gym together for that extra push! I believe motivation is key to living this type of life style.

1st lesson offered free !

Emergency Department Assistant with 5 years experience gives healthcare advice and guidance

My teaching method is positive reinforcement based. I choose to focus on your strengths and encourage you to develop your skills through confidence building. I will evaluate your work and give your fair constructive criticism designed to hone your skills.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Criminal Justice and Sociology student teaching anger management in Jordan MN :)

I base my class on personal experience and talking a situation out.

Mr. jayson
(3 reviews)
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Medical massage therapist with thirteen years experience willing to finally share all of my experience in relaxation and comfort with whomever wants to learn. Lots of tips you don't want to miss.

My methodology is all about calm and relaxation. I use essential oils and candles and I teach you the exact proportions to use to make special creams that when rubbed on your partner will relax them and help them fall asleep fast or make them wake up and become your lover from high school. Come try us out.

St. Louis
(6 reviews)
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Professional Chef and Wellness Coach with over 20 years of experience in inspiring vitality, healing and vibrance! Are you ready to experience a vibrant you?

We will start with an initial consultation to determine exactly what you need and what results you are looking for.

(5 reviews)
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Artist with a lifetime of experience in using art and creativity to cope.

I believe that art lives inside of everyone, rather a person is aware of it or not. Anyone can be trained to draw these skills out of themselves to enhance their state of mind, learn new skills, and be content.

1st lesson offered free !


My focus is on the overall health of the people I serve and teaching this to my students. Supporting people to establish a link to primary health care, emotional care and health promotion activities are the areas of focus of my classes.

Pennsauken Township
1st lesson offered free !

Your favorite Weight loss coach. Want to learn? I’ll teach you how!

My teaching method is to motivate you to learn new things. I am going to make sure you’re caught up and I’m going to challenge you everyday.

1st lesson offered free !

Performing Artist offering Lessons for Weight loss, Dance, and Mental Health Improvement through Circus Arts

I interview with students to see what they would be interested in. Each week we will have lessons by live video instruction covering new concepts each week that build off the prior week. Phone support is also provided by teacher, and student may contact at anytime for concepts that require more instruction. I happily teach all ages and skill levels.

1st lesson offered free !

A tutor living in Arizona subject include music early childhood/ Everyone is Welcome

My teaching method is incorporating music and games as well as real talk issues. I am not boring but will keep students entertained. I love to sing and draw. I believe in keeping people entertained and not giving up on my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Anger can be destructive, but I’ve learned how to make it work for me. I’ll help teach you how to use anger for your benefit.

Teaching is very personal. I will learn as much as you are willing to teach me about your life to understand what type of anger you hold.

1st lesson offered free !

Dr.Nicholas Chirchir,a medical doctor offering health living guides and directions.

I am a medical doctor who has passion for health living ;i do this through provision of update information about health promotion behaviors.

1st lesson offered free !

You have a dream to fulfill? Let me help you walk into your next.

I love the one-on-one approach to teaching. I believe in giving a student my undivided attention and best effort.

Ponta Delgada
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Online Private Sessions of Reiki Energy Healing to develop your Emotional Intelligence

I'm a person who believes in the ability of people to embody their highest potential and reflect our most humane qualities. These sessions are for those who wish to change their lives, regardless of the area, and are willing to commit to themselves and their journey.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Hello everybody ,you do very well for your body and soul pure its become a true for inner health is best way to solution your every problem

positive thinking and potential good behavior if you are bored and tired don't worry its natural i am not strict , i am fun loving you develop your energy for new way and new technique you will be enjoy

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Anger Management: An Energy Approach. Control it before it controls you (prevention also)

*Understanding Yourself *Understanding Anger. *Effects of Anger. *Simple steps to control and prevent it. As Anger is an energy, we use energy approach to overcome that.

1st lesson offered free !

Licensed Psychologist offers Counseling, Guidance and Therapy (Addiction, ADD, PWD, Special Needs)

Face to Face is the most preferred form of communication (I am located in Andheri & Bhayandar, Mumbai). Video and telephonic sessions are used only in cases where F2F interaction is not practical / feasible.

(1 review)
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Recovery and Wellness Coach with 5 years experience gives meditation, nutrition and recovery classes.

As a Recovery and Wellness Consultant, I create an environment with my clients that aids in raising their vibration. Using techniques such as Meditation to silence the mind, Reiki for healing and detoxing methods for clearing negativity such as switching to a plant-based diet has helped my clients gain a sense of awareness and open the connection to the higher self.

1st lesson offered free !

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner offering tips and practices to achieve holistic health and wellness, for example, using nutrition to increase physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

I believe in facilitation as a primary approach to training and education. I provide useful tips and practices in my lessons to help you achieve your goals. I like to encourage philosophical enquiry and critical thinking in a lesson. I generally use the first 5 minutes of a lesson/session to create a receptive learning space.

1st lesson offered free !

A meditator from decades now and forever would love to teach anybody who is willing to learn meditation

We can do the class online or a classroom whatever is mutually convenient.

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